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;;; shampoo-layout.el --- Shampoo layout builder
;; Copyright (C) 2010 - 2012 Dmitry Matveev <>
;; This software is released under terms of the MIT license,
;; please refer to the LICENSE file for details.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'shampoo-modes)
(require 'shampoo-state)
(require 'shampoo-dict)
(defun shampoo-generic-splitter (args split-fcn)
(lexical-let ((row-funcs args)
(splitter split-fcn))
(lambda (wnd)
(let ((head (first row-funcs))
(tail (rest row-funcs)))
(dolist (f (reverse tail))
(funcall f (funcall splitter wnd)))
(funcall head wnd)))))
(defun shampoo-rows (&rest args)
(shampoo-generic-splitter args 'split-window))
(defun shampoo-cols (&rest args)
(shampoo-generic-splitter args (lambda (w) (split-window w nil t))))
(defun shampoo-build-layout (layout-desc)
(funcall layout-desc (selected-window))
(defun* shampoo-make-window-setup
(&key buffer-name mode-to-use set-binding)
(lexical-let ((buffer buffer-name)
(mode mode-to-use)
(binding set-binding))
(lambda (wnd)
(let ((buff (get-buffer-create buffer)))
(set-window-buffer wnd buff)
(with-current-buffer buff
(funcall mode))
:key binding
:value wnd
:into (shampoo-current-main-windows ~shampoo~)))))))
(defun shampoo-layout-desc ()
(shampoo-cols (shampoo-setup-namespaces-window)
(defun shampoo-setup-namespaces-window ()
:buffer-name "*shampoo-namespaces*"
:mode-to-use 'shampoo-namespaces-list-mode
:set-binding :namespaces))
(defun shampoo-setup-classes-window ()
:buffer-name "*shampoo-classes*"
:mode-to-use 'shampoo-classes-list-mode
:set-binding :classes))
(defun shampoo-setup-categories-window ()
:buffer-name "*shampoo-categories*"
:mode-to-use 'shampoo-cats-list-mode
:set-binding :categories))
(defun shampoo-setup-methods-window ()
:buffer-name "*shampoo-methods*"
:mode-to-use 'shampoo-methods-list-mode
:set-binding :methods))
(defun shampoo-setup-source-window ()
:buffer-name "*shampoo-code*"
:mode-to-use 'shampoo-code-mode
:set-binding :source))
(defun shampoo-create-layout ()
(shampoo-build-layout (shampoo-layout-desc)))
(defun shampoo-restore-layout ()
(provide 'shampoo-layout)
;;; shampoo-layout.el ends here.
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