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1999-11-28 Andreas Jaeger <>
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-install-menus): Check major-version and
minor-version in our menu code, otherwise Emacs 20.28 will not get menus
1999-11-21 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url.el: Removed netrek, gopher, and NFS URL handlers.
1999-11-20 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-news.el (url-news): Unhex article references, since netscape is
so dumb that they escape a '@' in an explicit article reference, which
(url-nntp): Ditto.
* lisp/url-ldap.el (url-ldap-certificate-formatter): Make sure we require
ssl before calling any of the functions.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-insert-terminal-char): Nuke the 'face' property
on any inserted terminal characters, or we can get bold/red/etc table
borders - looks kind of odd.
1999-11-14 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): Skip over whitespace at
the beginning of hyperlinks, so mouse highlighting looks better.
(w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): Look for next property change from 'nd'
instead of 'st' - you cannot have overlapping hyperlinks, so this saves
quite a few iterations through the loop.
(w3-display-table): Nuke the w3-hyperlink-info text property on inserted
text. This fixes a bug under XEmacs where hyperlinks in tables could
get _really_ confused when portions of the row needed to be filled -
hyperlinks would flow WAY past their end, and into the next row.
* Emacs/W3 4.0.46 released
* aclocal.m4 (AC_EMACS_LISP): work around bug in current Emacs 21.1
pretests where (princ "foo") crashes in batch mode.
1999-11-13 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-use-terminal-glyphs): Changed default value to nil,
was causing too many weirdnesses under Emacs (I loathe MULE sometimes)
(w3-use-terminal-characters): Ditto.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-java): Duh, give 2 arguments to
1999-11-12 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-java): Make sure that there is
ALWAYS a codebase attribute for java, or bad things could happen (like
not being able to find the classes since we write to a temp file, etc.)
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Make sure that we expand the
'codebase' attribute.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-auto-run-java): New variable to control whether
Java applets are run
(w3-display-handle-java): New function to convert our internal parse
structure into something that `w3-java-run-applet' can understand.
(w3-display-node): Use it.
* lisp/w3-java.el: New file for running java programs in an external
1999-11-07 Markus Rost <>
* lisp/url.el (url-retrieve-internally): make-local-variable
'track-mouse to workaround problem with `widget-button-click'.
1999-11-10 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (textarea content model): Changed content model to
XCDATA so that markup can be included in the default text.
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-help-menu): Remove version information menu
item. It hasn't been updated in years.
1999-11-10 "T. V. Raman" <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (widget-convert-text): Added advice around this
function to preserve the 'personality' text property, otherwise
hyperlinks did not get the correct aural properties applied.
1999-11-10 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-maybe-start-image-download): typo.
(w3-handle-image): include row and column in hyperimage-info, to be used
in `w3-resurrect-images'.
(w3-resurrect-images): if `to-cut' gets negative, insert blanks.
(w3-display-node): in case of a frameset, checks rows as well.
(w3-frameset-dimensions-p): disregard anything containing "100%", such as
(w3-display-frameset): Do not zap frameset-cardinal when computing
default dimensions. Memorize next window before drawing a frame, as its
HTML page may contain yet another (nested) frameset. Call `w3-warn' and
inhibit splitting the window when there is not enough room left.
* lisp/mm.el (mm-parse-mailcap): Fix bad regexp for Emacs 21
1999-11-09 William M. Perry <>
* build.bat: Make sure to build custom load files and info files.
* lisp/url-auth.el (url-register-auth-scheme): removed warning when
replacing auth methods.
* lisp/url-file.el (url-file): Honor port numbers in ftp URLs.
1999-11-09 James LewisMoss <>
* lisp/mm.el (mm-parse-mailcap): Fix invalid regular expressions caused by
entries like "text/x-c++"
1999-11-09 Andrew Mazillius <>
* lisp/socks.el (socks-nslookup-host): Make sure that we always call
accept-process-output at least once. Now deals correctly with multiple
addresses returned by nslookup in the format 'Addresses: ip1, ip2, ip3'
1999-11-09 (Kyotaro HORIGUCHI)
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el: Patches to understand MULE 4.1
1999-11-09 Alexandre Guimond <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-mail-document-author): Fix problem with 'Reply-To'
headers. They had not been converted to the (not quite so) new plist
1999-10-15 Dave Love <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (char-int): Alias it to `identity' if necessary.
1999-10-14 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-ldap.el (url-ldap-certificate-formatter): Now uses
ssl-certificate-information instead of hacked up bill-specific stuff.
* lisp/ssl.el (ssl-certificate-information): New function to get
certificate information out of a DER encoded object.
(ssl-program-name): Default to using OpenSSL now.
1999-10-11 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-fixup-eol-faces): only strip spaces off of
newlines, not the surrounding shitepsace. This makes colorized table
cells look much better.
1999-09-16 Michael Sperber [Mr. Preprocessor] <>
* lisp/url-cache.el:
* lisp/w3-display.el:
* lisp/w3.el: Added (require 'url-parse) because of the macros
defined there.
1999-08-07 Bob Weiner <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-make-xemacs-menubar): Fixed to work with InfoDock. Old code allowed multiple 'nil's to creep into the
menubar which would cause a hang in the XEmacs menubar code.
1999-08-04 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-cid.el (url-cid-gnus): Fixed so it will work in Emacs and
XEmacs 21.2
1999-08-03 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-sysdep-version): Make
enable-multibyte-characters buffer-local when in XEmacs, to better mimic
the Emacs 20.x behaviour.
1999-07-19 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/images.el (image-register-netpbm-utilities): Fixed typo in the ppm
to xpm converter.
1999-06-27 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-parse.el (url-generic-parse-url): Added in gross hack to
preserve ';' in data URLs. The usage as a separator for content-type
and encoding-type clashes horribly with the ';' as an
attribute-separator on normal URLs.
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-hooks): New hook to be run just before
parsing any document. This can theoretically be used to rip out banner
advertisements, etc.
(w3-parse-munge-ethiopic-text): Moved the old ethiopic munging stuff
into hook form.
* lisp/url-mail.el (url-mailto): Allow adding of more 'to' headers via the
query interface for mailto URLs. Would generate corrup To: headers
1999-06-15 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-ldap.el (url-ldap-attribute-formatters): Format naming contexts
as hyperlinks back into the directory.
(url-ldap-certificate-formatter): Save certificate data to a file.
1999-04-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/font.el (font-find-available-family): Fixes for latest version of
the new Emacs redisplay.
1999-04-08 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.43 released
* Fixed the hackmap stuff for Emacs 19/20
1999-04-08 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/url-cookie.el (url-cookie-write-file): check
`url-cookies-changed-since-last-save' and that the file is writable.
(url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): set `url-cookies-changed-since-last-save'.
* lisp/url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Moved Proxy Authorization up
(before Cookie and Authorization).
* lisp/url-vars.el (url-cookies-changed-since-last-save): new variable.
* lisp/url.el (url-write-global-history): call `url-cookie-write-file' if
`url-privacy-level' tolerates cookies.
1999-04-08 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-resurrect-images): corrected regexp for
removing trailing blanks from alt.
1999-04-05 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-keymap): Ditto for form fields.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): Hack around lossage in
XEmacs' Widget package. button3 was used to activate the widget instead
of popping up a context-sensitive menu like everywhere else.
1999-04-03 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el: Make sure we load mule-sysdp at compile time.
1999-04-03 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/url-file.el (inline): require `w3-sysdp', necessary for
`add-minor-mode' in Gnu Emacs when Emacs-W3 is autoloaded through
(url-insert-possibly-compressed-file): set `url-current-mime-encoding'.
(url-dired-find-file): handle ange-ftp dired.
(url-file-asynch-callback, url-file): call
`url-insert-possibly-compressed-file' instead of
(url-file): compute `url-current-mime-type' and `viewer' from
`uncompressed-filename'; specify extension for
* lisp/url.el (url-file-directly-accessible-p): call
`url-host-is-local-p' and check that the file is not compressed.
(url-generate-unique-filename-counter): new variable.
(url-generate-unique-filename): use
`url-generate-unique-filename-counter' to ensure that filenames are
unique within an Emacs session.
1999-04-03 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/url.el (url-write-global-history): call
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-explicit-encodings-file): new user option, which
specifies where to save `w3-explicit-conversion-tree'.
* lisp/w3-vars.el: new variables
w3-explicit-conversion-tree: Tree to hold explicit coding systems
for URLs and their superdirs:
((hostN default-coding (dirN-1 default-coding (dirN-1-1 ...) ...) ...)
w3-explicit-encodings-changed-since-last-save: whether
`w3-explicit-conversion-tree' needs saving.
* lisp/w3.el:
w3-convert-code-for-mule: call `w3-recall-explicit-coding-system'
after checking `w3-explicit-coding-system' and `mmcharset'.
w3-reload-document: call `w3-record-explicit-coding-system'.
w3-recall-explicit-coding-system, w3-find-explicit-coding-system,
w3-record-explicit-coding-system, w3-add-explicit-coding-system,
w3-write-explicit-encodings: new functions to perform retrieval and
storage of user-specified (through C-u g `w3-reload-document')
explicit coding systems.
w3-do-setup: load `w3-explicit-encodings-file' if it exists.
1999-03-24 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.40 released
* lisp/url.el (url-do-setup): Always register the LDAP URL format.
* lisp/url-ldap.el (url-ldap): Deal with non-LDAP enabled emacsen better.
1999-03-22 Markus Rost <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-fetch): Gracefully accept 'nil' as the URL.
1999-03-22 Martin Schwenke <>
* lisp/w3-sysdp.el (frame-parameter): This was not defined in 19.34.
1999-03-19 William Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Make sure we restore the old syntax
table when we are done parsing.
1999-03-18 Kenichi Handa <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-viewer-filter): Do not create the 'output' buffer if the
length of the string received by the filter is 0. Evidently solaris
sends an empty string to the filter when the process exits.
1999-03-18 "T. V. Raman" <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): Use buffer-substring --rather than
buffer-substring-no-properties when picking out the text under the
current link.
This is good for emacspeak because you can then tell while
tabbing through a page whether the link you just hit has
been visited.
1999-01-08 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el (emacs-build-autoloads): Only do the autoloads one way
for Emacs or XEmacs.
1999-01-07 William M. Perry <>
* build.bat: More tweaking of finding EMACSDIR automatically.
* lisp/w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Don't use read-kbd-macro
1999-01-05 William M. Perry <>
* build.bat: Make sure that we build the autoload files under windows.
Easier setting of the environment variables. Also can now pass in
EMACSDIR on the command line.
* lisp/docomp.el (byte-compile-dest-file): Downcase file names if we are
in windows of any flavor. Sometimes we get foo.EL instead of foo.el and
we were just naming the output file foo.EL.elc
(compile-it): Make sure we get *.EL from directory-files as well.
(emacs-build-autoloads): Ditto. %!@!ing windows file systems.
(emacs-build-autoloads): Deal with Emacs or XEmacs way of rebuilding
autoloads in lisp instead of relying on autoconf. This will make
everything much happier under windows.
1999-01-04 William M. Perry <>
* (dotemacs): Wrap the require we stick into $(DOTEMACS) in a
`condition-case' for people that share their setups between emacsen or
machines with different installed packages.
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-xwfu): Don't forget to deal with the
new attributes if we are doing just a plain old form submission!
1999-01-04 Milan Zamazal <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-submit-form): Correctly shorten the separator
generated... was including too few characters.
(w3-form-encode-helper): Added ability to specify additional attributes
for the `file' input type so that we can keep track of the filename.
(w3-form-encode-make-mime-part): Create content-disposition header
instead of content-id and content-length
(w3-form-encode-multipart/x-www-form-data): Use CRLF instead of just LF
for separators.
(w3-form-encode-multipart/x-www-form-data): Don't forget to add in the
separator at the end of the message.
1998-01-04 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-multipart/x-www-form-data): Better
separator generation.
1999-01-04 Laurent Martelli <>
* lisp/w3-hotindex.el: Added autoload statements.
1999-01-04 Kenichi Handa <>
* lisp/ (w3-auto.el): Generate w3-auto.el from
auto-autoloads.el just build in the current directory.
1998-12-31 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/font.el: Various mergings with the XEmacs distributed version of
font.el. Lots of byte-compile warnings squashed when not building with
1998-12-31 Jonathan Harris <>
* font.el: Split font-family-mappings into X and mswindows-specific
versions. mswindows-font-create-[object|name]: Treat supplied size as a
pointsize. Added underline and strikethru handling.
1998-12-30 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url.el (url-file-exists): If url-user is nil use anonymous ftp.
(url-file-size): Ditto.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-this-file): Protect against sticking 'nil@' in the
filename spec when we go to retrieve something.
1998-12-30 Milan Zamazal <>
* lisp/url-auth.el (url-basic-auth): Make sure to use base64-encode-string
instead of base64-encode to work with new Emacs/XEmacs that have native
base64 encoding/decoding primitives.
1998-12-29 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre38 released
* lisp/url.el (url-file-attributes): use 'anonymous' instead of 'ftp' as
the username if none specified.
1998-12-29 Markus Rost <>
* url.el (url-file-attributes): If url-user is nil use anonymous ftp.
1998-12-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-detect-coding-version): Doh - make sure we
don't blow up in XEmacs w/Mule when making sure we have a valid coding
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre37 released
* lisp/socks.el (socks-find-route): Fixed bug where we would not honor the
'!' at the front of the regexp to mean _do_ redirect the connection. I
need to finish the socks-redirection-rules stuff sometime soon.
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-detect-coding-version): Put back in the
ultra-anal checks to make sure that what detect-coding-region and
friends find is actually a coding system. Apparently the bug where
bizarre combinations of CRLF and LF separators in a file make Emacs 20.3
return a number as a coding system is back. Bug reported to the Emacs
1998-12-28 Milan Zamazal <>
* lisp/mm.el (mm-possible-viewers): Don't reverse exact & wildcard when
concatenating them. Reason: `mm-mime-data' contains mailcap entries in
the opposite order than they are in the mailcap file. The function
`mm-possible-viewers' should return found items in the opposite order
again, so that the first viewer from the mailcap was invoked. The patch
ensures this.
* lisp/mm.el (mm-mime-data-default): New variable that holds all the
defaults. mm-mime-data now holds _only_ the user supplied viewers.
* lisp/mm.el (mm-mime-info): Give preference to things found in
mm-mime-data (the user stuff) and then fall back onto
* lisp/url-http.el (url-parse-viewer-types): Apply both mm-mime-data and
mm-mime-data-default when building the acceptable viewer list.
1998-12-28 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-prepare-buffer): Use an unwind-protect form
around w3-draw-tree. This means that even if something in the drawing
causes an error, the buffer will still be thrown into w3-mode
(w3-region): Make w3-region interactive and give it a doc string.
(w3-pause): Mark the buffer as temporarily read-only, so that
self-inserting keystrokes will signal an error, which will be caught and
ignored by the condition-case.
(w3-widget-buffer): New function to get the buffer a widget is in.
(w3-widget-echo): Use it, since with Gnus, it is very likely that you
will be in a different buffer when you are mousing around the rendered
* lisp/url-file.el (url-file): Modify the filename in the URL if we are
actually visiting a directory without a trailing '/' or '\', and we do
the auto-find of the index.html file.
* lisp/url.el (url-looks-like-html): New function that determines whether
a document looks like HTML or not. This is for ancient HTTP/0.9
responses for things without a file extension (ie: /, /a/b/, etc)
(url-retrieve-internally): Use it if we cannot find a content-type any
other way.
* lisp/url-cid.el: Try to avoid compile-time-errors when gnus' mm-decode
cannot be found.
1998-12-26 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url.el (url-expand-file-name): Make sure to normalize the 'default'
value before we get to the point of bailing out if we get the empty
string, otherwise the vector-ized version of the URL could sneak out,
and the 'nil' default case would screw us too.
1998-12-26 Markus Rost <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-get-cookie): No buffer-file-name for "
*cookie*" buffers.
1998-12-26 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/base64.el: Added alias for base64-encode-string -> base64-encode
and base64-decode-string -> base64-decode, for compatibility with
Emacs/XEmacs with native base64 support.
* lisp/w3-about.el: Use base64-encode-string instead of base64-encode, for
compatibility with Emacs/XEmacs with native base64 support.
1998-12-25 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-ldap.el: New file to implement LDAP support ala RFC2255
* lisp/url.el (url-do-setup): Register the LDAP URL handler if the feature
is present.
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre36 released
* lisp/url.el (url-default-expander): Make sure that we remove any query
strings from the URL before we remove relative links.
(url-remove-relative-links): Tack on a trailing '/' if necessary so that
we don't fail any URL parsing tests on things like 'g/.', which should
be normalized to just 'g/'
1998-12-24 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-cookie.el (url-cookie-host-can-set-p): Fixed cookie
vulnerability as described in
1998-12-23 Markus Rost <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-initialize-w3-mode-menu-map): Block also
the global menubar entry [menubar mule].
1998-12-23 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-force-conversion-alist): Mixed mismatched custom type
(w3-default-stylesheet): Ditto.
(w3-html-errors-font-lock-keywords): Ditto.
(w3-default-configuration-file): Ditto.
(w3-modeline-format): Ditto.
1998-12-22 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre35 released
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-get-default-color): Function to get the default
foreground or background color, even if face-(fore|back)ground returns
nil, which it does under Emacs fairly often. We fall back to getting
the colors out of the frame properties. I think this is gross, but oh
(w3-display-background-useless-p): Use it.
