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@@ -6,15 +6,6 @@
<H1>Haskell Mode for Emacs</H1>
-<table bgcolor="#f09090">
-<tr><td>The Emacs Haskell Mode is looking for a
-maintainer! If you know more Emacs Lisp than me (not difficult) and
-have the time/energy to respond to the occasional bug report and keep
-this ticking along, then let <a
-href="">me</a> know.</td></tr></table>
<P>The Haskell mode itself is very basic, but provides a base on which to
build modules. The currently supported modules are:</P>
@@ -47,7 +38,7 @@ <H1>Haskell Mode for Emacs</H1>
HREF="">mail</A> if you have an idea, or a
module we might hook into.</EM>
-<P><A HREF="haskell-mode-1.44.tar.gz">The latest versions of the basic
+<P><A HREF="haskell-mode-1.45.tar.gz">The latest versions of the basic
mode and the above modules</A>.</P>
<P>The basic mode was written by Graeme E Moss, Tommy Thorn and Simon

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