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The Emacsmirror
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The Emacsmirror

The Emacsmirror collects Emacs Lisp packages and distributes them in form of Git repositories -- one per package.

Packages are mirrored from Git repositories at Github and elsewhere, from repositories using other vc systems, the Emacswiki, and plain text files. Regardless of what upstream uses, on the Emacsmirror each package is available as a Git repository.

Not all packages are mirrored but with it's about 3400 packages the Emacsmirror is by far the largest and also most up-to-date collection available. Packages are updated several times per week. Instead of keeping them around forever obsolete and/or abandoned packages are moved to the Emacsattic, where they are no longer updated.


Tell me about missing/outdated packages

Please use the issue tracker to report missing and outdates packages. Also please tell me when upstream has moved.

This is a mirror, don't send pull requests

Please send pull requests to the upstream maintainers. I don't know enough about each and every mirrored packages to decide whether a patch is good. Also getting your change merged upstream is preferable because then everyone can benefit.

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