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Emacs Java Support


This package is now deprecated and unmaintained. It has been split into two separate, more focused packages.

The java-docs portion has been replaced by the more powerful javadoc-lookup. This one will fetch the documentation for you. It's also focused on supporting JVM-based languages more generally.

The java-mode-plus portion had been replaced by ant-project-mode. This is mostly a name change, with future changes focused more tightly on supporting Ant-based Java projects.


See the header comments in each file for full documentation. The recommended usage is in java-mode-plus.el.

To install drop these in your load-path somewhere and require them (after enabling ido-mode, if you use ido-mode),

(require 'java-mode-plus)
(require 'java-docs)

To use java-docs you'll need to tell it where to find some documentation. For example,

(java-docs "/usr/share/doc/openjdk-6-jdk/api")

The snippets directory contains some YASnippets that hook into java-docs class completing reads.