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Yet another helm for listing the files in a git repo.


  • Similar in scope to helm-git.el but has no dependency on magit.

  • Allows you to toggle the full path of files with C-]

  • Inherits actions from helm-locate.

  • Signals an error in helm-buffer when trying to use it in a non git based repo.

  • Action pop-up in action buffer of helm-find-files only when current directory is git based.


  • We assume that you have git installed and that OSX users have solved any $PATH issues that prevent them being able to call git from emacs.

  • Ensure you are running at least >= Emacs-24.3.

  • Install helm according to the instructions on its repo page

  • If you are using the MELPA package manager then M-x list-packages and install helm-ls-git.

  • Or, if you are using el-get then invoke M-x el-get-install and at the Install package: prompt type helm-ls-git and hit enter.

  • Otherwise, clone this repo and put helm-ls-git.el somewhere on the emacs load-path.

  • Finally, add to your .emacs.el:

Assuming you are already using helm and it is installed properly (See Install helm)

(require 'helm-ls-git)

And then bind the command helm-ls-git-ls to a keybinding of your choice; for example:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-<f6>") 'helm-ls-git-ls)

Or even better use M-x helm-browse-project or bind it to a key, for example:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-x C-d") 'helm-browse-project)

If you are using helm-find-files you will be able to browse any git repo unrelated to the current-buffer: M-x helm-find-files navigate to some git repo and hit C-x C-d


  • By calling helm-ls-git-ls or helm-browse-project in any buffer that is a part of a git repo (or if you have navigated to a git repo from helm-find-files), you will be presented with a corresponding helm buffer containing a list of all the files currently in that same repository. In the usual helm style you can just type at the prompt in the minibuffer and see the results narrow according to the input of your search pattern.

  • When the helm-buffer is active and displaying results, the user can invoke C-] to toggle between showing filenames or full pathnames for the data that helm is listing.

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