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CWD = $(shell pwd)
SCRIPT = $(CWD)/script
GIT_DIR = $(CWD)/.git
EMACS ?= emacs
EMACSFLAGS = --batch -Q
CASK = cask
VERSION := $(shell EMACS=$(EMACS) $(CASK) version)
PKG_DIR := $(shell EMACS=$(EMACS) $(CASK) package-directory)
USER_EMACS_D = ~/.emacs.d
SRCS = rswitcher.el shell-switcher.el
TESTS = $(filter-out %-pkg.el, $(wildcard test/*.el))
OBJECTS = $(SRCS:.el=.elc)
PACKAGE_SRCS = $(SRCS) shell-switcher-pkg.el
PACKAGE_TAR = shell-switcher-$(VERSION).tar
PRECOMMIT_HOOK = $(GIT_DIR)/hooks/pre-commit
.PHONY: all
all : env compile dist
# Configure tooling and environment.
.PHONY: env
env : packages $(PRECOMMIT_HOOK)
# Run tests before committing.
chmod +x $(PRECOMMIT_HOOK)
# Byte-compile elisp files.
.PHONY: compile
compile : $(OBJECTS)
# Run ert tests.
.PHONY: unit-tests ecukes-tests check
unit-tests : compile
$(patsubst %,-l % , $(SRCS))\
$(patsubst %,-l % , $(TESTS))\
-f ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit
ecukes-tests : compile
$(CASK) exec ecukes --script
check : unit-tests ecukes-tests
# Install packages with Cask.
$(PKG_DIR) : Cask
$(CASK) install
touch $(PKG_DIR)
# Create a tar that can be installed by package.el
.PHONY: dist
dist : $(PACKAGE_TAR)
rm -rf shell-switcher-$(VERSION)
mkdir -p shell-switcher-$(VERSION)
cp -f $(PACKAGE_SRCS) shell-switcher-$(VERSION)
tar cf $(PACKAGE_TAR) shell-switcher-$(VERSION)
rm -rf shell-switcher-$(VERSION)
# Install elisp packages with cask.
.PHONY: packages
packages : $(PKG_DIR)
# Install the package to the user's Emacs dir.
.PHONY: install
install : dist
$(EMACS) $(EMACSFLAGS) -l package \
-f package-initialize --eval '(package-install-file "$(CWD)/$(PACKAGE_TAR)")'
# Uninstall the package.
.PHONY: uninstall
uninstall :
rm -rf $(USER_ELPA_D)/shell-switcher-*
# Restore to pristine state.
.PHONY: clean-all
clean-all : clean clean-pkgdir
# Clean generated files.
.PHONY: clean
clean :
rm -f $(OBJECTS)
rm -rf shell-switcher-*.tar shell-switcher-pkg.el
# Remove packages installed by Cask.
.PHONY: clean-pkgdir
clean-pkgdir :
rm -rf $(PKG_DIR)
# Generate files.
shell-switcher-pkg.el : Cask
$(CASK) package
%.elc : %.el $(PKG_DIR)
--eval '(setq package-user-dir "$(PKG_DIR)")' -f package-initialize -L . \
-f batch-byte-compile $<