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;;; switch-window.el --- A *visual* way to choose a window to switch to
;; Copyright (C) 2010 Dimitri Fontaine
;; Author: Dimitri Fontaine <>
;; URL:
;; Git-URL:
;; Version: 0.11
;; Created: 2010-04-30
;; Keywords: window navigation
;; Licence: WTFPL, grab your copy here:
;; Package-Requires: ((cl-lib "0.5"))
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;;; Commentary:
;; * Usage
;; (require 'switch-window)
;; (global-set-key (kbd "C-x o") 'switch-window)
;; * Changelog
;; 0.11 - 2013-09-14
;; - restore point to end-of-buffer for windows where it was the case after
;; switching, fixing an anoying bug.
;; 0.10 - 2011-06-19
;; - implement M-x delete-other-window (thanks developernotes on github)
;; 0.9 - 2010-11-11 - emacs22 called, it wants some support
;; - implement a propertize based hack to support emacs22
;; 0.8 - 2010-09-13 - 999
;; - Suport more than 9 windows (with a single key to type)
;; - Use quail-keyboard-layout to choose single key labels for windows
;; 0.7 - 2010-08-23 - window-dedicated-p
;; - temporarily unset the window dedicated flag for displaying the
;; numbers, patch from René Kyllingstad <>
;; - fix timeout and RET handling wrt to not changing window selection
;; 0.6 - 2010-08-12 - *Minibuf-1*
;; - add support for selecting the minibuffer when it's active
;; - some try at a better horizontal centering
;; - assorted cleanup
;; 0.5 - 2010-08-08 - Polishing
;; - dim:switch-window-increase is now a maximum value
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib) ; We use cl-loop and cl-subseq
(require 'quail)
(defgroup switch-window nil
"switch-window customization group"
:group 'convenience)
(defcustom switch-window-increase 12
"How much to increase text size in the window numbering, maximum"
:type 'integer
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-timeout 5
"After this many seconds, cancel the window switching"
:type 'integer
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-threshold 2
"Only active switch-window after this many windows open"
:type 'integer
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-relative nil
"Control the ordering of windows, when true this depends on current-window"
:type 'boolean
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-shortcut-style 'quail
"Use either keyboard layout or alphabet shortcut style"
:type '(choice (const :tag "Alphabet" 'alphabet)
(const :tag "Keyboard Layout" 'quail)
(const :tag "Qwerty Homekeys Layout" 'qwerty))
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-qwerty-shortcuts
'("a" "s" "d" "f" "j" "k" "l" ";" "w" "e" "i" "o")
"The list of characters used when switch-window-shortcut-style is 'qwerty'"
:type 'list
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut nil
"Whether to customize the minibuffer shortcut.
Default to no customisation (nil), which will make the minibuffer take whatever the last short is.
If a character is specified it will always use that key for the minibuffer shortcut."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Off" nil)
(character "m"))
:group 'switch-window)
(defcustom switch-window-configuration-change-hook-inhibit nil
"Whether inhibit `window-configuration-change-hook' during switch-window."
:type 'boolean
:group 'switch-window)
(defun switch-window--list-keyboard-keys ()
"Return a list of current keyboard layout keys"
(cl-loop with layout = (split-string quail-keyboard-layout "")
for row from 1 to 4
nconc (cl-loop for col from 1 to 10
collect (nth (+ 1 (* 2 col) (* 30 row)) layout))))
(defun switch-window--list-keys ()
"Return a list of keys to use depending on `switch-window-shortcut-style'"
(when switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut
(char-to-string switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut))
(cond ((eq switch-window-shortcut-style 'qwerty)
((eq switch-window-shortcut-style 'alphabet)
(cl-loop for i from 0 to 25
collect (byte-to-string (+ (string-to-char "a") i))))
(t (switch-window--list-keyboard-keys)))))
(defun switch-window--enumerate ()
"Return a list of one-letter strings to label current windows"
(cl-loop for w in (switch-window--list)
for x in (switch-window--list-keys)
collect (if (and switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut
(minibuffer-window-active-p w))
(char-to-string switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut)
(defun switch-window--label (num)
"Return the label to use for a given window number"
(nth (- num 1) (switch-window--enumerate)))
(defun switch-window--list (&optional from-current-window)
"list windows for current frame, starting at top left unless
from-current-window is not nil"
(if (or from-current-window switch-window-relative)
(window-list nil nil)
(window-list nil nil (frame-first-window))))
(defun switch-window--display-number (win num)
"prepare a temp buffer to diplay in the window while choosing"
(let* ((label (switch-window--label num))
(buf (get-buffer-create
(format " *%s: %s*" label (buffer-name (window-buffer win))))))
(with-current-buffer buf
(let ((w (window-width win))
(h (window-body-height win)))
;; increase to maximum switch-window-increase
(when (fboundp 'text-scale-increase)
(text-scale-increase switch-window-increase))
;; insert the label, with a hack to support ancient emacs
(if (fboundp 'text-scale-increase)
(insert label)
(insert (propertize label 'face
(list :height (* (* h switch-window-increase)
(if (> w h) 2 1)))))))
(set-window-buffer win buf)
(defun switch-window--jump-to-window (index)
"Jump to the window which index is `index'."
