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== Changes up to version 5.0 :
* Works with XLispStat, R, and S(plus).
== Changes up to version 4.8.MM6.XE3 :
* inferior S-mode:
C-c C-a is comint-bol (not attach directories)
Output cleaned up (thanks to PD).
* Code cleaned up, more according to Emacs-Lisp Style Guide.
* Added some code for S4 (not activated yet). (thanks to JMC).
* Added some extra configuration code (not activated yet) (thanks to MM).
* reports to proper authority (Hornik/Maechler/Rossini).
* Makefile updated (i.e. Unpacks into a subdirectory (this has been
true for all XE versions, etc)).
* Fixed up output from R (KH).
== Changes up to version 4.8.MM6.XE2 :
* Works with Emacs and XEmacs. I think. Documentation needs to be
updated .
== Changes up to version 4.8.MM6.XE1 :
* XEmacs compatibility added, Emacs compatibility broken. Easymenu
now in use.
== Changes up to version 4.8.MM6 :
* Lots of patches by Martin. S-eval, right? (AJR: I don't know).
== Changes up to version 4.8:
* Keybinding changes in S Transcript Mode. RET now simply executes
the current commant. M-RET executes and moves, C-c RET copies,
leaving you in the process buffer. These bindings mirror those in
Inferior S mode.
* If S-source-directory is a lambda expression, it is evaluated with
the process buffer as the current buffer.
* The default starting directory is always your home directory. Set
S-directory to `nil' to get the old behaviour (use the current
buffer's default directory).
* In Inferior S mode, S mode and S transcript mode, M-? is now bound
to the new function S-list-object-completions. Also, S-resynch is
available from the Inf-S menu.
* S-request-a-process is now bound to C-c C-k. This frees C-c C-p for
the standard comint binding of comint-previous-prompt.
* Massive manual update.
== Changes in version 4.7:
* Probably *only* works with Emacs 19.29
* New semantics for S-keep-dump-files. Values may be nil, check, ask
or t; the default is 'check. It's also now buffer-local. See the
info file for more details.
* New hook, S-post-run-hook, run just after the S process starts. Use
this to evaluate code at the start of a session.
== Changes in version 4.6:
* Works with Emacs 19.29
* Font-lock support in S-mode, inferior-S-mode and S-transcript-mode buffers
* M-RET in inferior-S-mode is bound to S-transcript-send-command-and-move
* S-site now much more lightweight to load.
== Changes in version 4.5:
* New, and hopefully simpler, installation procedure.
== Changes in version 4.4:
* There is now a command to send bug reports: S-submit-bug-report. It
is also available from menus (Send bug report).
* Keybinding changes: S-view-at-bottom (on C-c C-v) has been deleted.
It's functionality is provided by comint's
comint-show-maximum-output, on C-c C-e. S-display-help-on-object
has moved from C-c C-h onto C-c C-v (and now has an alias, M-x
S-help), and S-execute (S-execute-in-tb in S-mode) has moved from
C-c C-e to C-c C-t.
== Changes in version 4.3:
* The variable S-source-directory-generator has been deleted. It's
functionality has been subsumed into the variable
S-source-directory; if this is not a string it is assumed to be a
lambda expression, and behaves in the same was as S-source-directory
used to.
* New user option S-delete-dump-files.
== Changes in version 4.2:
* New user variable S-inf-filenames-map. Set this to nil if you are
using DOS or some other system with limited filename lengths.
* S-local-variables-string and S-temp-buffer-p have been deleted.
S-mode no longer adds a local variables section to source files.
You should use file extensions to set the major mode.
* S-insert-function-templates has been deleted. Its functionality has
been taken over by the user variable S-function-template.
* S.el has been divided into four separate files, with autoloads.
* New file S-site.el for site-level customizations.
* S-ask-about-display and X-displays-list have been removed.
* User variable: S-ask-about-transfile. If non-nil, asks for a
transcript file to use.
== Changes in version 4.0:
* The TAB key in inferior-S-mode is more versatile; it completes S
object names when point follows an object name, and completes
filenames when point is in a string.
* New mode: S-transcript-mode, for dealing with S transcript files.
* Multi-line inputs are now evaluated neatly
* inferior-S-prompt is no longer a user variable. Instead, set
inferior-S-primary-prompt and inferior-S-secondary-prompt
* Uses the comint.el supplied with Emacs 19.20 onwards.
* Hook: S-send-input-hook
* Emacs version 18 is no longer supported (sorry). Works with Emacs
19 (and, unfortunately, only Emacs 19)
* S-tek is no longer supported, and has been removed from the
* Works with S version 3.1
== Changes in version 3.5:
* Support for multiple S processes. Pass a numeric argument to M-x S
to start a new S process. The name of the process associated with
the cuurent buffer is shown in the mode line like this: [S2]
* In the process buffer, a paragraph is a prompt, a command and its
output, to make the paragraph functions useful. Multiple S sessions
are delimited by ^L, to make the page functions useful
* User variable S-synchronize-evals
* New function S-request-a-process, bound to C-c C-p
* New function S-clean-region
* Works with version 3.0 S
* Command-line completion of S object names
* Recognition of attached data frames
* Dedicated S Help mode
* Tek graphics support
* Several bugfixes and code cleanups
* Texinfo documentation
Improvements since last release (unnumbered of Summer 1990):
* Better description provided of functions loaded.
* Better header for this file.
* S-directory is now a prescriptive rather than just
descriptive variable.
* better syntax table, so |#; are better recognized and
commands using them work better.
* we have a version number.
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