(w3-display-foreground-useless-p): Use it.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-reload-document): Avoid using interactive spec 'Z', since
it doesn't exist in older versions of Emacs (19.xx)
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Add ',' to the `whitespace' at the
front of an attribute that we should skip over. This is so that people
can do horrible nasty things like <input type="foo", name="bar"> and
still have it work. Sometimes I feel so... unclean.
* lisp/url-news.el (url-check-gnus-version): Use gnus-continuum-version if
at all possible. This way I will never have to add another string-match
to the list of acceptable versions (at least not until another 15
releases of Gnus.
1998-12-22 Dave Love <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-image-alt): Pay better attention to the alt
specified by the document. Don't try to special case the empty string
so much.
1998-12-22 William Perry <>
* lisp/css.el (css-parse): Wrap the calls to forward sexp in
condition-case so that an invalid stylesheet does not completely choke.
1998-12-22 Milan Zamazal <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-replace-invalid-chars): Make sure we tell replace-regexp
to be 'literal' so that somet hings in the invalid chars table don't
signal an error (ie: S\\v was looking for the regexp quote match, etc)
1998-12-22 William Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Backed out old change to use less
space for borderless tables - it was screwing up spacing at the
beginning of celles.
1998-12-22 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/url.el (url-expand-file-name): Do not remove blanks from target
anchors (#xxx).
1998-12-21 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el: If WIDGETDIR is not set, or set to `no', then scream and
bitch and die, to avoid more arcane errors later on.
(emacs-build-custom-load): Try to work around emacs19 that doesn't have
cus-dep installed.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-fetch): Avoid use of with-current-buffer, since it
doesn't exist in Emacs 19.xx
(w3-convert-code-for-mule): Finished rename to mule-coding-system-p
1998-12-20 Bertil Askelid <>
* lisp/w3-mouse.el: Don't bind mouse-movement unless w3-track-mouse is
1998-12-19 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre34 released
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-coding-system-p-version): Renamed and fixed
mule-coding-system-p for non-MULE Emacs/XEmacs.
1998-12-18 Kenichi Handa <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-coding-system-p-version): New function.
(mule-coding-system-version): Use mule-coding-system-p-version.
(mule-detect-coding-version): Likewise.
(mule-invalid-char-coding-systems): Change iso-latin-1 to iso-8859-1.
(mule-coding-system-with-invalid-chars): Check mule-sysdep-version
for XEmacs.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-convert-code-for-mule): Use mule-coding-system-p-version.
(w3-coding-system-for-mime-charset): Likewise.
1998-12-19 William M. Perry <>
* Ditto
* aclocal.m4: Added appropriate magic to run autoconf whenever aclocal.m4
is modified.
1998-12-18 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/ No longer include auto-autoloads.el and custom-load in
the distribution. We can rebuild it anywhere now.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_CHECK_CUSTOMLOADS): Use the new functions in the
appropriate place.
* lisp/docomp.el (emacs-build-custom-load): New function to build
custom-load.el under Emacs.
(emacs-build-autoloads): Ditto for the auto-autoloads.el file.
1998-12-15 Kenichi Handa <>
* lisp/ (.el.elc): Set shell variable W3SRCDIR to $(srcdir).
* lisp/docomp.el (load-path): Check shell variable W3SRCDIR.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-convert-code-for-mule): Call
(w3-coding-system-with-invalid-chars): This function deleted.
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (w3-mime-charset-coding-alist): Fix coding
system for Mule.
(mule-invalid-char-coding-systems): New variable.
(mule-coding-system-with-invalid-chars): New function.
(mule-write-region-no-coding-system): Fix argument of write-region for
Mule 2.3.
1998-12-17 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre32 released
* lisp/font.el (font-x-font-regexp): Add a trailing dash to the
font-regexp. For some reason Emacs 19.xx under 95/NT sticks a trailing
slash on the end. This was the cause of the odd errors in
font-spatial-to-canonical since it was getting an empty font object
because the regexp failed to match.
1998-12-16 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-coding-system-for-mime-charset): Make sure the
coding-system-p is defined before we use it.
(w3-convert-code-for-mule): Ditto.
* (SUPPORTFILES): Now include 'BUGS' support file in the
1998-12-16 Simon Josefsson <>
* lisp/mm.el (mm-parse-mailcaps): More protection against badly formed
MAILCAPS variable.
1998-12-16 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-bullets): Fixed customization type for this option.
Would lead to mismatches in customize buffers. Ick!
(w3-maximum-line-length): Ditto.
1998-12-08 Ken'ichi HANDA <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-detect-coding-version): Check that
mule-sysdep-version is a number before comparing it to one. Under
XEmacs it is a symbol `xemacs'.
1998-12-03 William M. Perry <>
* Updated all copyright dates and now specify that this _is_ a
part of Emacs, since it soon will be. Maybe. If I get ambitious. what
are the odds posted in vegas?
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-infer-contrasting-color): New function to
chooise black or white as an appropriate color if the author of an HTML
page was stupid enough to do something like: <body bgcolor="white"> (ie:
not specifying the foreground color as well). If this conflicts with
the users foreground, the text used to be invisible. Now it will be
whichever contrasts best (black on mint cream, white on dark red, etc)
(w3-display-node): If the foreground specified conflicts with the users'
background, ignore it.
(w3-display-node): If the background specified conflicts with the users'
foreground, infer an appropriate foreground.
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre31 released
* (CIDFILE): Stop spitting out a warning about
multipart/related stuff if we can't find Gnus at configure time. We're
hacking around it in a different way now.
* lisp/ (URLSOURCES): Add url-cid.el into the definition via
configure substitutions ONLY. It will still get installed because we
stick it in EXTRAS. This means 1 extra file copy at install time, but
who cares? The file isn't that large.
* lisp/url-cid.el: New file to contain the content-id handling stuff,
because we cannot compile this file unless we can find a very recent
version of Gnus at compile time (without .emacs).
* etc/default.css: Use the newer @media tags instead of @x*emacs so that
everything will work right with the new Emacs redisplay.
* lisp/css.el (css-active-device-types): Added new @media tags.
multifont is now defined if the Emacsen we are running in can display
multiple font families and sizes correctly (new emacs redisplay or
XEmacs), and unifont if it cannot.
* lisp/font.el (font-set-face-font-new-redisplay): New function for
dealing with the new Emacs redisplay font abstraction. You can now beat
the crap out of the new redisplay engine with Emacs/W3. Ahh, feels like
the heady old days of Lucid Emacs 19.10 and XEmacs 19.12.
1998-12-02 Simon Josefsson <>
* lisp/mm.el (mm-parse-mailcaps): Deal gracefully with bad entries in the
MAILCAP list, or it would bug out with things like 'file:' where it
would try to open the current directory.
1998-11-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el (load-path): Append the GNUSDIR environment variable to
the load-path, similar to how we deal with WIDGETDIR
* INSTALL: Document the new --with-gnus arguments.
* Use AC_CHECK_GNUS and spit out appropriate warnings about
cid URLS not working when appropriate.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_CHECK_GNUS): Try to find mm-get-content-id in mm-decode
for newer gnus releases that can handle the content-id stuff. Also
added new configure switch '--with-gnus=/path/to/gnus/lisp/dir' to
override this, similar to how the custom stuff works.
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-cid-gnus): Try to load mm-decode at compile time.
(url-cid-gnus): Fixed some compilation warnings.
* lisp/url.el (url-cid): Ooops - forgot to add an autoload for url-cid
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre30 released
* lisp/url.el (url-do-setup): Duh, forgot to register the CID handler.
Good thing lars was doing it too.
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre29 released
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-cid): New URL handler for dealing with content-id
based references. Able to be extended for different mail/news readers.
Need to coordinate with Lars and Kyle on exactly how to determine which
UA is invoking us, so we don't try and use Gnus functions when VM is
giving us the data, etc.
(url-cid-gnus): First implementation of CID retrieval for Pterodactyl
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-finalize-image-download): Make sure we call
url-uncompress in w3-finalize-image-download, or content-id and data URL
based images won't get uncompressed correctly. Arguably this should be
done in url-default-callback, but I'm not sure what that would fubar
right now.
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Changed regexp for handling
NET-enabling start tags to be not so restrictive. I don't think this
will have any negative side-effects
1998-11-28 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre28 released
1998-11-23 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el
(w3-mime-charset-coding-alist): completed and reordered;
(mule-detect-coding-version): removed MIME type parsing (already done in
w3-sentinel) and moved use of w3-mime-charset-coding-alist to
* lisp/w3.el
(w3-convert-code-for-mule): added call to w3-coding-system-for-mime-charset
for handling specified MIME charset;
(w3-coding-system-for-mime-charset): code moved from
mule-detect-coding-version, which uses w3-mime-charset-coding-alist;
(w3-sentinel): moved downcase of MIME type and charset to
w3-convert-code-for-mule call arguments and generalized it to encoding;
replaced hacking out "x-" in MIME charsets with proper reference to
w3-mime-charset-coding-alist in w3-coding-system-for-mime-charset.
1998-11-20 Ken'ichi HANDA <>
* lisp/w3.el
(w3-explicit-coding-system): new variable for user-specified coding system
on C-u [w3-reload-document];
(w3-convert-code-for-mule, w3-reload-document): added handling of
1998-11-24 Kenichi Handa <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-sysdep-version): Check the mule version
(mule-coding-system-version): New function.
(w3-mime-charset-coding-alist): New variable.
(w3-url-domain-language-environment-alist): New variable.
(w3-url-domain-coding-alist): New variable.
(mule-retrieval-coding-system): Call mule-coding-system-version.
(mule-no-coding-system): Likewise.
(insert-file-contents-literally): Re-define this function for Mule
(mule-detect-coding-version): Pay attention to
w3-url-domain-language-environment-alist, and
(mule-code-convert-region): Change argument to CODE only. If
default-enable-multibyte-characters is nil, does no code
* lisp/url-cache.el (url-store-in-cache): Write to a file with no
code conversion.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-convert-code-for-mule): Call
mule-code-convert-version with one arg CODING-SYSTEM.
1998-11-22 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre27 released
* lisp/w3.el (w3-mode): ditto
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Make sure we don't try to
save/restore variables in w3-persistent-variables if they are not
1998-11-20 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el
(mule-write-region-no-coding-system): added additional write-region arguments
and protections moved from w3-download-callback.
* lisp/mm.el (mm-find-available-multiparts), lisp/url-cache.el
(url-store-in-cache), lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-get-cookie,
w3-finalize-image-download), lisp/w3-latex.el (w3-show-dvi), lisp/w3-print.el
(w3-print-this-url), lisp/w3.el (w3-save-as, w3-download-callback):
use mule-write-region-no-coding-system.
* lisp/url-vars.el, lisp/url-http.el (url-parse-mime-headers): added
url-current-mime-charset and url-mime-content-type-charset-regexp.
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-force-conversion-alist): new user option, alist of URL
host/filename regexps and coding systems.
* lisp/w3-vars.el
(w3-meta-content-type-charset-regexp, w3-meta-charset-content-type-regexp):
new variables for parsing <META Content-Type...> tag;
(w3-persistent-variables): added buffer-file-coding-system.
* list/w3.el
(w3-mail-current-document): use buffer-file-coding-system or iso-8859-1;
(w3-compression-encodings, w3-no-conversion-encodings): new variables used to
inhibit conversion;
(w3-convert-code-for-mule): removed regexp matching on
w3-mime-list-for-code-conversion (replaced by downcase in w3-sentinel);
(w3-sentinel): switch to other window if in minibuffer, handle specified
charset (in MIME headers or META tag), handle w3-force-conversion-alist, hack
out "x-" in MIME charsets.
1998-11-18 Kenichi Handa <>
* (Makefile): Correct the dependency. Execute
config.status in the current directory.
* etc/ (install): If a file is not in the current
directory, install that file of the source directory.
* lisp/ (w3-auto.el): Update target in the current
(auto-autoloads.el): Do the work in $(srcdir).
(custom-load.el): Likewise.
(install): If a file is not in the current directory, install that
file of the source directory.
* lisp/docomp.el (byte-compile-dest-file): New function for
writing out *.elc to the current directory.
1998-09-26 Gareth Jones <>
* lisp/w3-vars.el: defvar'ed w3-current-buffer.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-fetch): set w3-current-last-buffer for reused URLs.
(w3-pass-to-viewer): set w3-current-last-buffer to w3-current-buffer.
(w3-fetch): bind w3-current-buffer to (current-buffer).
Make history work with url-be-asynchronous t.
1998-09-25 Gareth Jones <>
* lisp/w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Bind [backspace] to scroll-down.
1998-09-09 Gareth Jones <>
* lisp/w3-emulate.el (w3-lynx-emulation-minor-mode-map): Corrected C-f
to be `scroll-up', added bindings for C-b, C-n and C-p.
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-latex-use-latex2e): Documentation fix. LaTeX
"generator" makes more sense than "parser".
* lisp/url.el (url-do-setup): ditto for url-cookie-file and
* lisp/url-cache.el (url-cache-directory): use w3-configuration-directory
rather than hardwire "~/.w3/"
* lisp/url-news.el (url-nntp): fixed call to url-news-fetch-newsgroup with
only one argument.
(url-check-gnus-version): Added Pterodactyl Gnus to the list of
acceptable Gnusen.
* lisp/url-mail.el (url-mailto): url-mailto would not handle %3F (`?')
in addresses because url-unhex-string changed match-end.
Added support for "body" hname. Emit style warning for <mailto:/.*>.
1998-10-29 William Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-region): Make me autoloaded.
1998-10-28 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-code-convert-region): Try to avoid lossage when
point-max changes due to a set-buffer-multibyte operation.
1998-10-28 Laurent Martelli <>
* Patches to add hotindex support. It's a patch to W3/Emacs allowing you
to associate keywords to your hotlist entries. You can then query
for the entries matching a keyword. I did this because I find it
hard to find a particular bookmark when you more than a hundred,
even with hotlist-apropos. And I think that folders and subfolders
are not very convenient because an entry usually belongs to more
than one folder.
1998-10-26 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre25 released
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-get-all-face-info): Fixed stupid problem where
w3-user-fonts-take-precedence was being used backwards!
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre24 released
1998-10-25 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-speak-table.el: Various patches from Thierry to help Emacspeak
1998-10-23 William Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-get-all-face-info): Better way to ignore font
family stuff if w3-user-fonts-take-precedence != nil
1998-10-23 Lars Marius Garshol <>
* lisp/url-file.el (url-cleanup-file): New function for removing
questionable practices from file urls before we fetch them. Should fix
lots of the problems where we tried to ftp when we shouldn't have.
1998-10-23 William Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-face-for-element): Use it.
* lisp/w3-cus.el: New variable on whether to ignore document fonts or
1998-10-23 Toby Speight <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-internal-handle-preview): Fix for previewing files under
windows that have UNC paths (ie: //foo/bar). Would try to use ftp
* lisp/w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Added keybindings for them.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-prev-document): Added new function
(w3-next-document): ditto
* Added w3-hotindex.el to the contrib directory - adds keyword searching
to the hotlist code.
1998-09-20 William M. Perry <>
* */ Fixed the automatic rebuilding based on
configure/aclocal.m4 and config.status. Everything should build in a
separate source directory now.
1998-09-08 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/font.el (define-font-keywords): build the :regular keyword with the
rest, for v19 emacs
1998-09-08 Charles Levert <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el: Patch to deal with incredibly bad HTML that specifies
attributes like font="foo","bar","baz". Ick.
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-image): Fix for image submit buttons.
1998-09-08 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el: Allow '?' in unquoted attribute values, so that CGI
queries in unquoted HREFs work correctly.
1998-08-30 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el: Added approprate magic to add the
custom-declare-variable byte-hunk-handler so that in version of Emacs <=
19.34, customized variables do not show up as 'free' to the byte
1998-08-22 T. V. Raman <raman@Adobe.COM>
* lisp/w3-speak-table.el: Implemented table navigation for nested tables
Also implemented emacspeak/w3 command for querying info about the
current cell. cleaned up keybindings
1998-06-22 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre23 released
* lisp/ (w3-configuration-data): Allow the cdr of the assoc
list to be something to be eval'd. Allows things to work better under
NT/95 Emacs/XEmacs without needing to do a 'configure' run. See new
file w3-cfg.nt.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-viewer-filter): Start showing output from the viewer
program as soon as we get it instead of after it exits. This allows
viewers to spit out instructions on their use (ie: imageviewer under
solaris says things like 'hit q to make the window disappear'.
* build.bat: Copy new w3-cfg.nt file over to w3-cfg.el before doing the
compile for those NT/Win95 people.
Wed Jun 17 18:30:11 1998 Jonathan Harris <>
* lisp/font.el (mswindows-font-create-object): various mswindows fixes -
please speak up if anything is broken!
1998-06-18 Stefan Hornburg <>
* lisp/url-file.el (url-file): Fixed a regexp that should match drive
letters. This fixes a longstanding bug where efs/ange-ftp would get
invoked instead of looking locally.
1998-06-13 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-hot.el (finish-submenu): Ignore empty strings when searching for
sublist titles. Reading netscape bookmark files works correctly again.
1998-06-12 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-xemac.el (w3-mouse-handler): Make sure we don't do anything if
the current buffer is not the one our event is destined for. Avoids
some weird errors in XEmacs on corner cases w/mouse movement.
* lisp/w3-annotat.el: Removed some old variables - evidently nobody uses
this shit any more. :)
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-breakup): Moved into this file because it is
where it belongs. Also changed so that 'more...' menu items are spliced
in at the end of the menu where they belong.
