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The Emacsmirror

The Emacsmirror is a growing collection of Emacs Lisp packages. All mirrored packages are available as Git repositories. In most cases this is done by mirroring the upstream Git repository, but if upstream uses something else, then the mirror nevertheless makes the package available as a Git repository.

For more information about the Emacsmirror, please see the Emacsmirror homepage.

This repository

The purpose of this repository is to give users a public place to ask questions and make suggestions about the Emacsmirror as a whole or about packages that are not being mirrored. For packages that are mirrored, please use their repositories. Note that we usually reject pull-requests because they should be opened against the packages' upstream repositories.

The name of this repository has no deeper meaning. It's short and unlikely to be used as a package name.

Adding new packages

Most packages that are available from Melpa are also available from the Emacsmirror. New packages are added to Melpa on a regular basis and after a short delay these packages are also semi-automatically added to the Emacsmirror. So there is no need to ask for new Melpa additions to be added to the Emacsmirror too. It will happen but it might take a few days.

To get a new package added to the mirror add it to Melpa instead. That way Melpa users benefit too.

Some packages which have been available from Melpa for a long time are not available from the Emacsmirror. See these lists and these pages for the various reasons.


Use this repository for questions about the Emacsmirror, mirrored packages, etc.