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Major mode to edit REDUCE computer-algebra code
Emacs Lisp
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README  -*- text -*-

GNU Emacs REDUCE Integrated Development Environment:
Major modes for editing and running REDUCE source code

Author: Francis J. Wright <>

Version: $Id$

REDUCE IDE is a package that provides an Integrated Development
Environment for the REDUCE computer algebra system within the GNU
Emacs editor. Its two major components are Emacs Lisp libraries that
provide major modes for respectively editing REDUCE source code and
running a *command-line version* of REDUCE in an Emacs window.
However, many of the facilities require that Emacs is running under a
GUI such as Microsoft Windows or the X Window System under some
flavour of UNIX or Linux.

REDUCE IDE requires GNU Emacs 23 or later. I don't explicitly support

All files should in principle be OS-independent. However, the
environment I use currently consists of Microsoft Windows 7, the
native Windows port of GNU Emacs 24, and Cygwin for other GNU
software. I probably can't help with problems that are specific to a
different setup, especially a different OS.

* Distributed files


reduce-mode.el		- REDUCE source editing mode


reduce-run.el		- runs REDUCE in an Emacs buffer
reduce-ide.texinfo	- texinfo documentation source

* Installation

In GNU Emacs 24+, download reduce-mode.el and optionally reduce-run.el
to any convenient directory and run the Emacs command
`package-install-file' on reduce-mode.el and then optionally on
reduce-run.el. *Note that reduce-mode.el must be installed first.* (I
may provide a multi-file package including documentation later.) For
further deails, see "Packages" in the Emacs manual.

For brief manual installation instructions see the comments after
"Usage" in the .el files.

* Documentation

A 30-page user's guide, generated from reduce-ide.texinfo, is
available in PDF or HTML via

You can also generate documentation yourself in various formats,
including info, html and pdf, from reduce-ide.texinfo, but you need
the GNU Texinfo package; see If
you have TeX installed then it might include Texinfo (possibly as an
optional package); e.g. MiKTeX for Windows provides the main
components. To generate info or html it is probably best to run
makeinfo; to generate pdf you need to run TeX, possibly indirectly, so
you also need a TeX installation. For further details, please read
sections 20 to 22 of the Texinfo manual, available online at For a quick
summary, see
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