All the filter menus should work under Emacs 20.3 now.
(w3-popup-menu): No longer use 'popup-menu' - this removes the need
under Emacs to (require 'lmenu), which caused lots and lots of problems
with invalid macros, etc.
1998-06-10 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-filters-supported-p): New variable to determine
whether this flavor of Emacs supports the :filter keyword on
menus. Emacs 20.3 will support the :filter keyword, so lets use it.
(w3-menu-go-menu): Use it.
(w3-menu-bookmark-menu): Ditto.
(w3-menu-html-links-constructor): Make this work with easymenu.
(w3-menu-hotlist-constructor): Ditto.
(w3-menu-links-constructor): Ditto.
(w3-menu-e19-show-navigate-menu): Moved from w3-e19.el
(w3-menu-e19-show-links-menu): Ditto.
(w3-menu-e19-show-hotlist-menu): Ditto.
* lisp/w3-xemac.el (w3-store-in-clipboard): Make this work under mswindows
1998-06-09 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Use w3-configuration-data to
slap the 'datadir' macro into the search path for stylesheets.
* lisp/ New file that will store information from the
configure run for use later.
(w3-configuration-data): New function to retrieve configure-time
information later.
* lisp/url-vars.el (url-privacy-level): changed customization properties.
1998-06-08 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.pre21 released
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Better dealing with the
sera-to-fidel stuff in MULE - and don't bother calling it when
default-enable-multibyte-characters is nil for mule 4.x
* lisp/w3.el (w3-download-callback): Use
mule-write-region-no-coding-system so that all the MULE variations are
hidden within mule-sysdp.el, where they belong.
1998-06-05 Dave Love <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-retrieval-coding-system,
mule-no-coding-system, mule-detect-coding-version,
mule-inhibit-code-conversion, mule-encode-string,
truncate-string-to-width, mule-coding-system-name,
mule-find-coding-system): Test for mule-sysdep-version == 4.0.
(mule-code-convert-region, mule-make-iso-character): Test for
mule-sysdep-version == 4.0. Also test
(mule-truncate-string): Test for mule-sysdep-version == 4.0. Use
truncate-string-to-width in Emacs 20.
1998-06-04 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): New behaviour wrt
url-mime-language-string - if it is nil, then no accept-language header
will be sent. This is to work around problem when dealing with apache -
the old default of '*' would cause the server to return the first
version of a document it could find (w3c site would typically send out
danish or japanese) - definitely suboptimal. I don't know how this will
impact you MULE folks though - speak up!
* lisp/url-vars.el (url-mime-language-string): Better customization of
this - new default value of nil.
1998-06-02 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.pre20 released
1998-06-02 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-refresh-buffer): Try to stay as close to current
point as we can when you do a refresh-buffer.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Fix for Emacspeak table
traversal that was broken by the new borderless table features.
* lisp/w3-display.el: Various fixes for alternate image text in tables.
1998-05-25 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-options-menu): Fixed problem where newest
easymenu (emacs 20.2.93) is a little pickier than before and dies on
'nil' menu entries.
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el: Avoid setting enable-multibyte-characters directly
under Emacs 20.3-to-be, since it is now a read-only variable. Use
set-buffer-multibyte instead.
1998-05-24 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre19 released
* lisp/url.el (url-file-extension): Make sure we run this through
url-basepath to strip out CGI queries.
(url-basepath): Strip out any CGI queries from a file when we get its
basepath. This means that relative URLs in CGI results will work much
more sanely.
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-detect-coding-version): Work around incredibly
weird bug in Emacs 20.2 where detect-coding-region can return 100%
insane results whcih then case code-convert-region to die a horrible
* lisp/w3.el (w3-download-callback): Don't blindly bind
file-name-handler-alist to nil just to get around auto-compression
packages, use the ugly internal knowledge of the most popular ones and
disable them like we do in the url-file-* routines. Otherwise you
cannot download a file directory to an EFS filename.
Fri May 22 14:39:52 1998 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Don't insert empty space for
borderless tables - this will allow you to display much more data on a
Thu May 21 16:09:57 1998 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-helper): Fixed 'file' submissions -
return value of insert-file-contents-literally changed.
* lisp/w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-break-shit): Make everything interactive!
1998-05-19 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/css.el (css-contextual-match): Fixed scoping bug in CSS - you could
not specify something like '.menu a { color: red }' - it was not walking
up the list correctly when it found a rule with *document as the
Thu May 14 11:49:42 1998 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/font.el (mswindows-font-create-object): Now correctly deals with
mswindows fonts under XEmacs thanks to Andy Piper.
1998-04-17 T. V. Raman <raman@Adobe.COM>
* lisp/w3-speak-table.el (w3-table-setup-keys): Base keymappings off of
emacspeak-prefix, instead of hardcoded C-z.
1998-04-17 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/: updated copyright statements, removed quite a few old files from
the tree.
* lisp/xml.el: New way to parse XML documents using an external process
and some new support tools based upon 'expat', the XML parser from James
* aclocal.m4 (AC_EMACS_PACKAGES): resurrected the --with-package-dir
1998-04-15 William M. Perry <>
* Changes to where it installs things by default, more
GNUish now. Need to think about how packages need to be done in
autoconf more.
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3): Put the 'url' group within the W3 group
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-options-menu): Do customize-browse instead of
w3-preferences-edit for Options->Edit Preferences menu item.
* lisp/docomp.el: Use w3-load-flavors and w3-setup-version-specifics in
docomp.el, just to make sure everything works.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-load-flavors): Don't bitch about XEmacs being unsupported
on windows anymore, because it is again!
* lisp/w3-xemac.el: Force loading of new widget/custom libraries on
XEmacsen that are too old, but had them dumped in, so load-path munging
doesn't do anything.
* lisp/socks.el: Added socks v4 support. To do this I had to change how
socks servers are defined - try the new customization support: C-u M-x
customize [RET] socks to see what has changed.
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-sysdep-version): Try to deal with MBSK Emacs
not really being mule, but still mostly lying about it.
* lisp/w3-speak-table.el: New file to actually take advantage of the new
table structure.
* lisp/w3-display.el: Changes from Raman and Thierry for keeping track of
table structure.
1998-04-13 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Wrap calls to sera-to-fidel-marker
in a condition-case to avoid lossage on MBSK emacsen.
1998-03-08 Laurent Martelli <>
* lisp/w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-rename-entry): Could select the wrong entry
if one hotlist title was the same as the beginning of another one.
1998-03-07 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el: require lmenu during compiles, or Emacs 20.x will
1998-03-07 Greg Stark <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-determine-size): Fix various misalignments in
1998-02-22 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/docomp.el (compile-it): This should now work in v19 emacsen, since
they didn't support the 'files-only' final argument.
1998-01-29 Dieter Maurer <>
* lisp/mm.el (mm-parse-mime-headers): Handle continuation lines in headers
1998-01-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/socks.el: Fixed various int vs. char problems, made the error
reporting a little clearer that they were actual errors from the SOCKS
server, not necessarily the ultimate destination.
1998-01-28 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): Allow
url-privacy-level == paranoid to deny all cookies.
1998-01-27 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-download-url): Fix in the case where a filename is passed
in - was calling the callback with the wrong # of arguments.
1998-01-20 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre14 released
* lisp/w3-toolbar.el (w3-toolbar-make-buttons): Don't die horribly if you
cannot make the toolbar buttons - this made TTY XEmacs 20.5beta +
Emacs/W3 choke big time. all better now.
1998-01-09 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Don't use insert-char for SGML
entities, because with the new MULE replacements for stupid windows
character sets, some of them are no longer single characters.
1998-01-06 Laurent MARTELLI <
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-search-menu): Added 'ftp search' at to the search menu.
1998-01-06 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre13 released
* lisp/url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Added better protection
around calls to getting proxy authentication when we aren't really
proxying anything.
* lisp/w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-refresh): Make sure w3-do-setup has been
* lisp/url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Fixed proxy authentication
and excessive prompting
1998-01-05 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-menu.el (w3-menu-make-xemacs-menubar): Fixed problem where
XEmacs would never install the 'buffers' menu
(w3-menu-install-menubar): Fixed test for whether to initialize the
1998-01-05 Laurent Martelli <>
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-defined-link-types): Added 'contents' and 'top' from
the HTML 3.2 reference spec to the predefined sets of <LINK> types.
1997-12-31 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre12 released
1997-12-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/ don't remove the old custom-load.el and
auto-autoloads.el, so that people using Emacs 19/20 can muck with the
source and not destroy the autoloads in the process.
1997-12-26 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-do-terminal-emulator): Removed extra ')' DUGH!
1997-12-25 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre11 released
* lisp/url.el (url-lazy-message): Don't show messages if there is an
active minibuffer window.
* lisp/ (w3-auto.el): removed use of $^ macro, since some SYSV
machines seem to croak on it.
1997-12-24 Ching-Mo Chang <>
* lisp/url-file.el (url-file): fix for stripping out leading '/' from
local filenames under OS/2.
1997-12-24 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-do-terminal-emulator): Fixed for the case where
the user was not specified (vast majority)
* lisp/w3.el (w3-save-as): Don't double latex output
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Deal with comments slightly
differently - on large documents, we could hit a stack overflow in the
regexp engine.
* lisp/css.el (css-expand-value): default to using :normal for unknown
weights, not :bold.
1997-12-24 Vladimir Alexiev <>
* lisp/w3-xemac.el: Compatibility stuff for XEmacs 19.13
1997-12-24 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-forms.el (w3-form-determine-size): If someone specifies a 'size'
of 0 for a form element, bring sanity back to the world.
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-display-frames): Changed default to 't' to
automatically display frames.
* lisp/w3-parse.el: Added nobr tag to %special - it should parse fine
* lisp/socks.el (socks-override-functions): New variable to control
whether or not to overwrite the builtin open-network-stream function
with one of our own.
* lisp/font.el: Added explicit require of disp-table, so we will work with
older XEmacsen.
* lisp/w3-style.el (w3-display-stylesheet): Default to using
w3-user-stylesheet if w3-current-stylesheet is not set yet (ie: no page
loaded in current window). Also throws an error if none of those are
defined yet.
1997-12-22 Michael Ernst <>
* url.el (url-get-url-at-point): Strip surrounding parens from a
potential URL.
1997-12-22 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-pause): Use a dedicated variable instead of
coopting cur-viewing-pos, to protect against errors.
1997-12-22 Thierry Emery <>
* w3-parse.el: Deal with invalid SGML characters in mule better.
1997-12-22 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.pre10 released
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Make sure we expand the 'background'
tag, so stylesheets created after mucking with the <body> attributes
will work correctly.
* Disable caching of configure results - I've become
convinced this is the right thing to do.
* (install): Don't automatically hack up someone's .emacs file
- make them explicitly do a 'make dotemacs'
* Moved some of the --with-FOO stuff into aclocal.m4 and the
appropriate AC_DEFUN macros, where they belong.
* aclocal.m4 (library): Fixed setting of package directory (typo).
1997-12-04 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-mail-current-document): ditto.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-maybe-start-image-download): ditto.
* lisp/url.el (url-insert-file-contents): protects url-be-asynchronous
against elisp errors in code sections where its default value is
temporarily modified.
1997-11-27 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.pre9 released
1997-11-27 Cord Kielhorn <>
* lisp/w3-hot.el (w3-grok-html-bookmarks-internal): Some fixes for HTML
hotlists in xmosaic hotlist format 3
1997-11-27 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-delay-image-loads): Default to not loading images if
this version of Emacs does not support any image formats other than XPM
or XBM.
1997-11-20 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): Keep track of start and
end of the widget, since widget-convert-text doesn't appear to.
(w3-display-node): Keep track of :visited and :active faces for
(w3-follow-hyperlink): Apply the :visited face to a widget after we
fetch it.
1997-11-20 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-node): more frames work
1997-11-07 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/css.el (css-expand-length): Fixed percentages in css-expand-length
1997-11-05 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0.pre8 released
* aclocal.m4 (elisp): Use a temporary file for elisp configuration tests,
to avoid weirdness that gets shoved to stdout/stderr by the various
* lisp/w3-cus.el (w3-image-mappings): Use imagick for everything if XEmacs
was compiled with it.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-maybe-start-image-download): Protect against bad
instantiation of glyphs of already loaded images.
1997-11-04 Thierry Emery <>
* Support relative frameset dimensions (ie: "2*,*")
* Fixed problem with doubling or tripling of image 'alt' text for images
in tables.
1997-11-03 William M. Perry <>
* aclocal.m4 (elisp): Simplified version of AC_EMACS_VERSION that just
uses AC_EMASC_LISP to print out emacs-major-version . emacs-minor-version
1997-10-28 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-cookie.el (url-cookie-parse-file): Fixed autoload cookie (hah)
1997-10-27 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre7 released
1997-10-27 Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen <>
* url.el (url-retrieve-internally): Ensure that coding system for
the url buffer is set to no-conversion.
1997-10-23 William M. Perry <>
* aclocal.m4: Fixed detection of how to rebuild custom-loads.el and
1997-10-23 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el lisp/w3-widget.el: Lots of fixes for images.
image hyperlinks are active, even when inside tables (thanks to a
w3-hyperimage-info text-property, a content for w3-resurrect-images
and the fact that :href and :target info are now passed on down to
the children widgets),
a face can be specified in the stylesheet, which will be used for
the `alt' tags, e.g.:
img:link { color: goldenrod }
img:active { color: goldenrod }
img:visited { color: firebrick }
the `alt' tag of image maps is displayed, to ease visual
when the `alt' tag is "" and w3-auto-image-alt is non nil,
an `alt' tag is made from the image src file basename. (WMP change)
1997-10-20 Ching-Mo Chang <>
* lisp/url-file.el (url-host-is-local-p): recognize XXX:/ as local file
under NT/Win95/OS2.
* lisp/url-cache.el (url-cache-extract): replace 'os2' with 'emx' when
comparing system-type.
* lisp/w3-e19.el (w3-store-in-clipboard): Deal gracefully with
interprogram-cut-function being bound, but nil - we should fall back to
the device-specific stuff, not just do nothing.
1997-10-20 William M. Perry <>
* texi/w3-faq.txi (Runtime FAQ): New FAQ about Mule 20.x and \201 in front
of everything.
1997-10-17 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre6 released
* lisp/images.el (image-register-netpbm-utilities): Don't automatically
dither PNM/PPM files to 256 colors when converting to XPM - its not
1997-10-17 Colin Rafferty <>
* lisp/url-auth.el (url-auth-user-prompt): New function to create a pretty
prompt that shows the realm or URL that the user should be
authenticating to.
1997-10-17 William M. Perry <>
* contrib/w3-imenu.el: New version of w3-imenu for the contrib directory.
* Emacs/W3 4.0pre5 released.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Should now find the stylesheet
much more often given the new directory layout under Emacs 19.x & 20.x
* lisp/ (custom-load.el): Automatically rebuild auto-autoloads
and custom-load.el if any of the source files have changed. configure
now auto-detects how to rebuild them.
Fri Oct 17 06:27:07 1997 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-cookie.el: autoload url-cookie-parse-file
1997-10-16 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-insert-terminal-char): better handling of HR
within borderless tables
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-p-s-entity): Don't cons up a string just to insert
a single character.
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-line-break): 2.3 Mule's char-before requires
the 'pos' argument, so always send in (point).
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-dingbats): don't crap out in mule 2.3
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Make finding no stylesheets a
fatal error.
1997-10-15 William M. Perry <>
* Deal with EMACS="t", so you can now configure Emacs/W3
from within an emacs shell buffer.
1997-10-13 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-toolbar.el (w3-toolbar-make-buttons): Default to using text only
buttons if w3-toolbar-icon-directory doesn't exist (or is nil if
locate-data-directory fails)
1997-10-04 SL Baur <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Use `locate-data-directory' if
it exists.
* lisp/w3-toolbar.el (w3-toolbar-make-buttons): Use `locate-data-directory'
if it exists.
1997-10-03 William M. Perry <>
* texi/ (install): Ignore errors from the installinfo stage.
1997-10-02 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el: Added autoload for w3-version
* texi/ (install): Don't global when doing install-info
1997-09-30 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-map-links): Use the exposed widget-map-buttons function,
since XEmacs no longer uses overlays for its internal representation of
1997-09-29 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-news.el (url-news-version-too-old): Deal with quassia gnus
1997-09-25 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-news.el (url-format-news): Use 'gnus-article-display-hook
instead of manually calling gnus-article-hide-headers
(url-format-news): Also bind gnus-article-current, because some hooks
might need to use it.
1997-09-22 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/url-ns.el (url-ns-prefs): Can now parse a netscape preferences.js
file and query items out of it.
1997-09-19 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.105 released
* Removed the custom and widget libraries from the distribution.
*, aclocal.m4: Lots of changes and additional macros for
detecting features in Emacs Lisp. New way of detecting acceptable
widget/custom combinations, and warnings about where to go to get the
newest version.
1997-09-16 William M. Perry <>
* Updated to Widget/Custom 1.9958
1997-09-16 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el, lisp/w3.el: Better frame navigation -- 'q','l', etc
should now back up by framesets, not just by single buffers.
Sat Sep 13 16:26:47 1997 Istvan Marko <>
* lisp/w3-mouse.el (w3-follow-inlined-image): Fixed
Thu Sep 11 15:17:27 1997 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el: Go back to creating the 'nil' face all the time,
even in Emacs - otherwise ps-print chokes.
1997-09-10 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Latest Emacs 20.x has renamed the
sera-to-fidel-marker function to ethio-sera-to-fidel-marker, so we were
losing on ethiopic texts.
