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VM was written by Kyle Jones! Hail Kyle! The last release from Kyle
was 7.19. 

VM's home page up to version 7.19 on the World Wide Web is at and the FAQ is still hosted there.

The later versions of VM have been maintained by the user community.
The current 'VM development team' ( consists of
of Arik Mitschang, Ulrich Müller and Uday Reddy, but contributions
from various other users and developers have also been incorporated in
them.  See the info manual for a full list of contributors.


The VM versions 8.2.0 and up are designed to work with:

- XEmacs version 21.4 or higher, with MULE support

- Gnu Emacs versions 22 or higher

(While Gnu Emacs 21 is permitted, it is not recommended.)

The users of vcard's need a vcard.el package with vcard-api-version
2.0.  (A suitable version of vcard.el is included in this distribution.)


Read INSTALL and follow the instructions to compile and setup VM.

If you are new to VM, see example.vm for example configuration
settings (to be put into a '~/.vm' file).  Read more in the VM manual on


Please report bugs in VM using the VM function
	   M-x vm-submit-bug-report
This function formats an email report including the entire state of VM
which can be used to diagnose and fix the bug.  Please include
information about how to reproduce the problem.

Please report any problems or bugs otherwise they cannot be fixed!

If you are not sure that the problem is a bug or that it could be of
general importance to other users, you are welcome to discuss it on
the USENET groups gnu.emacs.vm.bugs or!  However, it
is not always possible to diagnose problems without full information
about your VM settings.  So, filing a bug report is necessary.


The new homepage of VM is at hosted by
Savannah.  The latest downloads of VM can also be found here.

The source code of VM is at hosted by

Eventually, we may migrate to a single site for both the facilities.  


The Wiki at is best
suited to conserve code snippets, cooking guides or feature requests.

Code Repository

We maintain the source code using Bazaar (

If you want to get the latest development version of VM, or want to
contribute changes you may want to branch from the following launchpad


which is short for the full URL:

# create your own branch from the trunk
# the 'lp' URL's do they same job as the 'http' URL's above.
bzr get lp:vm	    # for the main trunk
bzr get lp:vm/8.2.x # for the latest version in the 8.2.x series
# get updates
bzr pull
# start hacking 
emacs vm-pgg.el
# commit your changes 
bzr commit
# Generate a bundle of your changes for merging
bzr bundle-revisions --output=xy-changes.diff
# Attach the bundle to a mail (rather than doing cut&paste) and send
# it to vm @ with a descriptive subject.  
# Alternatively, upload it to your space on Launchpad
bzr push lp:~username/vm/branchname
# Then send a message to vm @ requesting merge

Get involved

The project home is at

Registering on launchpad is a painless process and makes it convenient
to participate in the development of VM (or other Launchpad projects).

The "Bugs" tracker is where we keep track of the bugs that need fixing
as well as TODO items.

The "Blueprints" section records our future development plans.


In addition to Kyle Jones's original VM, this version includes
various contributions from Robert Widhopf-Fenk and others.

Extensions for VM written by Robert:
- vm-pine.el	      for draft handling and other Pine inspired functions.
- vm-ps-print.el      for nice ps-printing functions
- vm-rfaddons.el      adds various add-ons to VM
- vm-grepmail	      a grepmail interface for VM
- vm-avirtual.el      brings additional virtual folder selectors and functions
		      for spam tagging
- vm-biff.el	      is a xbiff within VM, notifying you of new mail
- vm-serial.el	      templates for mails, personalized serial mails 
- vm-summary-faces.el faces based on virtual selectors 

Additional extensions for VM from other people:
- vm-pcrisis.el	      by Rob Hodges for people with personal crisis which need
		      to rewrite headers automatically. 
- vcard.el            by Noah Friedman <friedman 'at'> for
  vm-vcard.el	      displaying vcards within VM.


- Support for reading HTML messages using Emacs packages and external
applications, as well as replying to HTML messages.

- IMAP folder support by Uday Reddy

- External message support by Uday Reddy

- Thread folding by Arik Mitschang

- Thread operations by Uday Reddy

- S/MIME support by Arik Mitschang

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