(cl-loop for c from 1
for win in (switch-window--list)
until (= c index)
finally (select-window win)))
(defun switch-window--list-eobp ()
"Return a list of all the windows where `eobp' is currently
true so that we can restore that important property (think
auto scrolling) after switching."
(cl-loop for win in (switch-window--list)
when (with-current-buffer (window-buffer win) (eobp))
collect win))
(defun switch-window--restore-eobp (eobp-window-list)
"For each window in EOBP-WINDOW-LIST move the point to end of buffer."
(cl-loop for win in eobp-window-list
do (let ((buffer (window-buffer win)))
(when buffer
(with-current-buffer buffer
(goto-char (point-max)))))))
(defun switch-window-then-delete ()
"Display an overlay in each window showing a unique key, then
ask user which window to delete"
"Delete window: "
#'delete-window t))
(defalias 'delete-other-window 'switch-window-then-delete)
(make-obsolete 'delete-other-window 'switch-window-then-delete
"switch-window version 0.2")
(defun switch-window-then-maximize ()
"Display an overlay in each window showing a unique key, then
ask user which window to maximize"
"Maximize window: "
#'delete-other-windows t))
(defun switch-window ()
"Display an overlay in each window showing a unique key, then
ask user for the window where move to"
"Move to window: "
#'(lambda () (other-window 1))))
(defun switch-window-then-split-horizontally (arg)
"Select a window then split it horizontally."
(interactive "P")
"Horiz-split window: "
#'split-window-horizontally arg 1))
(defun switch-window-then-split-vertically (arg)
"Select a window then split it vertically."
(interactive "P")
"Verti-split window: "
#'split-window-vertically arg 1))
(defun switch-window-then-split-below (arg)
"Select a window then split it with split-window-below's mode."
(interactive "P")
"Below-split window: "
#'split-window-below arg 1))
(defun switch-window-then-split-right (arg)
"Select a window then split it with split-window-right's mode."
(interactive "P")
"Right-split window: "
#'split-window-right arg 1))
(defun switch-window-then-swap-buffer (arg)
"Select a window then swap it buffer with current window's buffer."
(interactive "P")
(let ((buffer1 (window-buffer))
(window1 (get-buffer-window))
buffer2 window2)
(setq buffer2 (current-buffer))
(setq window2 (get-buffer-window))
(set-window-buffer window2 buffer1)
(set-window-buffer window1 buffer2)
(if arg
(select-window window1)
(select-window window2))))
(defun switch-window--then (prompt function1 &optional function2
return-original-window threshold)
"If the number of opened window is less than `threshold', call `function1'
in current window, otherwise, switch to the window assocated with the typed key,
then call `function2'.
1. `function1' and `function2' are functions with no arguments.
2. When `return-original-window' is t, switch to original window
after `function2' is called.
3. When `threshold' is not a number, use the value of
`switch-window-threshold' instead."
(if (<= (length (window-list))
(if (numberp threshold)
(when (functionp function1)
(funcall function1))
(let ((orig-window (selected-window))
(index (switch-window--prompt prompt))
(eobps (switch-window--list-eobp)))
(switch-window--jump-to-window index)
(when (functionp function2)
(funcall function2))
(when (and return-original-window
(window-live-p orig-window))
(select-window orig-window))
(switch-window--restore-eobp eobps))))
(defun switch-window--prompt (prompt-message)
"Display an overlay in each window showing a unique key, then
ask user for the window to select"
(let ((config (current-window-configuration))
(num 1)
(minibuffer-num nil)
(original-cursor (default-value 'cursor-type))
(eobps (switch-window--list-eobp))
(unless switch-window-configuration-change-hook-inhibit
key buffers
;; arrange so that C-g will get back to previous window configuration
;; hide cursor during window selection process
(setq-default cursor-type nil)
;; display big numbers to ease window selection
(dolist (win (switch-window--list))
(push (cons win (window-point win)) window-points)
(when (window-dedicated-p win)
(push (cons win (window-dedicated-p win)) dedicated-windows)
(set-window-dedicated-p win nil))
(if (minibuffer-window-active-p win)
(setq minibuffer-num num)
(push (switch-window--display-number win num) buffers))
(setq num (1+ num)))
(while (not key)
(let ((input
(if minibuffer-num
(format "Move to window [minibuffer is %s]: "
(if switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut
(char-to-string switch-window-minibuffer-shortcut)
(switch-window--label minibuffer-num)))
nil switch-window-timeout))))
(if (or (null input) (eq input 'return))
(switch-window--restore-eobp eobps)
(keyboard-quit)) ; timeout or RET
(unless (symbolp input)
(let* ((wchars (mapcar 'string-to-char
(pos (cl-position input wchars)))
(if pos
(setq key (1+ pos))
(switch-window--restore-eobp eobps)
;; clean input-method-previous-message
(setq input-method-previous-message nil)
;; restore original cursor
(setq-default cursor-type original-cursor)
;; get those huge numbers away
(mapc 'kill-buffer buffers)
(set-window-configuration config)
(dolist (w window-points)
(set-window-point (car w) (cdr w)))
(dolist (w dedicated-windows)
(set-window-dedicated-p (car w) (cdr w))))
(provide 'switch-window)
;;; switch-window.el ends here