1997-09-05 William M. Perry <>
* Now includes the 'contrib' directory in distributions.
* aclocal.m4: Fixed custom detection - would sometimes set CUSTOM to the
directory, sometimes to the filename... ick.
* (dotemacs): Tweaked the install of autoloads into .emacs file
* lisp/font.el (font-normalize-color): Ditto
* lisp/url.el (url-setup-privacy-info): Ditto
* lisp/devices.el: Everything now recognizes 'w32' as an alias for the
'win32' device type. This is for Emacs 20.x compatibility, which will
have this change.
1997-09-04 William M. Perry <>
* Updated to Widget/Custom 1.9956
1997-08-25 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-document-information): Fixed bug with empty 'meta' links.
1997-08-20 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-menu.el ((fboundp 'id-menubar-set)): Avoid fset'ing
id-menubar-set - it was confusing oobr
1997-08-19 William M. Perry <>
* New file w3-imenu.el from T.V. Raman <>
1997-08-15 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.102 released
* lisp/ Fix for some buggy makes that didn't like my very long
substitutions on the SOURCES macro.
1997-08-14 Roland McGrath <>
* lisp/md5.el (md5): protect kill-buffer from getting already dead buffers
by using 'buffer-name'
1997-08-12 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-display-nil-face): Don't make the 'nil' face
under Emacs 19.
* lisp/wid-edit.el (widget-before-change): Allow inhbit-read-only to
override the before-change checks for if we are at a widget or not.
* lisp/cus-face.el: Path to make cus-face.el play nice with
emacs 19 without X support.
* lisp/w3-e19.el (w3-mode-version-specifics): Dont' do read-only
1997-08-10 Thierry Emery <>
* lisp/w3-display.el: Patch for frames on TTY devices.
1997-08-08 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-table-ascii-border-chars): Back to more
rectangular ascii art for table borders.
* lisp/socks.el (socks-find-route): Allow negation of regexps by
prepending a ! to them for a 'proxy if they match' type rule. The whole
configuration of this module needs to change.
1997-08-08 Istvan Marko <>
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-proxy): Fix for all proxy access.
1997-08-08 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-display.el: Fixed compilation problems under Emacs 20.x that had
to do with char tables and such.
* lisp/w3-e20.el (w3-e20): Added provide statement for this file - duh.
1997-08-07 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.98 released
* Synch'd up to custom 1.9954
Thu Aug 7 08:16:Denys Duchier <>
* lisp/w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): Use
buffer-substring-no-properties for w3-widget-echo to avoid spurious
'attempt to change text outside editable field' errors. Is this needed
with the new custom? Doubtful, but its still a good idea. (wmp)
Fri Aug 1 06:00:02 1997 Thierry Emery <>
* w3-display.el: take into account hierarchical framesets in a same page
and discards useless "*" values for cols or rows.
Sun Jul 27 18:43:41 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Added --with-lispdir configure option.
* lisp/url-misc.el (url-proxy): Strip out "#foo" anchors in proxy requests
* Fixed guessing of .emacs location to work in shells where
~/ is not expanded.
1997-07-26 SL Baur <>
* mm.el (mm-extension-to-mime): Use `eq' for character comparison.
Sun Jun 29 22:26:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3-emulate.el: Make sure we call widget-button-press not w3-follow-link
* New --enable-site-install option to control whether init
code goes in user's .emacs file or default.el
* (dotemacs): New target for modifying the user's .emacs file
or the sitewide default init.
(html): New target for building html versions of the manuals.
Fri Jun 27 21:08:24 1997 William M. Perry <>
* texi/ (%.html): Added targets for making HTML versions of the
info files.
1997-06-27 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el: In non-XEmacs, the version-specific stuff is loaded from
(format "w3-e%d" emacs-major-version), in case we need to do anything
special for Emacs 20.x with Mule support.
* Only use one conditionalization variable - w3-running-xemacs
1997-06-26 William M. Perry <>
* Make sure we recursively make usin $(MAKE), not
vanilla 'make'.
* lisp/w3.el (w3-insert-formatted-url): Works again, forgot to update it
to use the new widget properties.
(w3-maybe-follow-link): Ditto.
(w3-view-this-url): Ditto.
(w3-follow-link): Ditto.
(w3-complete-link): Ditto.
Wed Jun 25 07:29:46 1997 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Added more directories to the
stylesheet search path.
* Emacs/W3 3.0.92 released
* Moved lisp stuff into its own subdirectory, integrated into configure,
make, and install procedures.
* (Makefile): Ditto
* texi/ Automatically rebuilds out-of-date Makefiles
* Make sure we create texi/Makefile
* w3-display.el (w3-table-ascii-border-chars): Slightly nicer rounded
edges for ascii borders on tables.
Tue Jun 24 14:35:05 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.91 Released
* Moved texinfo stuff into its own subdirectory, integrated into
configure, make, and install procedures.
* url-file.el: Visiting directories with an index file works in asynch
mode now.
* docomp.el (cl): Load cl during builds
* w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Added more directories to the
stylesheet search path.
(w3-do-setup): Make sure we don't infinitely recurse if we are using
html bookmarks. w3-parse-hotlist could call w3-parse-buffer, which will
call w3-do-setup if we don't set our global flag as 't'.
* (SOURCES): Some reordering to make the stupid thing at least
compile with Emacs 19.
Tue Jun 24 11:44:59 1997 Per Abrahamsen <>
* w3.el (w3-mode): Avoid calling the global bindings for RET and mouse-2.
1997-06-24 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'd up to custom/widget 1.9936
* Emacs/W3 3.0.90 released
* Moved the documentation into its own subdirectory
* w3-menu.el: Slightly less complete version of id-menubar-set when not in
InfoDock - was causing lots of errors in XEmacs when trying to run a
non-existent hook. Bleah.
* Fixed AC_CHECK_PROG for emacs/xemacs - duh.
* aclocal.m4: Don't check custom sanity if it was specified on the
configure line
1997-06-23 William M. Perry <>
* url-file.el (url-file): Make sure we set the content-type when loading
files. Was screwed when we were asynch.
* Upped planned release # to 4.0
* Emacs/W3 3.0.89 released.
* Fixed --with-x*emacs switches.
* Emacs/W3 3.0.88 aborted.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): deal with empty selections
* Now uses autoconf to deal with all configuration issues, including
sanity checking the installation of the custom and widget libraries.
Mon Jun 23 17:08:55 1997 Per Abrahamsen <>
* w3.el (w3-mode): Don't call `widget-minor-mode'.
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Use `make-sparse-keymap'.
Use `widget-keymap' as parent.
(wid-edit): require.
Mon Jun 23 07:09:51 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Make sure we always have a newline at the
end of the buffer before starting the parse.
Fri Jun 20 11:23:28 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'd up to Widget 1.9929
* w3-mouse.el: Deal with InfoDock button bindings - we don't need to bind
_anything_ since hyperbole knows all about hyperlinks and stuff.
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-install-menubar): Deal with InfoDock way of
specifying mode menubars.
* w3-toolbar.el (w3-add-toolbar-to-buffer): Don't install the toolbar
under InfoDock - it uses different toolbars than straight XEmacs.
* w3-mouse.el: Don't bind shift-button2 - this is reserved for hyperbole.
This is now on meta.
1997-06-19 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-map-links): Deal with new keywords.
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-links-constructor): Deal with new keywords on
(w3-popup-menu): Ditto.
* w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): Deal with new keywords we use on widgets.
(w3-follow-hyperlink): Ditto.
(w3-balloon-help-callback): Ditto.
(w3-maybe-start-image-download): Ditto.
(w3-handle-image): Use new keywords.
(w3-display-convert-arglist): New function to convert an assoc list into
a property list with real CL-style keywords.
(w3-display-node): Use it when building a hyperlink.
(w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): Now uses widget-convert-text instead of nasty
knowledge of internals of the widget library.
Tue Jun 17 21:45:06 1997 William M. Perry <>
* custom-check: Was misusing 'tr'
Sun Jun 15 22:17:01 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'd up to custom 1.9920
Sat Jun 14 15:37:09 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'd up to custom 1.9918 - now distribute all of custom, just to be
* w3-display.el (w3-display-line-break): Ebola vaccination
(w3-maybe-start-background-image-download): Don't try to load background
images in Emacs 19 or on a TTY.
(w3-display-node): Keep track of the active face of a hyperlink. Need
to make the widget library smarter about this.
Fri Jun 13 22:16:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Some stupid sites put meta tags in the middle of their
documents. Sigh. Allow it, but bitch and moan.
* Added custom library to the distribution.
1997-06-11 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el : Allow <meta> tags in %body.content for stupid
* Emacs/W3 3.0.87 released.
* Synched up to Widget 1.9907 - you must be running this version for most
things to work. Make sure you are not picking up a widget library from
gnus or something like that before the one in the w3 directory.
* w3-display.el (w3-maybe-start-background-image-download): New function
that takes a URL and a face and does its best to set the background
pixmap of that face to the image pointed to by the URL.
(w3-display-node): Implemented 'background' property on 'body' or 'html'
(w3-finalize-image-download): Changed a fair bit - shared between normal
image downloads and background image downloads.
(w3-display-node): w3-user-colors-take-precedence now controls whether
background faces are retrieved or not.
(w3-face-for-element): Stylesheets use of background-image should almost
work now.
(w3-display-node): Stylesheets use of background-image should work
completely now.
Tue Jun 10 07:24:09 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-only-links): This will now use w3-map-links
(w3-mode): Dont' set inhibit-read-only, ever.
(w3-mode): back to using widget-minor-mode, since inheriting the keymap
doesn't seem to do much good.
* w3-vars.el: Don't bind anything to widget-button-press, let
widget-minor-mode do that.
* w3.el (w3-map-links): Revamped this to work with the new way widget is
using overlays instead of text properties.
(w3-mode): Use widget-minor-mode instead of binding a lot of
navigational commands ourselves.
* w3-display.el: Make sure we don't try to redefine the w3-dingbats
character set when loading this file more than once.
(w3-display-node): Rearranged some of the insert-before handling so that
any text inserted does _not_ have the properties of the tag on it
(colors on hyperlinks won't bleed anymore)
(w3-resurrect-hyperlinks): New semi-working way of resurrecting
Mon Jun 9 22:53:14 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Protect against stylesheet specified
widths on horizontal rules.
Mon Jun 9 22:42:26 1997 Istvan Marko <>
* w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-apropos): Let this work when reuse-buffers != no
Mon Jun 9 22:35:04 1997 Dieter Maurer <>
* mm.el (mm-decode-quoted-printable): Fix for some multipart attachments
showing up empty due to badness in mm-decode-quoted-printable and
'ignore' not moving to the end of the region just decoded.
Mon Jun 9 22:35:04 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Call w3-do-setup to make sure our
hashtables and things are set up correctly or gnus can choke big time.
Mon Jun 9 22:26:29 1997 Michael Ernst <>
* url.el (url-get-url-filename-chars): Fixed problem with bad use of a
hyphen in the regexp. Would cause problems when invoking
url-get-url-at-point when point was in front of a hyphen.
1997-05-28 William M. Perry <>
* w3-cus.el: Use a :prefix on most of the groups to make the options look
Thu May 15 05:06:30 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: removed bogus definition of buffer-substring-no-properties
- will now use the more correct one that was already there.
* w3-display.el (w3-pause): Now has its own mini-event loop to pass off
scrolling commands, etc. Keeps buffer position constant while doing
incremental display.
Mon May 12 08:13:27 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-view-this-url): Check the parent widget for an href if you
don't find one right away. This means that all commands that act on the
URL at point will now work on image widgets, etc. that are hyperlinks.
Sat May 10 14:37:25 1997 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-parse): Deal better with newline-challenged stylesheets
(css-parse): Don't be so aggressive in finding block data for @xyzzy
* mm.el (mm-viewer-passes-test): Always run the tests in the users home
* w3-mouse.el: Use down-mouse-N in Emacs 19, to be more consistent with
how the XEmacs keybindings work.
Fri May 9 11:32:46 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-document-information): some formatting changes
Thu May 8 14:06:40 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.86 released
* mule-sysdp.el (mule-code-convert-region): Try to deal gracefully with
the recent XEmacs 20.0 -> 20.2 renaming of the autodetect coding system
to automatic-conversion
* w3-sysdp.el (event-point): New stub.
* url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): Don't use the 'warn'
facility for bad cookie 'set' commands, was too annoying.
* w3.el (w3-save-as): Make sure to require ps-print before trying to
save/mail a document as postscript. The local binding of
ps-spool-buffer-name was causing the defvar not to happen, and you would
get errors when trying to kill emacs later. Ugh.
(w3-document-information): Make sure to escape entities for meta and
other info we throw in.
* url-file.el (url-file): ftp/file retrieval can now be asynchronous
through the magic of [ange-ftp|efs]-copy-file-internal
* url.el (url-sentinel): Allow a buffer as the first argument to
the sentinel function.
(url-retrieve-internally): Allow asynch ftp transfers
* url-file.el (url-file): Asynchronous ftp downloads work now.
* w3.el (w3-download-url): Made this function interactive.
Mon Apr 28 13:31:36 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-download-url-at-point): new function to download document
under point.
(w3-download-this-url): new function to download current document.
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Added 'D' and 'd' bindings for starting
document downloads.
Thu Apr 24 08:29:34 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.85 released
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table-dimensions): Deal with
colgroup/thead/tfoot/col better. Before was ignoring the rest of the
table. ack.
(w3-display-table): ditto
* w3-prefs.el (w3-preferences-restore-variables): Slap things into
custom-land where they belong.
* A few customization tweaks.
Wed Apr 23 21:44:59 1997 <>
* w3-e19.el (w3-store-in-clipboard): Make this work under OS/2
Tue Apr 22 07:23:51 1997 William M. Perry <>
* devices.el: Removed defsubsts so that we should be able to share .elc
files again between emacs and XEmacs.
* font.el: Added in code to make a face blink. Causes lots of screen
flicker under Emacs 19 though, so it is turned off by default. Turn it
on with ESC-: (font-blink-initialize) - should be able to optimize when
the callback actually does anything based on what fonts are visible in
the visible buffers.
(font-face-visible-in-window-p): New function to tell if a face is
visible in a buffer window.
(font-map-windows): New function to map a function over all visible
(font-blink-callback): Use them to optimize so that invert-face is not
called unless absolutely necessary.
Mon Apr 21 08:58:02 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Added in compile-time require of w3-props so that pages with
backgrounds don't puke and die.
* w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Don't load a user's personal
stylesheet if we started up in '-q' mode.
* Emacs/W3 3.0.84 released
* w3-display.el: When using XEmacs 20.x w/mule support, we now define our
own special character set. This means that the table border chars work
again in XEmacs/mule
* devices.el: Added magic to not optimize this file under XEmacs - its not
actually used, so no damage. It wouldn't compile under XEmacs because
it has subrs for all these, and our declaring them as defsubsts
thoroughly confuses the byte-compiler.
Sun Apr 20 12:19:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Moved device stuf out into its own devices.el file so that
it can be correctly byte-compiled.
Ditto for the text properties stuff (into w3-props.el)
Fri Apr 18 13:09:31 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.83 released
* Synch'd up to Widget 1.89
Thu Apr 17 06:20:56 1997 "T. V. Raman" <raman@Adobe.COM>
* default.css (pre/xmp/plaintext/key/code/tt): Changes to default
stylesheet for spoken output of normally `monospaced' text.
Tue Apr 15 16:28:11 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-find-specific-link): Don't signal an error in a target anchor
(#foo) is not found.
Tue Apr 15 08:22:37 1997 John Palmieri <>
* w3.el (w3-complete-link): protect against errors when hitting return
when point isn't on a link
Mon Apr 14 16:18:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* mm.el (mm-parse-mailcaps): Moved ~/.mailcap to the front of the list so
that it gets parsed last, and has the highest priority.
Sun Apr 13 20:28:30 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-complete-link): now correctly defaults to following the link
at point.
Sat Apr 12 19:35:26 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-speak.el: use widget-at instead of emacspeak-widget-at
Fri Apr 11 07:39:26 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-edit-menu): Addded a preferences submenu with all
the W3 & URL customization items underneat it.
* css.el (css-split-font-shorthand): Handle bad lists better
* Emacs/W3 3.0.82 released
* Synch'd up with Widget 1.78
* w3-display.el (w3-get-face-info): Don't look for face attributes on tags
unless w3-user-colors-take-precedence is nil
(w3-display-node): Don't honor face attributes on <body> tag unless
w3-user-colors-take-precedence is nil
* url-vars.el: Modified a few customizations to make them prettier
* url-cache.el (url-cache-creation-function): Modified customization
Fri Apr 11 07:03:20 1997 Hrvoje Niksic <>
* url-cache.el, url-gw.el, url-cookie.el, url-irc.el, url-vars.el, url.el:
All URL related variables are now customizable.
Wed Apr 9 16:46:52 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.81 released
* w3-xemac.el (w3-text-pixel-width): And a XEmacs specific version of it.
* w3-e19.el (w3-text-pixel-width): New function to return the pixel width
of a piece of text.
* url.el (url-handle-no-scheme): Use it.
* url-vars.el (url-handle-no-scheme-hook): New hook that should expand a
partial url like 'gnu' to a full URL, like ''.
* w3-sysdp.el (run-hook-with-args-until-success): Added a stub for
Tue Apr 8 12:20:39 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-auto.el: Added autoloads for all the functions in url-ns for proxy
functions, and url-mail
* url-ns.el (isPlainHostName): Fixed isPlainHostName
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): now throws up a bad style warning for
images without ALT attributes.
