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Done, I think.

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@larsmagne larsmagne authored
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@@ -1055,19 +1055,6 @@ gnus-killed-list:
* when doing `-request-accept-article', the backends should do the
nnmail duplicate checking.
-* In addition, I would love it if I could configure message-tab so
- that it could call `bbdb-complete-name' in other headers. So,
- some sort of interface like
- (setq message-tab-alist '((message-header-regexp
- message-expand-group) ("^\\(To\\|[cC]c\\|[bB]cc\\)"
- bbdb-complete-name)))
- then you could run the relevant function to complete the
- information in the header
- [Done using `message-completion-alist'?]
* cache the newsgroups file locally to avoid reloading it all the
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