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(defun flatten2(l)
(if l (append (car l) (flatten2 (cdr l))) nil))
(defun print-hash (hash)
(princ "{")
(maphash (lambda (key value)
(princ (format "%s => %s, "
(my-pp-to-string key)
(if (hash-table-p value) (print-hash value) (pp value))
) hash)
(princ "}")
(defun traverse-tree (tree function &optional prefix)
(let ((hoge
(lambda (x)
(let ((pre (vconcat prefix (vector (car x)))))
;;(char-to-string (car x)))))
(if (keymapp (cdr x))
(traverse-tree (cdr x) function pre)
(car (cdr x)))
(cdr tree))))
(apply function prefix hoge)))
(defun traverse-tree-node (tree function &optional prefix)
;;(if (keymapp tree)
(let ((hoge
(lambda (x)
(let ((pre (vconcat prefix (vector (car x)))))
;;(char-to-string (car x))))
(if (keymapp (cdr x))
(flatten2 (traverse-tree-node (cdr x) function pre))
(list (funcall function prefix (cons (car x) (cadr x))))
(cdr tree))))
(if prefix hoge (apply 'append hoge))))
(defun my-lookup-key (keymap key)
(let ((found (lookup-key keymap key)))
(if (numberp found) nil (car found))
(defun my-define-key (keymap key def)
(define-key keymap key (list def))
(defun n-gram-internal (list n tree)
(dotimes (i (1+ (- (length list) n)))
(let* ((sub (substring (vconcat list) i (+ i n)))
(count (or (my-lookup-key tree sub) 0)))
(my-define-key tree sub (1+ count))))
(defun split-word (&optional reversep)
(let ((list))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(let ((pre (point)))
(skip-syntax-forward (char-to-string (char-syntax (char-after))))
(cond ((and (eq ?- (char-after))
(eq ?_ (char-syntax (char-after))))
(forward-symbol 1)))
(cond ((eq ? (char-syntax (char-after pre)))
(intern " "))
((eq ?w (char-syntax (char-after pre)))
(intern (buffer-substring-no-properties pre (point)))
(intern (buffer-substring-no-properties pre (point))))
((and (eq ?\n (char-after pre))
(eq ? (char-syntax (or (char-after (1+ pre)) ?\n ))))
(char-to-string (char-syntax (char-after))))
(intern "\n"))
(intern (buffer-substring-no-properties pre (point)))))
(if reversep list (nreverse list)))))
;; (let ((words))
;; (pp-to-string (split-word))
;; ;;(message "%S" (nreverse words))
;; )
(defun my-memq (a b)
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(if (memq x b) (list x) nil))
;; (my-memq '(a b d e) '(a c))
;; (my-memq '(d) '(a c))
;; (my-memq '(nil a) '(nil a))
;;(my-memq '(a nil) '(nil a b))
;;(my-memq '(nil) '(a nil b))
;;(memq nil '(a nil b))
;;(not (my-memq (car x) tmp-list))
(defun my-pp-to-string (string)
(let((string1 (pp-to-string string)))
(substring string1 0 (1- (length string1)))
(defun n-gram-print (list &optional reversep)
(lambda (elements)
(let ((sequence
(mapcar (lambda (x) (substring-no-properties(symbol-name x )))
(car elements))))
(princ (if reversep
(apply 'format "%s<-%s %3.1f%% %d/%d\n"
(pp-to-string (symbol-name (nth 1 elements)))
(vconcat (nreverse sequence)))
(cdr (cdr elements))
(apply 'format "%s->%s %3.1f%% %d/%d\n"
(vconcat sequence))
(pp-to-string (symbol-name (nth 1 elements)))
(cdr(cdr elements)))))
(defun make-element (prefix x)
prefix ;;0 pre
;;(pp-to-string (symbol-name (car x)))
(car x)
(if (eq 0 (cdr x)) 0
(/ (* (cdr x) 100) (gethash prefix my-hash))) ;;2 %
(cdr x);; 3 n/
(gethash prefix my-hash));;4/n
;;(n-gram 3)
;;(n-gram 5)
;;(reverse '[a b])
;;(or nil 1)
;;(last '[a b c])
;;(substring '[a b c] 0 0)
;;(setq a 1)
;;(append nil a)
(defun n-gram1 (n &optional reversep skip-symbolp)
(let ((tree (make-sparse-keymap))
(my-hash (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(my-list nil)
(words nil)
(max-lisp-eval-depth 1000))
(n-gram-internal (split-word reversep) n tree)
(lambda (prefix &rest list)
(let ((ret (apply '+ list)))
(puthash prefix ret my-hash)
(lambda (prefix &rest list)
(unless (eq prefix nil)
(let ((pre (if (eq (length prefix) 1) nil
(substring prefix 0
(1- (length prefix)))))
(last (aref prefix (1- (length prefix)))))
(push (make-element pre (cons last (gethash prefix my-hash)))
(setq my-list
) my-list))
(setq my-list
(delete-if (lambda (x)
(or (< (nth 3 x) 3);;count
(< (nth 2 x) 50);;%
;;(eq ?w (char-syntax (nth 1 x)))
)) my-list);;count
(setq my-list
(sort my-list
(lambda (x y)(> (nth 3 x) (nth 3 y)))));;count
(setq my-list
(sort my-list
(lambda (x y)(> (nth 2 x) (nth 2 y)))));;%
;;branch cut filter
(let ((tmp-list nil)
(setq my-list
'null (mapcar
(let ((all (vconcat (car x) (vector (nth 1 x)))))
((and (my-memq all words)
(not (my-memq all tmp-list)))
(setq tmp-list
(append tmp-list (my-memq all words)))
(if skip-symbolp nil x))
((and (my-memq all words)) nil)
(t x)
);;end let
(setq my-list (nreverse my-list))
(let((temp-buffer-show-function 'switch-to-buffer))
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*n-gram*"
(n-gram-print my-list reversep)
(defun n-gram (n &optional reversep skip-symbolp)
(interactive "nInput n of n-gram: ")
(run-with-idle-timer 0 nil 'n-gram1 n reversep skip-symbolp)
;;(n-gram1 n reversep skip-symbolp)
;;(vconcat '[a b] (vector 'c))
;;(n-gram 3)
;;(n-gram 3 t)
;;(n-gram 5)
;;(n-gram 5 nil t);;symbol-skip
;;'((a . b) (d . e) (d . a) (d . c) (d . c) (d . e) (e . c) )
;;(memq nil '(nil b))
;;(my-memq '(nil a) '(nil a))
;;(append '(a b) '(c d))
(provide 'n-gram)
;;; n-gram.el ends here
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