* mm.el (mm-parse-mailcaps): Reverse the ':|;' separated path for MAILCAPS
so that earlier items take precedence, like standard unix PATH-like
variables do.
(mm-parse-mimetypes): Ditto for MIMETYPES
Mon Apr 7 06:23:11 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.80 released
* w3-parse.el: Some more transitions - don't imply <p> after some form
* url-misc.el (url-finger): Ditto
* url-http.el (url-http): Ditto
* url-gopher.el (url-gopher-retrieve): Put in a process-sentinel of
'ignore so that stupid 'process xxx exited with code nnn' messages are
not shown.
* url.el (url-sentinel): Ditto
* w3.el (w3-sentinel): remove call to url-clean-text - no longer needed
Mon Apr 7 02:57:19 1997 Greg Stark <>
* url.el (url-sentinel): once and for all eliminate the "first character
goes to wrong buffer" bug through brute force by setting the current
buffer to the buffer of the selected window at the end of a sentinel.
* w3.el (w3-viewer-sentinel): ditto
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): set tab-order to -1 on the
choice-items of client-side imagemaps to avoid having tab stop on them
three times, (it still stops on them twice)
* Makefile: add "make fast" rule to not run a bazillion emacsen
* FAQ: typos
* docomp.el: try setting byte-compile-dynamic to t to reduce memory usage
Fri Apr 4 06:23:31 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-file.el (url-format-directory): Use insert-file-contents instead of
-literally, so that ftp index files will work.
* w3-emulate.el: lots of new commands to spoof the user-agent string. See
turn-[on|off]-[lynx|netscape|ie|arena]-masquerade-mode functions.
Thu Apr 3 07:22:27 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.79 released
* w3-parse.el: Put in <p> as part of the content-model of <ul/ol> so that
<p> at the front of a list doesn't cause a bogus list item to be shown.
* url-http.el (url-parse-mime-headers): Make proxy authentication sort of
work again.
* w3-display.el (w3-setup-terminal-chars): Check to see whether face is
actually different before trying to set its font to a terminal one.
* url.el (url-buffer-visiting): Better matching of URLs - it was taking
the target into account - bad bad bad.
Wed Apr 2 18:05:11 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-add-element): New way to do hidden form
fields that retains the order information - damned idiots out there rely
on ordering. !#%!@
* w3.el (w3-fetch): Put some of the logic about _blank/_top frame targets
into w3-fetch
* w3-display.el (w3-get-all-face-info): Added in support for the 'face'
attribute to specify font-family
Wed Apr 2 13:08:36 1997 Frederic Lepied <>
* w3-print.el (w3-print-this-url): Need to run LaTeX to get the indices
Tue Apr 1 11:20:54 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.78 released
* css.el (css-color-light-p): New function
(css-active-device-types): Use it to add a 'dark' or 'light' property to
the active device types as necessary
Mon Mar 31 09:07:13 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: More error transitions for tables (push tr before td/th
just after a table)
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Use it for body/html attribute handling
(w3-fix-color): New function to make sure we don't pass hex values without
"#" in front of them.
Sun Mar 30 15:00:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Now honors alink/vlink/link attributes
on the body tag.
(w3-fixup-eol-faces): Fixed nuking of faces at end of line to deal with
bad underlining behaviour of Emacs 19.
Sun Mar 30 14:28:32 1997 Greg Stark <>
* w3-e19.el (w3-mode-version-specifics): Fixed buffer read-only errors
when trying to set a background face.
Fri Mar 28 10:41:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs/W3 3.0.77 released
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Face properties specified on the
'table' element now propogate to table cells correctly.
Fri Mar 28 07:53:48 1997 Greg Stark <>
* w3-forms.el: Make sure we set the button-face on all widgets
Fri Mar 28 07:53:48 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-frames): Use make-frame, not make-frame-command, so it
will work on XEmacs.
* w3-e19.el (w3-mode-version-specifics): Now honors background/foreground
color requests in Emacs19 by coloring in the whole buffer. Oh how I
wish Emacs 19 had buffer-local faces.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Tables now look better under Emacs 19
Thu Mar 27 08:05:34 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (font-x-registry-and-encoding-regexp): got rid of compile
warning under Emacs 19
* w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-list-type): manually remove faces on
bullet/list items
(w3-display-node): We were being a bit rude to inhibit-read-only -
sometimes would leave it 't', which is bad bad bad, some might even say
pure evil.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.76 released
* Synch'd up to Widget 1.68
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Handles 'text' attribute correctly now
to set the default foreground when requested.
* mm.el (mm-play-sound-file): Fixed it for new mule stuff
* url-gw.el (url-gateway-nslookup-host): Added autoload for
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Expand each line of a table cell out
to the border, so that we get nicely colors backgrounds for table cells
* font.el (font-x-registry-and-encoding-regexp): New variable to match the
registry and encoding of a font name under X
(x-font-create-object): Use it to set the default registry and encoding
for font objects we create from font names.
(x-font-create-name): Grab the registry and encoding from the default
object for this device before defaulting back to '*'
* w3-display.el (w3-setup-terminal-chars): Explicitly specify wildcard
registry and encoding for the table-hack-x-face, to deal with changes in
the font library.
Wed Mar 26 06:23:51 1997 William M. Perry <>
* custom-check: Should work better now, and spit out better instructions
for rebuilding correctly.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.75 released
* url.el (url-clean-text): Better matching of bogus process exited
* font.el (font-rgb-color-p): No longer match "^#xxyyzz" as an rgb-color,
this screwed up bigtime in font-color-rgb-components.
(font-set-face-foreground): Do the test here instead.
(font-set-face-background): and here.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): For client side imagemaps,
make sure case-fold-search or :ignore-case is specified.
* url-gw.el (url-gateway-nslookup-program): Default to using 'nslookup' as
Tue Mar 25 16:06:28 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.74 released
Tue Mar 25 15:31:56 1997 Greg Stark <>
* url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): don't deal with #!%@ed
microsoft web site cookies - they break good, clean, wholesome sites
like yahoo's stock pages.
* ssl.el (ssl-program-arguments): Make sure everything gets turned into a
string, not an integer.
(open-ssl-stream): use a pipe instead of a pty if possible (why?)
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Added back in <keygen> support
* w3.el (w3-notify-when-ready): protect against bad buffer switching
(minibuffer as active window lossage, etc)
* w3-toolbar.el (w3-toolbar-make-buttons): Don't warn about toolbar
directory on Emacsen that can't do toolbars!
Tue Mar 25 15:31:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.73 released
* w3-display.el (w3-get-face-info): Allow passing in a second argument
that means 'check this attribute of the html tag if you don't find
something in the stylesheet'. This automatically enables <font color>
and <table|td|tr bgcolor>.
Tue Mar 25 06:45:02 1997 T. V. Raman <raman@Adobe.COM>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-keymap): patch to avoid lossage with emacspeak &
using terminal.el
Tue Mar 25 06:45:02 1997 William M. Perry <>
* ssl.el (ssl-program-arguments): Removed -quiet switch, since it requires
patches to s_client
Mon Mar 24 10:56:11 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.72 released
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Better handling of body and html style
attributes in XEmacs
* w3.el (w3-mode): Removed call to kill-all-local-variables, as it
nukes buffer-local faces as well.
* css.el (css-expand-length): Don't choke and use the wrong damn thing to
base percentages off of on percentage heights (ie: font-size: 80%)
Mon Mar 24 07:12:52 1997 Gerry S Hayes <sumner@CMU.EDU>
* url-gw.el (url-open-telnet): Fixed stupid typo into-to-string ->
(url-open-rlogin): Ditto.
Sun Mar 23 09:43:24 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-table-ascii-border-chars): Use a '+' in the ascii art
version of table borders.
Sat Mar 22 00:45:34 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-use-menus): Customized this variable
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Don't run multiline text area's default
value through w3-normalize-spaces
Thu Mar 20 23:44:50 1997 Greg Stark <>
* w3-cus.el (w3-use-terminal-characters): New variable
(w3-use-terminal-characters-on-tty): New variable
(w3-use-terminal-glyphs): New variable
(w3-horizontal-rule-char): Make setting it to nil allow use of graphic
characters (also means people can avoid using graphic charactes for
horizontal rules if they wish)
* w3-display.el (w3-handle-image): clean up whitespace in alt tags
(w3-table-glyph-border-chars): New variable
(w3-table-graphic-border-chars): New variable
(w3-terminal-properties): New variable
(w3-insert-terminal-char): New inline function
(w3-horizontal-rule-char): New inline function
(w3-setup-terminal-chars): Set up all of these and make using graphic
characters work on XEmacs using text properties (and optionally use text
properties on Emacs too).
(w3-table-hack-borders): Remove, obsoleted by w3-setup-terminal-chars
(w3-table-unhack-borders): don't have to fiddle with
w3-horizontal-rule-char any more.
(w3-display-table): Use w3-insert-terminal-char
(w3-size-of-tree): Use w3-horizontal-rule-char
(w3-display-node): Use w3-horizontal-rule-char, w3-insert-terminal-char,
uhm, i'm not sure if it was correct to remove the handle-content
* w3-forms.el (w3-fixup-eol-faces): try to remove mouse-face from end-of-lines as
well, uhm, this doesn't seem to work though.
(w3-form-determine-size): add keygen
(w3-form-encode-helper): add keygen support for the day when the ssl code
itself is released.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): use 'item widgets instead of
'push-button widgets and specify the format ourselves so we don't get
widget.el's arbitrary formatting.
* w3.el (w3-do-setup): call w3-setup-terminal-chars to make nice tables and
horizontal rules the default at least under X.
* mm.el added x-x509-ca-cert and x-x509-user-cert viewers but the tests
will fail so no one should should see this change until i release the
Fri Mar 21 18:52:31 1997 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-expand-length): Better support for percentage values in
Thu Mar 20 06:22:29 1997 Istvan Marko <>
* Added slot for no_proxy settings under the preferences panel
Thu Mar 20 06:22:29 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.71 released
* w3-parse.el:Added more transitions for error handling of raw 'td' or
'th' outside of a 'tr' in tablebody.
* url.el (url-default-callback): asynch downloads should now be cached
* w3-script.el (w3-do-scripting): Customized, turned off by default
Wed Mar 19 20:53:23 1997 Steven L Baur <>
* Makefile (xemacs-w3): Special target for XEmacs Build.
Wed Mar 19 05:56:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (x-font-families-for-device): Just in case
font-default-family-for-device fails under Emacs/NT, return "monospace"
at the front of the list.
* url-vars.el (url-privacy-level): Now defaults to not sending your email
address in HTTP requests.
Tue Mar 18 13:09:13 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): Fixed variable typos -
doh. Today just hasn't been my day.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.70 released
* We now pass all tests on the forms tester page
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Better handling of <select multiple>
and <select> in general.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-xwfu): Encode : and / in xwfu, since the
form tester expects it.
* url-cookie.el (url-cookie-trusted-urls): New variable - list of regexps
of URLs that you will accept cookies from without question.
(url-cookie-untrusted-urls): New variable - list of regexps of URLs that
you will _never_ accept cookies from.
(url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): Use them
(url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): When asking whether to allow a site to
set a cookie, show the cookies they are wanting to set.
Tue Mar 18 06:47:46 1997 Thierry Emery <>
* w3-display.el: Latest round of patches for <frames> support.
* w3-cus.el (w3-display-frames): can now have 4 values.
nil no frame display whatsoever (currently the default)
'as-links display frame hyperlinks, but do not fetch them
'ask display frame hyperlinks and ask whether to fetch them
t display frame hyperlinks and fetch them
Tue Mar 18 06:47:46 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Duh, don't do `=' comparison on results
of char-after, since it is nil at the end of the buffer.
Mon Mar 17 08:44:46 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.69 released
* w3-sysdp.el (buffer-substring-no-properties): Added stub
* url-gopher.el (url-gopher-retrieve): Ditto.
* url.el: Ditto
* w3-parse.el: Removed all sorts of fun (following-char) commands that can
cause ebola warnings under XEmacs 20.x
* w3.el (w3-popup-info): Default to the URL under point instead of the
documents URL
* w3-auto.el: updated autoloads - made sure everything was interactive if
* w3-menu.el (w3-popup-menu): If w3-popup-menu-on-mouse-3 is nil, call
whatever button3 is bound to in global-map
* w3-display.el: Added XEmacs version of frame-char-height and
(w3-frames): If w3-display-frames is non-nil, then do a refresh with it
bound locally, so everything should just work.
* url.el (url-do-setup): Global history file now defaults to ~/.w3/history
(url-do-setup): Cookie storage now defaults to ~/.w3/cookies
Mon Mar 17 06:51:07 1997 Paul Stodghill <stodghil@CS.Cornell.EDU>
* mm.el (mm-temporary-directory): Initialize variable from TMPDIR
environment variable
Fri Mar 14 13:35:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-custom): Fixed the 'custom' input type for
new filenames in the widget/custom package.
* ssl.el (ssl-certificate-verification-depth): New variable to control how
far up a cert chain to look.
(ssl-view-certificate-program-name): New variable.
(ssl-view-certificate-program-arguments): New variable.
(ssl-certificate-directory-style): New variable.
(ssl-rehash-program-name): New variable.
(ssl-certificate-directory): New variable.
(ssl-program-arguments): Use some of them.
(ssl-accept-ca-certificate): Use the rest.
* css.el (css-parse-args): Removed old code that could cause infinite loop
in stylesheet parsing on bad things like "foo=bar" instead of "foo:bar"
* w3-cus.el: Added better groupings for the customization stuff.
Thu Mar 13 19:54:50 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.68 released
* w3-cus.el: Added customization support for Emacs-W3
* w3.el (w3-mail-current-document): Use url-mail-command instead of
Thu Mar 13 11:41:42 1997 Greg Stark <>
* w3-prefs.el: Implemented privacy panel
Wed Mar 12 10:25:38 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-e19.el (w3-mode-version-specifics): Use the nasty crufty
buffer-access-fontify-functions to make sure that we never yank
read-only text out of the Emacs-W3 buffer.
* Synch'd up to Widget 1.62
Wed Mar 12 06:36:41 1997 Paul Stodghill <stodghil@CS.Cornell.EDU>
* base64.el (base64-decode-region): Fixed typo in calling
Tue Mar 11 07:03:48 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-auto.el (w3-use-hotlist): Made autoload interactive
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): Was a little too aggressive
about when to apply the -1 :tab-order property. Now only images that
are not hyperlinks or imagemaps will not be tabbed to.
* w3-prefs.el (w3-preferences-init-proxy-panel): Updated preferences panel
for new format of url-proxy-services
* w3-vars.el (w3-hyperlink-menu): Fixed problem with calling wrong
bookmark function - would create a bookmark to the current document, not
the document under the mouse.
(w3-popup-menu): Added a few menu itmes (reload, show images, add bookmark)
* w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-add-document-at-point): Extract the title
correctly for the new widget implementation of hyperlinks.
Mon Mar 10 06:31:48 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-options-menu): Fixed problem with XEmacs when
building without toolbars - would insert nil in the menu in a very wrong
* font.el (font-normalize-color): Under win32, make sure we define the
color before we try to use it, since Emacs doesn't support raw #RRGGBB
color specifications yet.
(font-rgb-color-p): make all #RRGGBB color specs go through
* Emacs-W3 3.0.67 released
Mon Mar 10 1997 Dave Love <>
* w3.el (w3-do-setup): Make configuration file loading contingent
on init-file-user (i.e. suppressed with -q).
Sun Mar 9 13:09:38 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): Set :tab-order to -1 so the
latest widget library won't tab to image widgets.
* w3.el (w3-mode): Make sure w3-mode-hook is run last, so that people can
turn off truncate-lines if they want.
* ssl.el (open-ssl-stream): ssl-program-arguments is now dynamically
evaluated, similar to ps-lpr-switches. The special symbols 'host' and
'port' are available, and bound to the hostname and port#/service we are
about to connect to.
* w3-display.el (w3-finish-drawing): Remove all read-only properties on
* url-cache.el (url-cache-expired): fixed standalone mode
Sat Mar 8 09:13:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.66 released.
* url-cache.el (url-cache-prepare): Threw a condition-case around the
make-directory call, just in case we can't create the file for some
reason. Also fixed bug where the file wouldn't be cached until the
second time you visited it.
* url.el (url-retrieve-internally): Deal with https asynch
* w3-xemac.el (w3-mode-version-specifics): Don't try to add the toolbar if
device-type == 'stream.
* w3-vars.el (w3-temporary-directory): Ditto.
* url-vars.el (url-temporary-directory): Initialize from TMPDIR
environment variable.
* w3.el (w3-start-viewer): Ditto.
* md5.el (md5): Ditto.
* mm.el (mm-compose-type): Don't use hardcoded /bin/sh and -c - use
shell-file-name and shell-command-switch
(mm-viewer-passes-test): ditto.
* w3-sysdp.el: Better device-* functions for Emacs-19 under win32 and OS/2
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Better handling for <noframes> support.
Fri Mar 7 06:13:20 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-script.el (w3-script-evaluate-form): protect against bad input during
the read-from-string when parsing emacs-lisp scripts.
* w3-auto.el (w3-preferences-edit): Make the autoload for this be
interactive so that the user can actually find it!
* Emacs-W3 3.0.65 released.
* w3.el (w3-document-information): Better handling of last-modified
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-image): Try to use the value of an
image-input area as the label for the widget we create.
