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by John Heidemann, <>
For documentation, see
or <>
(From the info documentation)
Notes-mode is an indexing system for on-line note-taking.
Notes-mode is composed of two parts, the visible part, a major-mode for
emacs to aid note-taking; and the invisible part, scripts which
periodically index your notes for you.
For more sales, including
Why keep notes?
Why keep notes on-line?
Why keep notes with notes-mode?
see <>
Notes-mode requires Perl-5. For information:
For each user:
1. Run notesinit
(from where it's installed, /usr/local/bin/notesinit
by default)
After you've installed notes mode you're encouraged to subscribe
to the mailing lists:
Send the message "subscribe" to and
(Or use
Notes-mode is Copyright (C) 1994-2002,2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Notes-mode comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is Free Software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
conditions. See the file ``COPYING'' for details about both of
these conditions.
- figure out how to pass the configured file names to the Perl scripts.
- Use `completion-at-point-functions'.
- Use epa/epg for encryption.
- Figure out what to do about mkall.
- Use defcustom and get rid of "* in docstrings.
- Remove notes-use-font-lock.
- Don't run notes-first just because we load the .el files.
- Unify notes-utility-dir and notes-bin-dir.
- Add support for mouse-1-click-follows-link.
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