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An Emacs client for traad, a client-server approach to using the rope Python refactory library.

With this client and the traad server, you can do Python refactorings from Emacs. This client includes support for installing traad for you, so you probably don't even need to think about installing the server separately.


You can install the Emacs client for traad via package.el:

M-x package-install<RET>traad

Then you can use traad-install-server to install the Python server into a default location::

M-x traad-install-server

The server is installed into a virtual environment using virtualenvwrapper.el. You can control this installation using traad-environment-name which specifies the name of the virtual environment. By default it's "traad", and there is often no need to change it. However, if you need to support multiple installation of traad, you might need to modify this variable.

For most users the default value should be fine. You really only need to manipulate these variables if you're installing traad for more than one version of Python.

For more information on installation, see the Installation page in the wiki.

For more information on using client, see the Usage page in the wiki.