* w3-elisp.el (w3-elisp-safe-eval): Throw a condition-case() around the
eval to catch bad forms, etc.
* w3-script.el (w3-script-evaluate-form): Don't signal an error on unknown
scripting languages, just show a warning.
Thu Mar 6 08:24:49 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-complete-link): Protect against malformed widgets (null :from
or :to). Is this from delayed image widgets?
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Changed binding of M-s to w3-save-as instead
of w3-search - does anybody use that instead of the forms interface?
* w3.el (w3-document-information): Show document size
* css.el (css-parse): Removed warning about old-style stuff for
device-dependent styles - was too annoying. Need to just remove this
support totally for the 3.0 release.
* w3.el (w3-internal-handle-preview): When previewing a buffer, remove all
text properties from the document source before doing anything.
(w3-mail-current-document): Bind case-fold-search when looking for where
to insert the <base> tag.
(w3-loaded-stylesheets): New variable to keep track of what stylesheets
were loaded at startup.
* url-cache.el (url-cache-create-filename-human-readable): New function to
create cached filenames using the old method, that was slightly more
human readable.
Wed Mar 5 15:38:00 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.64 released
* w3-parse.el: OH god, finally got raw text inside a <tr> to push a <td>
onto the parse tree. got raw text inside a <table> to push a <tr>
onto the parse tee.
* w3-widget.el: Support 'target' in img widgets
Tue Mar 4 07:55:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Support 'seqnum' attribute
* w3.el (w3-mail-document-author): Fixed for new 'link' representation
(w3-document-information): If a document has a 'Last modified: blah' line,
use it as the last modified information as a last resort.
* Synch'ed up with widget 1.50
* w3-forms.el: Try to play nice with old and new versions of
Tue Mar 4 06:23:41 1997 Michael Ernst <>
* url.el (url-get-url-at-point): If a possible URL starts with www., slap
on 'http://', as someone probably just forgot it.
Tue Mar 4 06:23:41 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-prefs.el (w3-preferences-hooks-variables): Removed some old variables.
(w3-preferences-edit): The preferences panel actually works again. No
longer tries to use an imagemap - a dropdown is good enough dammit.
* w3-vars.el: Removed some old variables
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): For <a> tags, do not embed a widget in
the buffer unless it actually has an 'href' attribute. This helps a
_lot_ with <a name="blah">...</a> constructs.
Tue Mar 4 06:18:06 1997 Toby Speight <>
* w3.el (w3-mail-current-document): Allow TM (if it's in use) to choose
the appropriate Transfer-Encoding of a mailed document.
(w3-mail-current-document): Try real hard to put <base> where it belongs
(in the <head>, if that is not found, then just after <html>, otherwise
just at the beginning of the document)
Mon Mar 3 07:10:11 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.63 released
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-field-label): Labels are now reimplemented for form
* w3-display.el (w3-parse-link): Now honors the old variable
w3-honor-stylesheets, which hadn't made it back onto the reimplemented
features list yet.
* font.el: Added quite a few autoloads. Package no longer overwrites the
set-face-* functions, as this was deemed evil in the extreme.
* w3-display.el (w3-face-for-element): Use the font-set-face-* functions
instead of the raw set-face-* functions.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-inaudible-p): New variable that controls
whether image widgets are rendered inaudible by emacspeak or not.
(widget-image-value-set): Use it.
* url-cache.el (url-cache-directory): New variable that controls where you
cache files will be stored. Defaults to "~/.w3/cache"
(url-cache-creation-function): New variable that controls what function
will be used to create cached filenames.
(url-cache-create-filename-using-md5): This is now the default (and
only) cache-file-creation function. Suitably fast under Emacs 19 (lisp
implementation), _very_ fast under XEmacs, where it is written in C.
Thu Feb 27 07:27:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added alias of make-symbolic-link to copy-file for NTEmacs
* w3-elisp.el: Removed face functions from the safe list.
Wed Feb 26 16:08:08 1997 Per Abrahamsen <>
* font.el (font-create-object): Added autoload.
Wed Feb 26 08:17:37 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-region): Fixed typo when binding
w3-display-same-buffer - no wonder it wasn't working right.
* images.el (image-normalize): Bind file-coding-system to the appropriate
no-conversion so that running subprocesses doesn't munge the data when
running under MULE.
(image-normalize): Now uses call-process-region instead of
shell-command-on-region, and removed the explicit mention of '/bin/sh'
and friends. Uses the ability of call-process-region to specify a
separate file to use for stderr - yipeee.
* url.el (url-setup-privacy-info): Slight change as to how url-system-type
and url-os-type are set up. No longer uses nested parens, as this seems
to confuse some sites that try to use the User-Agent header as a
Mon Feb 24 10:15:45 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): Make sure that nothing that will be
echoed is the empty string.
Sun Feb 23 08:34:18 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-cache.el (url-store-in-cache): fixed stupid bug in caching logic
Sat Feb 22 07:21:29 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.62 released
Thu Feb 20 13:40:22 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-password): By default, don't summarize
password entry boxes.
Thu Feb 20 07:33:59 1997 Thierry Emery <>
* w3-display.el (w3-frames): Better support for Frames
Thu Feb 20 07:33:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-complete-link): Fixed bug in using try-completion to make sure
we have a match before passing a URL off to w3-fetch.
* Synch'd up to widget 1.44
* url.el (url-default-callback): Caching works in asynch mode now.
Wed Feb 19 05:48:40 1997 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-split-font-shorthand): Make sure that the subelements of the
'font' shorthand property get run through the property value-expansion
routines before getting returned. This royally screwed up font-family,
font-weight, and friends.
(css-expand-color): Now recognizes 'transparent' and 'none' as special
color names.
(css-expand-value): When dealing with color-shorthand, make sure
everything gets run through the value-expansion routines as well. Ack.
* w3-elisp.el (w3-elisp-safe-function): You can now supply a validation
function for the arguments of a script-enabled function, its no longer a
binary operation on just the function name. You can also give it a
variable name, and the value of that variable at the time of execution
is what controls whether it is safe or not.
* w3.el (w3-download-url): Finally fixed bug where w3-download-url would
not save in the correct directory if you just accepted the default
pathname it offered.
* url-cache.el (url-cache-ignored-protocols): New variable controlling
what protocols we should never cache to disk.
(url-cache-cachable-p): use it.
* w3.txi: Updated all nodes and menus, a few stylistic changes
* w3-elisp.el: Added read-access to devices, frames, windows, buffers, and
property-lists. Also added function, lambda, point, and list accessors
(member, memq, assoc)
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Bind widget-push-button-gui to nil in
w3-display-node so that images don't run into the
visible-portion-of-buffer-is-not-modifiable-bug. Ick.
* w3-elisp.el: Don't allow access to 'set'-type text-property functions
from scripts.
Tue Feb 18 15:11:08 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.61 released
* w3.txi (Supported URLs): added sections on each protocol supported -
needs lots of fleshing out.
* url-misc.el (url-info): Info URL loader now unhex's the target, so that
you can have something like
* url.el (url-do-setup): Removed secure-http (SHTTP) handler - who the
hell cares anymore, it lost.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Correctly calculates right margin as
documented (from window-width and right-margin)
* w3.el: Removed w3-batch-fetch
* url-vars.el: Removed lots of old variables
* url-misc.el: Removed x-exec URL handler - no interest anymore.
* w3-script.el (w3-script-evaluate-form): Use it.
(w3-do-scripting): New variable to control whether to do _any_ scripting
or not.
* The URL package now stores the current parsed URL object instead of 5 or
6 separate variables.
* dist.Makefile: Removed old pgp and wais support, it was gross and
apparently nobody was using it.
Tue Feb 18 06:13:03 1997 "T. V. Raman" <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-radio-button): Better radio button
Tue Feb 18 06:13:03 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-finish-drawing): Moved #blah target finding in here,
where it belongs.
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Added binding for raw '\t' instead of relying
on [tab]. Apparently this keysym isn't aliased under Emacs 19 on a
Mon Feb 17 15:10:38 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-elisp.el: Interface to Emacs-Lisp for safe scripting.
* w3-script.el: Basic client-side scripting has been implemented.
* w3-xemac.el (w3-mouse-handler): Ditto
* w3-e19.el (w3-mouse-handler): Plugged in handling of the onMouseOver event
* w3-display.el (w3-handle-string-content): Now adds a text property that
contains w3-display-open-element-stack, so that from anywhere in the
buffer you can find out where you are in the parse tree.
* default.css (input): ome default stylesheet updates for input fields on
Sun Feb 16 09:01:18 1997 Shuji Narazaki <>
* mule-sysdp.el: Updated for mule 3.0
Sat Feb 15 15:35:15 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.60 released
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): use it.
* w3-vars.el (w3-display-frames): New variable for whether to show 'frame'
documents as a list of the subelements.
* w3.txi (Speech Properties): finished this chapter.
(Media Selection): ditto
(Time Units): ditto
(Angle Units): ditto
(Properties): Explanatory text at beginnign of section
Fri Feb 14 09:34:35 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.59 released
* w3.txi: Lots of documentation about stylesheets, chapter layout
Thu Feb 13 07:01:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'd up to widget 1.38
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-resurrect-widgets): For now, don't use the nice new
GUI pushbuttons - they appear to suffer badly on long lines.
* w3-mouse.el (w3-running-FSF19): Use new w3-popup-menu-on-mouse-3 variable
* w3-vars.el: Removed _lots_ of obsolete variables
(w3-popup-menu-on-mouse-3): New variable to control whether W3 should
override mouse-3 or not.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.58 released
* w3.txi: Added stubs for stylesheet chapters and supported URLs
* images.el (image-register-netpbm-utilities): This is now safe to call
multiple times again.
Wed Feb 12 06:26:55 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-keymap): When binding widget-end-of-line, make sure
that we do not overwrite Emacspeak's prefix-key. Now does a
where-is-internal to find the correct binding in global-map to
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): bind :emacspeak-help to 'w3-widget-echo
in all the hypertext links.
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): New binding for \M-\t - this _should_ have
been taken care of by the [(meta tab)] definition, but evidently it
doesn't. *sigh*
Tue Feb 11 07:33:50 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-option-list): Specify :menu-tag-get so that
keyboard-based-completion doesn't get confused by the fact that some
items will have spaces slapped in at the end.
* ssl.el (ssl-program-arguments): New variable - a list of command line
switches to send to the SSL program in a subprocess, before the hostname
and port number.
(open-ssl-stream): Use it.
Mon Feb 10 07:45:31 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-file.el (url-file): Removed refs to variable url-use-hypertext-dired
* url-vars.el: Removed obsolete variable url-use-hypertext-dired
* url-file.el (url-dired-find-file-mouse): fixed bad typo of
(interactive...) spec, added documentation to a few functions.
(url-file): Removed refs to obsolete variable url-use-hypertext-dired
* w3-xemac.el (w3-setup-version-specifics): Workaround for users of XEmacs
19.14 or 20.0 with the bad bad bad lossage with text properties that
have null values. This bug is fixed in XEmacs 19.15, and will be in
20.1 as well. This bug would cause you to get errors like:
internal error: no text-prop <#extent ....> start-open
* w3.el (w3-widget-button-click): Deal with new image capabilities of the
widget checkbox/radio-button stuff.
* Synch'ed up to widget 1.31
Sun Feb 9 15:39:19 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.57 released
* url-file.el (url-dired-minor-mode): New minor mode that overrides a few
of direds keybindings to use Emacs-W3 instead of straight find-file.
(url-format-directory): Now just uses dired to display directory
listings, much more powerful than the old way. Can copy files, act on
multiple files, you all know the drill.
* w3.txi: Added more chapters, reorg of others.
* w3-display.el (w3-maybe-start-image-download): Fixed handling of bad
images in the cache again. Duh.
No longer log to the warnings buffer if we fail to load an image. Just
use message - much less intrusive. We just usually don't care that much
about failed image loads.
* url-gw.el (url-open-stream): fixed typo - was calling old
url-nslookup-host instead of url-gateway-nslookup-host
* w3.el (w3-insert-formatted-url): Now inserts markup in lowercase.
Sat Feb 8 13:54:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.56 released. Getting closer!
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-radio-button): Finally, a decent
summarization of radio buttons
Fixed typo in specifying summarizer for hidden form fields.
(w3-form-keymap): Bind C-a and C-e by default.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): When using emacspeak, show
client side imagemaps as a table. Need a more general solution for
this, but this makes us nicer than IE again. :)
* Updated to widget 1.30
Fri Feb 7 16:49:55 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-handle-string-content): Make sure faces text
properties are closed, so that things don't bleed over.
(w3-fixup-eol-faces): New function for Emacs 19 that removes face
information at newlines, so that underlining will not extend from the
end of a line to the window edges - very ugly.
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-initialize-w3-mode-menu-map): Don't support 'emacs
in w3-use-menus under Emacs in Windows 95/NT.
* w3-display.el (w3-finalize-image-download): Deal with bad images better.
(w3-finish-drawing): Better protection of putting images in.
* url-gw.el (url-open-stream): Don't auto-retry connections. Don't throw
an error if you fail to connect to a site. This is for image loadings
that fail for some reason or another.
* css.el (css-expand-length): better handling of float values and 'ex'
unit type.
* font.el (x-font-create-object): Unconditionally make case-fold-search
non-nil so that we don't lose big-time. This was the cause of the very
weird font-spatial-to-canonical lossage under XEmacs with font sizes of
something like '+12pt'
* w3.el (w3-view-this-url): Use widget-echo-help if we didn't find a URL
under point.
Fri Feb 7 15:22:25 1997 Charles Levert <>
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-notify): Bad data being fed to w3-fetch if a
client-side imagemap had an alt attribute (but only if the <map> came
_after_ the use.
Fri Feb 7 15:22:25 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (font-spatial-to-canonical): protect against bad input to this
Fri Feb 7 15:19:36 1997 Toby Speight <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Parser didn't allow for the fact that
TAGC is optional on end-tags as well as on start-tags (i.e. "<b<i>
bold-italic</i</b>" is legal).
Fri Feb 7 06:28:37 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-keymap): Now inherits from widget-keymap, with a
few exceptions.
* url.el (url-uncompress): This function now no longer looks at the file
extension to determine a compression/encoding method. This is so that
doing searches on `foo.tar.gz' will not bogusly cause the decompression
steps to run. Ick!
* url-file.el (url-insert-possibly-compressed-file): This function no
longer atempts to decompress the file after loading it in. Instead, it
sets an appropriate content-transfer-encoding header based on the
filename, so that this will allow url-uncompress to work correctly on the
Thu Feb 6 06:24:26 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-print.el (w3-postscript-print-function): New variable to control what
function is used to generate postscript output.
(w3-print-this-url): Use it.
* w3-display.el (w3-handle-string-content): Make all inserted text
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-use-old-style): New variable to control whether to
use the old-style interaction with form fields instead of the 'type
directly into the buffer' method
(w3-form-determine-size): Use it.
(w3-form-create-integer): Use it.
(w3-form-create-float): Use it.
(w3-form-create-text): Use it.
(w3-form-create-password): Use it.
(w3-revert-form): Fixed error with 'reset' buttons on forms that had
hidden form fields.
* w3-vars.el (w3-mode-map): Define [backtab] by default
* w3-display.el (w3-size-of-tree): Removed some warnings
(w3-display-table-dimensions): ditto
* Updated to widget 1.26
* default.css: Some default formatting changes for input fields.
Everything is underlined by default except submit/reset/image/button
fields, so that they are a little easier to spot.
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Now slaps pseudo-elements into input
fields so that stylesheets can access them.
Wed Feb 5 14:42:12 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Updated to widget 1.24
* Happy birthday Jenny P.
Tue Feb 4 08:21:03 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (x-font-create-name): Better checking/optimizing of when to just
return the default font.
* w3-forms.el: Make use of the new information, and pass it down to the
widget library appropriately.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Now passes in the entire list of active
faces to form creation functions.
Mon Feb 3 07:26:18 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-emulate.el (w3-lynx-emulation-minor-mode-map): Lots of new
keybindings for lynx emulation minor mode.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.55 released
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-determine-size): Fixed _STUPID_ problem where
option lists would lose everything but the first option in them. I'm a
dumbass. Sort modifies its list parameter! ICK ICK ICK.
* url.el (url-after-change-function): Show prettier status messages.
Sizes are converted to bytes, k, or M, depending on how big the file
* w3.txi: Lots of documentation changes - volunteers welcome.
* Removed personal annotation support, since it wasn't shown with the new
display engine, it needs to be rethought, and nobody had complained in
the entire beta cycle.
* w3.el (w3-history-find-url-internal): Redid the history mechanism.
Toolbar and menu entries are now grayed out appropriately.
* url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Fixed cookie support if not going
through a proxy gateway.
Sun Feb 2 22:05:41 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Fix for negative colwidth
Fri Jan 31 14:28:54 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-fetch): Fixed targetted links (http://blah/#foo)
Fri Jan 31 11:20:47 1997 Alf-Ivar Holm <>
* w3.el (w3-mail-current-document): Fixed problem with calling
w3-parse-buffer with too many arguments when mailing LaTeX-ified
Fri Jan 31 11:19:37 1997 Cord Kielhorn <>
* css.el (css-expand-length): Fixed bad regexps for percentage and
character based lengths
Thu Jan 30 20:27:06 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.52 released
* w3-display.el (w3-handle-image): When doing table auto layout, don't
start loading the images.
Wed Jan 29 06:15:37 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (x-font-create-name): Yet another fix for not screwing up the
line-height in Emacs 19.
