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Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol
Emacs Lisp Shell
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Tramp stands for `Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple
Protocol'.  This package provides remote file editing, similar to

The difference is that Ange-FTP uses FTP to transfer files between the
local and the remote host, whereas Tramp uses a combination of `rsh'
and `rcp' or other work-alike programs, such as `ssh'/`scp'.

On GNU Emacs, this version of Tramp uses a unified filename syntax for
Tramp and Ange-FTP.  Read the manual for details.

Files in this directory:

ChangeLog               List of changes, most recent first.
                        There is a similar file for each directory.
INSTALL                 Instructions for installation of Tramp.             What I use for building Tramp.
README                  This file.
README-GIT              For the brave ones who want to get the latest
                        developer sources.
aclocal.m4              Macros used by autoconf for generating the
                        configure script.            Input for autoconf for generating the configure script.             A script to download Tramp sources via wget instead git.

All other files in this directory are generated by either autoconf,
configure, or make.


lisp                    The Tramp Lisp packages.
obsolete		Files not used anymore.
test                    Some Lisp files to test Tramp.
texi                    The documentation.

Kai Großjohann <>
Michael Albinus <>
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