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Jira Markup Mode

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Please note: This project is still work in progress and functionality is only partially implemented yet.

Jira Markup Mode provides syntax highlighting and editing features for the markup used by Atlassian JIRA in a similar fashion as markdown-mode for Markdown syntax.

Jira Markup Mode does not interact with the JIRA issue tracker in any way. It is not meant as a replacement for jira.el.

Use cases that come to mind:

  • Edit files in Confluence markup for a Maven site.

    Confluence markup is the same as the one used in JIRA. There is a Doxia site renderer for Confluence markup, so it is possible to use Confluence to create pages for your Maven site instead of the cumbersome APT markup.

    Add the following to your .emacs file to automatically enable jira-markup-mode for Confluence markup files:

    (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.confluence$" . jira-markup-mode))

  • Edit the contents for browser text fields in your favourite editor (aka Emacs) instead of inside the browser.

    It is a pain to write and edit longer texts such as issue descriptions and comments directly in the browser. Luckily here is a Firefox add-on to the rescue: It's All Text!. It allows you to open the content of a browser text field in an external editor and after leaving the editor insert the updated text back into the original text field.

    Add the following to your .emacs file to automatically enable jira-markup-mode for files opened with It's All Text! from within JIRA (requires that the hostname of your JIRA installation contains 'jira'):

    (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("/itsalltext/.*jira.*\\.txt$" . jira-markup-mode))