* w3-display.el (w3-face-for-element): Uhh, oblique seems to work.
* font.el (set-font-style-by-keywords): now deals with arguments that
aren't lists, for the font-style and font-variant CSS stuff
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Reimplemented <cookie> tag.
(w3-display-node): Reimplemented <flame> tag.
* url.el (url-insert-file-contents): url-insert-file-contents now
decodes/uncompresses the data before returning.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Reimplemented <pinhead> tag
Tue Jan 28 06:22:08 1997 William M. Perry <>
* font.el (x-font-create-name): Never take font size into account under
Emacs - too much chance of totally screwing up the users leading by
choosing a bigger font than their default. This sucks. But I can't
find a better solution.
* w3.el: w3-mode now turns on truncate-lines by default.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-image): Better image input type support.
Mon Jan 27 08:21:58 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-password): Now uses real password entry
widgets provided by 'widget' - you _MUST_USE_ the widget library that
comes with Emacs-W3 for this, otherwise the info won't be hidden
(w3-form-add-element): Deal with hidden text areas better when they are
in forms
* Synch'd up to widget 1.22
Sun Jan 26 16:50:09 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.51 released
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-text): Now uses the real text entry widgets
provided by 'widget' - still can't do this for password fields yet
* Synch'd up to Widget 1.20
Sat Jan 25 13:38:12 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url.el (url-expand-file-name): Now strips out spaces as well as
newlines/carriage returns. More fixes for that bastardized microsoft
home page.
* url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Make sure that we retrieve the
cookies for the real URL we are retrieving when going through a proxy.
Now the psychotic crap that is the microsoft home page should be
successfully retrieved if going through an HTTP proxy.
* url-cookie.el (url-cookie-handle-set-cookie): Attempt to deal with
idiotic microsoft home page that sends out set-cookie headers that look
like MC1=ID=abc, and expects two cookies MC1='' and ID='abc' *sigh*
* w3-forms.el, w3-display.el: Form elements now keep all their attributes
with them. Will be useful when we start allowing scripting.
(w3-form-create-custom): Rudimentary patches to allow embedding 'custom'
widgets into the buffer. Interesting.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-determine-size): New function to calculate how big
a form field will be - option lists should look much better now.
Thu Jan 23 08:48:59 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Synch'ed up to custom 1.19
* url-parse.el: document extra slots of url-generic-parse-url
Thu Jan 23 08:34:34 1997 Joe Wells <>
* url-file.el (url-file): Patch to tell ange-ftp and/or efs the password
in a file/ftp URL so that you won't be prompted for the password, even
if one was specified in the URL
* url-parse.el (url-generic-parse-url): Fixed bug where specifying a
username and password in the URL would downcase the username and
password as well as the hostname.
Wed Jan 22 08:28:13 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.50 released
* base64.el (base64-encode-region): Pulled in code from VM for quicker
* mm.el (mm-content-transfer-encodings): Better base64 decoding
Wed Jan 22 07:31:03 1997 Alf-Ivar Holm <>
* w3-emulate.el (w3-lynx-emulation-minor-mode-map): Lynx [up] and [down]
bound to non-existing functions.
* w3.el (w3-do-setup): Fixed installation of lynx emulation modes keymap.
Tue Jan 21 07:56:51 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-misc.el (url-data): Make sure to url-decode the data before
inserting it into the buffer.
* w3-menu.el (w3-toggle-minibuffer): better version
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-integer): New form entry type
(w3-form-create-float): new form entry type
(w3-form-encode-helper): deal with the new integer/float types
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Reimplemented <select multiple> as a
list of checkboxes
Mon Jan 20 06:29:07 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Keep track of the last form's action,
for theoretically 'naked' input fields that we want to try and handle as
best we can anyway.
* w3-parse.el: Much more lenient about where form elements can be found.
* w3-forms.el: summarizer functions now take the widget as an extra
* w3.el (w3-find-etc-directory): New function - not used yet.
* w3.txi: Warning! You now need a very new version of texinfo to compile
the .info or .dvi file yourself.
* url-mail.el (url-mail): Now tries to use message-mail if it is bound
instead of just plain old 'mail'.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-add-element): Duh, fix hidden form fields.
* font.el (font-normalize-color): Hopefully fixed color lossage under OS/2
and Windows
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-field): Actually 'message' the string as
a workaround for emacspeak 5.0
Sun Jan 19 09:32:15 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el (w3-mouse-handler): Ditto
* w3-e19.el (w3-mouse-handler): Protect against 'bad format string' errors
when showing a hexified URL
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-mark-widget): Be super paranoid and mark all
children and their children's children, and the parents of a widget.
(w3-form-create-radio-button): Make sure radio button children always
get updated via w3-form-mark-widget.
(w3-form-summarize-radio-button): Slightly better summarization of radio
* Emacs-W3 3.0.49 released
* Synch'ed up with widget 1.18
Fri Jan 17 06:25:36 1997 Dave Love <>
* w3-display.el: w3-echo-link now prefers the URL to the text of a link
Fri Jan 17 06:25:36 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el: Fixed handling of inlined styles
* w3-mouse.el: Some fixes for XEmacs when built with no X support
* default.css: Now uses the new @media directives instead of the old
:blah: stuff
* css.el (css-handle-media-directive): New function to handle @media
(css-parse): Deprecate the old :mediatype: way of specifying media
dependent styles.
* w3-style.el (w3-handle-style): Now gets passed a plist instead of an
assoc list.
(w3-handle-style): Pay attention to the new 'media' attribute on
stylesheet links, and don't load the stylesheet if we aren't currently
running on that type of media.
* css.el (css-properties): Added proposed printing properties from a W3C
Thu Jan 16 06:06:45 1997 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-handle-media-directive): Implemented the @media processing
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-option-list): Changed the summarize
function for option lists. Much saner now.
* w3.el (w3-read-url-with-default): Use the URL at point before falling
back to http://www.
(w3-source-document): When sourcing a document, let set-auto-mode do the
right thing. .html comes up in html-mode, or whatever now.
* url-cookie.el: Fixed some compile warnings under Emacs
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-summarize-option-list): Make each choice-item have
emacspeak-help set.
* w3-speak.el (w3-widget-backward): New advice
(w3-widget-forward): New advice
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-create-option-list): Renamed function
* Emacs-W3 3.0.48 released
* w3-display.el (w3-face-for-element): Use background-color instead of
just background for css property.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-helper): Fixed radio buttons, duh.
* url-misc.el (url-do-terminal-emulator): Fixed bad var reference left
from old code.
* url-gw.el: Moved all the gateway variables into their own namespace to
make it easier to turn this into a standalone package.
* dist.Makefile (SOURCES): Added url-gw and w3 to the build targets.
Wed Jan 15 08:00:37 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.47 released
* url.el (url-expand-file-name): Make sure to remove \r from the URL as
well as \n
* url-gw.el (url-open-stream): Added in 'telnet' and 'rlogin' methods for
url-gateway-method. Code stolen from GNUS. Thanks lars! :) It would
be nice to make this file its own package and be able to override
open-network-stream so that all apps could get this for free.
* url-misc.el (url-generic-emulator-loader): Consolidated the tn3270,
telnet, and rlogin URL loaders into one smarter function
* url.el: Made cookie and auth modules autoloaded, removed some old autoloads
(url-open-stream) Moved to url-gw.el
Mon Jan 13 22:11:00 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): w3-echo-link can now be a list, so the
user can explicitly control fallback behaviour.
* w3.txi: Added some pointers to CSS documentation
* mule-sysdp.el (mule-code-convert-region): ditto
* w3.el (w3-convert-code-for-mule): Fixed bug in XEmacs 20.0 mule
Mon Jan 13 11:14:29 1997 T. V. Raman <raman@Adobe.COM>
* w3.el (w3-widget-forward): Call widget-forward interactively so that
emacspeak will hook it correctly.
Mon Jan 13 11:14:29 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-refresh-buffer): Finally reimplemented
Sun Jan 12 10:32:50 1997 Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.Central.DE>
* w3.txi: Add @dircategory and @direntry... @end. `install-info'
from texinfo-3.9 know about those.
Sun Jan 12 21:49:44 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-save-as): Can now save a page as postscript again
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): inline styles work again
* url-misc.el (url-data): Updated data: URL to the spec.
Sat Jan 11 20:47:24 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-w3 3.0.45 released
* url-misc.el (url-data): Now supports the 'data' URL type, which just
'fetches' everything after the data: chunk of the URL
Fri Jan 10 11:49:43 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Multicolumn works, but puts things
across instead of down
* w3-parse.el: Basic support for parsing <multicol>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Make our semi-widgety hyperlinks
start/end open under XEmacs.
* w3.el (w3-complete-link): Make sure we take case into account when doing
link completion. The user can use 'test' to complete to link titled
'Test'. Uses try-completion for this, which seems to work since we
require a match. Is this the best way to do this? Other than not being
case-insensitive at this point?
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-default-widget-creator): Better way of handling
updates to text entry fields.
(w3-revert-form): Everything should be reverted correctly, both in
internal storage and in the buffer
(w3-form-create-radio-button): Get a more unique identifier to store
radio elements by - old way could theoretically get collisions.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-list-type): Updated use of 'list-style'
to use new property 'list-style-type'
(w3-prepare-buffer): Now kills the source buffer before it starts
drawing the tree, to avoid *URL-n* buffers when not really necessary.
* css.el (css-properties): Updated all the properties to the W3C's latest
'recommendation' level CSS specification.
(css-handle-import): much better handling of @import
(css-parse): Better handling of '@' directives in general
(css-expand-value): General cleanup, reference the CSS and ACSS specs
for how/why we are parsing something the way we are.
Thu Jan 9 06:17:08 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Updated all copyright notices. Happy belated new year!
* w3-display.el (w3-region): Fixed a few bugs with nuking too much of a
buffer when using w3-region
* w3.el (w3-read-url-with-default): Use new variable.
* w3-vars.el (w3-fetch-with-default): New variable to control whether or
not w3-fetch will figure out a good default value for the URL or not.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-mark-widget): New function to mark a widget and all
its children with an appropriate :emacspeak-help and 'w3-form-data
Now defines a few keywords to look more widget-y
Wed Jan 8 09:27:47 1997 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-expand-value): Added elevation, angle, and time units.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Turn on voice-lock-mode by default in
all w3 buffers.
* css.el (css-properties): Added in new speech properties from the ACSS
note from the W3C. Please see for more
* w3-forms.el: Moved all the form entry summarization functions from
w3-speak.el into w3-forms. Easier to keep in synch this way.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Reimplimented the 'keygen' form entry
type for netscape compatibility.
Tue Jan 7 07:20:08 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-region): New function that parses the HTML in a region
'in-place', so that things like MIME mailers/gnus readers can show HTML
inline a lot easier.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-resurrect-widgets): Fixed case where a widget goes
all the way to point-max and next-single-property-change will return
nil. Would pass bad args to delete-region.
(w3-form-summarize-field): Moved some of the smarts about summarizing W3
widgets from w3-speak into the core forms code.
* font.el (define-font-keywords): New function for defining keywords that
will actually work across Emacs and XEmacs
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Reimplemented 'note' functionality, by
converting it into a two-cell table.
(w3-display-node): Implemented <dir> as multi-column, as-per the RFC and
HTML 3.x specifications
* default.css: Added default display type for dir and menu
Mon Jan 6 21:49:52 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Fixed yet another stupid problem
in Host: header handling. Was never sending the right information if
you were not going through a proxy this time. *sigh*
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-add-element): Fixed hidden form fields
Sun Jan 5 22:38:54 1997 William M. Perry <>
* url-vars.el (url-proxy-services): updated documentation string
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-notify): Fixed client side handling of
imagemaps on a TTY or a delayed/broken image. Duhhh
Fri Jan 3 Dave Love <>
* w3-e19.el (w3-mouse-handler): Fix link echoing.
Fri Jan 3 08:43:56 1997 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.43 released
* font.el (make-font): Treat args as a plist, just for sanity's sake.
Thu Jan 2 12:19:31 1997 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-table-hack-borders): Fix stupid use of 'otheriwse'
instead of 'otherwise' in a case statement.
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-add-element): Fix stupid use of 'otheriwse'
instead of 'otherwise' in a case statement.
(w3-form-resurrect-widgets): Fixed XEmacs handling of widget recreation,
and also fixed problem where some widgets would be skipped.
Tue Dec 31 07:37:17 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: All the menus in Emacs-19 now use the same constructors that
the :filter entries under XEmacs do. This will make things much easier
in the future in not duplicating crufty menu-construction code once for
XEmacs menu-structs and once for Emacs keymaps.
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-html-links-constructor): Now works with the Emacs 19
implementation of property lists.
Mon Dec 30 06:25:28 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-menu.el (w3-popup-menu): context-sensitive menus over delayed images
work again
* w3-display.el (w3-parse-link): New way to store <link> information from
an HTML document.
* w3.el (w3-search): Deal with new <link> storage
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-html-links-constructor): Deal with new way <link>
items are stored - now uses the 'title' attribute if present.
* w3-auto.el (w3-form-resurrect-widgets): Added autoload
* url-file.el (url-format-directory): Removed url-forms-based-ftp option -
didn't really work anyway.
Sun Dec 29 15:54:21 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-resurrect-widgets): fixed stupid problem in munging
of the size of form elements.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.42 released
* w3-display.el (w3-table-hack-borders): Deal gracefully with not finding
a 'terminal' font to display hacked border chars in
* w3-hot.el (w3-hotlist-add-document): don't hexify a url before sticking
it in the hotlist buffer
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): hyperlinks with images at the start
will now have a button associated with the entire link, not just the
image part.
* w3-sysdp.el (fillin-text-property): made it work under Emacs19
Sun Dec 29 00:07:39 1996 Takahiro Hayata <>
* mule-sysdp.el (mule-write-region-no-coding-system): Patch for Mule 2.3
Sun Dec 29 00:07:39 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-add-element): Only insert stubs of the right length
for a for element, and do munging of that text into the actual widgets
later. This saves us a lot of grief and heartache when handling things
like radio buttons that span table elements because the markers have
become completely insane by the time the next widget is ready to be
Sat Dec 28 17:24:08 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-table): Don't crap out on invalid tables where
table-dimensions tells us we have a 0 column or 0 row table.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): Use :action instead of :notify
for widget-image-callback - hyperlinked images under Emacs 19 should
work again.
Thu Dec 26 18:26:25 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-widget-forward): Use this instead of widget-forward.
(w3-widget-backward): Ditto. Need to make both of these smart for w3.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Implemented the display class 'none'
for turning off the rendering of an element and its subcontent.
Thu Dec 26 07:21:58 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): *sigh* Allow _ in attribute names.
* Emacs-W3 3.0.41 released
* url-parse.el (url-generic-parse-url): bind inhibit-read-only to 't' in
url parsing buffers, to avoid 'attempt to modify read-only text'
problems when the string passed to url-generic-parse-url has the
read-only text property set.
* w3-e19.el (w3-setup-version-specifics): popup menus should work in
Emacs19 again.
* css.el (css-expand-value): For margin and padding, make sure we _always_
convert into a valid length spec. Setting a 'margin' or 'padding'
property group instead of individual margin-* or padding-* values would
cause the display engine to crap out.
(css-get): Fixed generic class-only lookups (.foo, etc)
* w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-list-type): Tweaks to list indentation
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-html-links-constructor): Fixed stupid problem with
the new navigate menu under XEmacs.
Tue Dec 24 22:46:11 1996 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-expand-color): Better handling of X-style color specs -
convert them to internal RGB format.
Tue Dec 24 02:50:08 1996 Christian Limpach <>
* font.el (ns-font-families-for-device): added test for unbound
device-fonts-cache variable.
(ns-font-create-name): handle font-styles which are numbers.
* w3-sysdp.el (try-font-name): added support for Nextstep.
Tue Dec 24 06:16:33 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-open-local): Send filename through expand-file-name in
w3-open-local to avoid having illegal URLs like file:/~/test.html
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-value-create): fixed new problem with client
side imagemaps. Should really work this time.
* w3.el (w3-map-links): w3-map-links and hence w3-complete-link will now
find images that are also hyperlinks.
Mon Dec 23 22:28:58 1996 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.40 released
* w3-menu.el (w3-menu-go-menu): Added 'navigate' submenu to hold the
predefined <link> types.
* w3-widget.el (widget-image-summarize): Image widgets should now be much
better at identifying themselves when being tab'ed to or waggled at with
the mouse.
* w3-prefs.el: Fixed a few references to w3-glyphp (now widget-glyphp)
* w3.el (w3-url-completion-function): Fixed completion of URLs
Sat Dec 21 Dave Love <>
* w3-display.el, w3-vars.el, w3.el: Define and use
w3-defined-link-types to canonicalize link descriptions' case for
ease of use.
* w3-e19.el (w3-build-FSF19-menu): Add any recognised <link> items
to the menu in the absence of a toolbar.
Thu Dec 19 13:52:35 1996 William Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.39 released
* w3-forms.el (w3-form-encode-xwfu): Ditto.
* url.el (url-hexify-string): Updated to use url-unreserved-chars when
escaping, ala
Wed Dec 18 22:09:41 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el (w3-mode): Removed bogus setting of widget-motion-hook from way
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Better handling of <base> tag.
* w3-display.el (w3-widget-echo): Better falling-back when the preferred
echo method yields nil.
* url.el, w3-display.el, w3.el: Remove last vestiges of url-hash.el and
removed it from the distribution.
