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;; -*-emacs-lisp-*-
;; Emacs startup file for the Debian GNU/Linux ess package
;; Originally contributed by Nils Naumann <>
;; Modified by Dirk Eddelbuettel <>
;; Adapted for dh-make by Jim Van Zandt <>
;; The following code fixes bug #440194 - thanks to Peter S Galbraith <>
;; skip loading when
;; not ess is fully installed, as this file still exists when the
;; package is removed but not purged.
((not (file-exists-p "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ess"))
"Package ess removed but not purged. Skipping setup."))
((not (file-exists-p (concat "/usr/share/"
(symbol-name debian-emacs-flavor)
(message "Package ess not fully installed. Skipping setup."))
;; The ess package follows the Debian/GNU Linux 'emacsen' policy and
;; byte-compiles its elisp files for each 'emacs flavor' (emacs19,
;; xemacs19, emacs20, xemacs20...). The compiled code is then
;; installed in a subdirectory of the respective site-lisp directory.
;; We have to add this to the load-path:
(concat "/usr/share/" (symbol-name debian-emacs-flavor) "/site-lisp/ess"))
;; As ess_5.12-1 we also link the uncompiled code into that directory so no need to load it
;; Put the uncompiled code in the path too
;; (setq load-path (cons (concat "/usr/share/"
;; (symbol-name debian-emacs-flavor)
;; "/site-lisp/ess") load-path ))
(require 'ess-site)