Wed Dec 18 08:07:32 1996 William Perry <>
* dsssl.el: Moved the DSSSL parser and friends into its own namespace.
Removed dependencies on url-hash.
* custom.el: Synch'd up to custom 1.13
Tue Dec 17 16:36:05 1996 William M. Perry <>
* url.el (url-expand-file-name): If we weren't given a base object to work
from, and url-current-object is null, set it to the object returned by
parsing url-view-url.
* url-http.el (url-create-mime-request): Send the right information in the
'Host' header field when going through a proxy.
(url-setup-reload-timer): Emacs 19 doesn't deal well with 0-length
timeouts, so protect against trying to create one when dealing with the
refresh header.
* w3-parse.el: Removed lots of crap for the old display engine - shouldn't
cons up as much garbage as before. Now it will just cons up garbage
that we actually need.
Tue Dec 17 07:10:47 1996 William Perry <>
* css.el (css-properties): New property type 'string-list' for font-family
* w3.el (w3-find-default-stylesheets): Make sure to look in
data-directory/../../w3 for stylesheets
Tue Dec 17 06:07:08 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-toolbar.el: wrapped a condition-case around the require for
xpm-button and xbm-button so that it will compile under Emacs
Mon Dec 16 08:19:40 1996 William Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.38 released.
* dist.Makefile (OBJECTS): Removed xpm-button and xbm-button from the
distribution. Any version of XEmacs that can run the latest 3.0 stuff
has them already.
* default.css: Make nested ol/ul items display class 'line' so they look
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): EVIL hack to make the first item in a
nested list get indented correctly.
* w3-about.el (w3-about): Fixed the about:style stylesheet to be
up-to-date with new CSS spec.
* default.css: Turned down indentation on list items by default.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Mouse tracking should work under XEmacs
* dist.Makefile (all): Removed 'emacs' from dependency list.
Mon Dec 16 06:03:14 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-table-hack-borders): This should work on TTY's again.
Sun Dec 15 14:19:53 1996 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-W3 3.0.37 released
* w3-display.el: Better handling of paragraphs (well, any block-level
element within a list-item display group.
* default.css (address): Changed <address> display tpye to line so that
right-justification will take effect.
Sat Dec 14 10:24:13 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Removed stubs for add-submenu - it was confusing 'custom'
* dist.Makefile: More GNU-ish project makefile
* url.el (url-default-find-proxy-for-url): Fixed no_proxy handling
(url-default-find-proxy-for-url): Don't pass 'www://' links to a proxy
Fri Dec 13 22:50:45 1996 William M. Perry <>
* dist.Makefile (URLSOURCES): Added socks.el to the distribution. Not
used just yet.
* css.el (css-copy-stylesheet): Fixed problem with sharing the list
structure between the hash tables - document stylesheets would infect
the main w3-user-stylesheet and cause weirdness.
Fri Dec 13 09:47:40 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el (w3-display-stylesheet): Fixed problem where
w3-display-stylesheet would override the buffer css-display was showing
the stylesheet in. Duhh.
* mule-sysdp.el (mule-encode-string): Fixed stupid problem on non-XEmacs
(mule-sysdep-version): Ditto.
Fri Dec 13 06:25:45 1996 William M. Perry <>
* css.el (css-get): Removed bogus recursive call to css-get, and moved the
guts of css-get out into its own fuction, which is in turn inlined into
css-get. Might even make things faster. At the least, I expect it to
get rid of the 'takes two makes to make w3-display.elc' problem some
people have been seeing.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-list-type): Fixed stupid problem with
margin handling where list-item display items were always flush-left
Fri Dec 13 02:51:24 1996 Greg Stark <>
* w3-display.el (w3-display-line-break): correct right justification code
(w3-min-size-of-string): removed unused function that didn't work.
(w3-size-of-tree): maintain consistent w3-display-open-element-stack
don't hard code assumption that hr's are drawn with '-'
(w3-display-table-dimensions): major bug if the last column rowspans
(w3-table-lookup-char): new function
(w3-table-hack-borders): new function makes table borders use pretty
graphic characters instead of ascii characters.
(w3-table-unhack-borders): new function restore lame ascii borders.
(w3-display-table): Major changes to support drawing better borders
also fix various bugs and tweak various things.
* w3-parse.el: remove = from set of characters that terminate an attribute
when guessing about an syntactically invalid attribute.
(didn't this get changed once already?)
* w3.el (w3-sentinel): hack around bug that bit w3-preview-this-buffer
but I don't know what the right thing for Mule.
Thu Dec 12 08:36:01 1996 William Perry <>
* Synch'd up to widget 1.13
* w3-display.el (w3-get-pad-string): Ack - watch for negative values in
* Released 3.0.36
* w3-style.el (w3-display-stylesheet): Use new css-display function
* css.el (css-get): Better class checking
(css-display): New function to pretty-print a stylesheet that is in
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): *sigh* Parser now keeps track of 'base'
of this document. Also normalizes 'align' attribute, as well as
auto-expanding any SRC or HREF attributes.
* w3-display.el (w3-display-handle-list-type): Now handles text-indent
style property.
(w3-display-table): Can now specify properties on 'tr', for
vertical-alignment, etc.
(w3-display-node): Lots of changes to deal with new method of munging
class/align/etc in the parser.
Wed Dec 11 17:37:14 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-parse.el (w3-parse-buffer): Do munging of align/src/href/class
attributes to save time in w3-display-node and friends.
* w3-prefs.el (w3-preferences-compatibility-variables): Fixed problems
with renaming of w3-style-ie-compatibility to css-ie-compatibility
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): fix for hyperlinks / form info in
tables. Duhh.
Wed Dec 11 07:36:08 1996 William Perry <>
* css.el (css-copy-stylesheet): New function
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): use it
* mule-sysdp.el (mule-encode-string): Fixes for XEmacs w/mule
(mule-decode-string): Fixes for XEmacs w/mule
* w3-display.el (w3-display-node): Fixed problem in isindex handling.
Using forms for isindex handling should work again.
* css.el (css-specificity): new function css-specificity to find how
specific a certain rule is. Need to use this to sort rules in css-get.
Tue Dec 10 22:37:59 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-get-style-info): Changes to deal with new css.el -
should be much much faster now.
* css.el (css-get): Radically changed the internal representation of
stylesheets, and how they are looked up.
Mon Dec 9 22:31:11 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el (w3-face-for-element): Fixed bug in w3-face-for-element
where weight of the element wasn't being taken into account.
* css.el: Changed font-variant style type from string to symbol-list
Mon Dec 9 12:29:59 1996 William Perry <>
* default.css: Changed default header sizes - should look better on most
Sun Dec 8 19:21:07 1996 William M. Perry <>
* Emacs-w3 3.0.34 Released
* w3-display.el: New macro w3-get-attribute to replace
(cdr (assq 'blah args)), just in case I ever decide to replace the
assoc list currently used.
* New file mule-sysdp.el, to make supporting Mule 2.3, Mule 2.4, and
XEmacs 20.0 easier.
* url-file.el (url-insert-possibly-compressed-file): handle mule 2.4
Fri Dec 6 06:54:03 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Emit warnings when people try to slap attribute/value pairs
on end tags. Evil bastards.
Fri Dec 6 04:42:24 1996 Greg Stark <>
* default.css: add th td and caption text-align information
* docomp.el: increase max-specpdl-size so it can compile w3-display
* url.el (url-sentinel): avoid save-excursion around switch-buffer
* w3-display (w3-display-line-break): if we're in nowrap mode but the
region doesn't end on a newline insert an extra newline, otherwise <br>
gets ignored inside a <pre> or nowrap environment.
Also protect against fill-column less than the length of fill-prefix.
Also avoid infloop in right justification, and
fix bug that caused right justification to never be executed.
* w3-display (table-cut table-dimensions w3-display-table):
lots of new code to handle rowspan and autolayout.
* (w3-display-fix-widgets): be more agressive adjust even markers that have
buffers and adjust parent markers.
* w3-display (w3-display-node): These changes are important for tables
Don't insert insert-before on <a> tags before the class is adjusted
Don't insert more than one class into an <a> tag when we adjust it.
Protect against a negative fill-column when drawing <hr>s
Set adaptive-fill-mode (what's filladapt-mode?)
* w3-parse.el: remove font from %block. WARNING, i have little idea what
consequences this has but it seems to have the desired effect of
handling table cells whose first tag is a <font> without discarding the
implied <p> tag.
* w3-parse.el: skip-chars-forward "^>" when parsing end tags
(some people seem to think you can put attributes in end tags)
Fri Dec 6 14:08:30 1996 William M. Perry <>
* css.el: Better handling of text-decoration, to go along with the new version
of set-font-style-by-keywords
* font.el: Faster version of set-font-style-by-keywords.
Fixed RGB spec. problem if you used non-floats.
* w3-display.el: (w3-face-for-element) Obey some font function renaming.
(w3-face-for-element) Changed format specification on w3-style-face-xxx
(w3-display-node) Alignment specified via attributes overrides
stylesheet, not vice versa.
(w3-display-node) Fixed stupid mistake in 'link' handling where
stylesheets were ignored.
Thu Dec 5 17:51:37 1996 William M. Perry <>
* url.el: (url-retrieve-internally) Can now specify an alternative
function to determine whether a URL should be proxied or not. modelled
off the netscape auto-proxy-configuration crap, so hopefully someday we
can just suck down one of their files and be 'happy' with it.
* w3-display.el, css.el:
Modified some of the css properties to not be inherited - let
w3-display figure it out on its own - quicker this way. Saves a few
thousand lookups over the life of a parse.
Mon Dec 2 20:22:12 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el: use better face names... avoids problems in xemacs
resource name checking.
* w3-vars.el: Created version 3.0.33
* w3-parse.el: Fixed problem parsing attribute values like <img alt=''> -
the regexp didn't like empty attribute values specified with single
* w3.el: -Patches from Dave Love
* font.el: Renamed the font-set-*-p to set-font-*-p, to be more in line with
set-face-underline-p and friends. Fixed stupid problem in
set-font-*-p where it would always just toggle the property, not
actually set it. Blah. Added code in x-font-create-name to try
oblique and italic versions of a font if italic is set.
* default.css: Prettied up the :speech: section
* w3-display.el:
Conditionalized get-style-info calls in w3-voice-for-element on
feature 'emacspeak
* w3.el: Added code to try loading dtk-css-speech and w3-speak if the feature
'emacspeak' is available.
* css.el: Fixed a few stupid problems.
* font.el:
made tty-font-create-object return a 12pt font object, just for reference.
* w3.txi: More updates to the documentation
* w3.el, w3-style.el: Moved to using the new 'css' package
* w3-parse.el:
Removed some old functions. Save some string creation by downcasing
tag and atribute names in the buffer instead of using 'downcase'.
* w3-display.el: Moved to using the new 'css' package
* w3-auto.el: Removed some outdated autoloads
* font.el: Added function font-set-style-by-keywords
* css.el: Better handling of various entities - beter way of specifying new
properties and how they should be handled.
* default.css: *** empty log message ***
* dist.Makefile: Added 'css.el' to targets
* css.el: Initial revision
* w3-vars.el: Renamed w3-right-border to w3-right-margin
Sat Nov 30 17:42:38 1996 William M. Perry <>
* custom-edit.el, custom.el, widget-edit.el, widget.el:
-Synch'd up to Custom/Widget 1.09
Fri Nov 29 23:12:42 1996 William M. Perry <>
* font.el: Actually try to use the 'oblique' property under X
* w3-display.el:
Fix for sometimes getting an invalid glyph error in image retrieval.
Fixed problem where table display would pop something off the open element stack.
* custom-edit.el, custom.el, widget-edit.el, widget.el:
-Synch'd up to Custom/Widget 1.08
* w3-display.el: List filling seems to line up correctly now.
Fixed bug in ordered list handling (wrong arg passed to a format).
Changed the way spacing is handled.
* w3-menu.el: Added new 'search' menu with common web indexes
* dist.Makefile:
Don't specify widget*.el twice in SOURCES _AND_ CUSTOMSOURCES or
install under FreeBSD chokes.
* w3-display.el: Protect against list-item display property outside of a list.
* w3-sysdp.el: Fixed free var reference in make-device
Thu Nov 28 23:01:11 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el:
Protect against bad values of w3-last-fill-pos in w3-display-line-break
* w3-e19.el, w3-menu.el:
-Patches from Dave Love <> for using title of link in menus
Wed Nov 27 22:59:56 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Created version 3.0.32
* w3.txi: Started revamping some of the documentation
* url-custom.el: Initial revision
* w3-display.el: Handle 'menu' list type correctly
* url.el: Patch from;
- insert information about processes in buffer "URL Status Display"
instead of *URL-<i>* : added a local variable `url-status-buf' and a
call to `set-buffer'
- changed `url-get-working-buffer' to `url-get-working-buffer-name',
because `url-working-buffer' is expected to be a name, not a buffer
(my mistake)
* w3-xemac.el, w3-vars.el:
Removed some old variables that aren't used anywhere now.
* w3-e19.el:
Patch from Dave Love <> for 'title' version of w3-echo-link.
* w3-display.el:
Patch from Dave Love <> for 'title' version of w3-echo-link.
Form info is now stuck on a stack instead of in a let-bound variable.
Only call w3-display-fix-widgets once! recursive calls to
w3-display-node when rendering tables caused it to happen more than it
* w3-forms.el:
Patch from Dave Love <> to protect against bad value
for 'next' in w3-next-widget.
* dist.Makefile: Don't use `install -d', use mkdir -p if necessary
Tue Nov 26 16:21:32 1996 William M. Perry <>
* custom-edit.el, custom.el: synch'd up to custom 1.05
* widget.el, widget-edit.el: *** empty log message ***
* widget-edit.el, widget.el: synch'd up to widget 1.05
* w3-display.el: Handles the 'dir' list type correctly now.
* url.el:
Quick patch to check for url-working-buffer being a buffer, not a string.
* w3-display.el:
Backed out _BAD BAD BAD_ change to protect against invalid values for
w3-last-fill-pos that basically fucked everything in regards to
vertical whitespace.
Mon Nov 25 21:12:17 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el: *** empty log message ***
* w3-display.el:
Now only does incrememental display around block level elements.
Does better munging of pre-formatted text CR -> LF CRLF->LF, etc.
* w3.el: Protect against errors in w3-sentinel on bad buffers.
* w3-vars.el: Created version 3.0.31
* widget-edit.el: Fixed compile problems under emacs
* w3-vars.el: *** empty log message ***
* widget.el: Made widget.el compile in emacsen w/o native backquote support
* w3-display.el: *** empty log message ***
* w3-parse.el:
Patch from greg stark for dealing with '=' in misquoted attribute value pairs
Sun Nov 24 23:25:25 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el: Reimplemented targetted anchors (#foo)
* url.el: *** empty log message ***
* url-vars.el:
Changed default of url-mime-language-string to '*' to make some sites happy.
* w3-display.el: Protect against w3-last-fill-pos getting an invalid position
* w3.el, w3-display.el, w3-vars.el:
Patch from Dave Love <> to add new possibility 'title'
to w3-echo-link to show the 'title' attribute of a link if its there.
* w3-speak.el: Patch from raman.
* font.el:
Patch from to handle fontsets correctly in mule
* w3-display.el: Implemented a few more CSS properties.
list-style - control how list items are displayed. Ordered lists are
now different from unordered only in their list-style.
Need to implement contextual selectors to get ordered
lists to work out of the box though.
white-space - control whether whitespace is collapsed or not, and
whether text is wrapped. <pre> <xmp> and <plaintext>
are now all specified to use this in the default
text-align - this replaces the old 'align' attribute
Reimplemented inlined styles.
* default.css: Varius updates to take advantage of the new CSS properties
white-space, list-style, etc.
* w3-style.el: Handle url() and rgb() notation in color specifications
* w3-vars.el: Removed a few outdated variables
Sat Nov 23 02:10:37 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3-display.el: *** empty log message ***
* dsssl.el: Got rid of yet more compilation warnings.
* custom.el, custom-edit.el: Synch'd up to custom 1.0.1
* w3-display.el: Better handling of <hr> and <center>, and line spacing in
* default.css: Updates to default stylesheet to deal with <center> and <div>
* w3.el, url.el, url-vars.el, url-http.el: Patches from Thierry Emery to
allow multiple asynch fetches.
Fri Nov 22 22:26:35 1996 William M. Perry <>
* widget-edit.el, widget.el: -Synch'd up to widget 1.01
* w3-style.el: Fixed a few fRemoved a few free variable sets/refs
* w3.el:
When saving a document as html source, try to get into the 'head' before inserting the base.
* w3-display.el, w3-style.el: Stylesheets now store all there information
as property lists instead of assoc lists. Just easier.
* font.el: Fix for font-normalize-color under nextstep
Thu Nov 21 04:01:22 1996 William M. Perry <>
* widget-edit.el, widget.el: synch'd to 1.00 of widget/custom
Mon Nov 18 16:26:06 1996 William M. Perry <>
* Initial revision
* html32.dsl: Updated to latest from jon bosak
* w3-vars.el: Created version 3.0.30
Thu Nov 14 22:39:36 1996 William M. Perry <>
* w3.el: Changed this so you can actually just do a (require 'w3-sysdp)
and each function will check to see if it should overwrite, instead of
conditionalizing that on the whole file.
* url.el: *** empty log message ***
* images.el, font.el, docomp.el, w3-sysdp.el: Changed this so you can
actually just do a (require 'w3-sysdp) and each function will check to
see if it should overwrite, instead of conditionalizing that on the