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Thu Jun 6 15:03:15 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-auto.el: Added autoload for w3-show-dvi
* w3-latex.el: w3-parse-tree-to-latex now takes optional URL argument.
<pre> and <xmp> text now work correctly.
Added a known-bugs section.
Added a variable for whether to print hyperlinks as footnotes or not.
* w3-annotat.el, w3-e19.el, w3-forms.el, w3-hot.el, w3-prefs.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Replaced w3-insert w/insert - no longer needed
* w3-latex.el: Added footnotes for hypertext links
Wed Jun 5 20:18:36 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-latex.el:
Changed some things to be more like w3-draw in how it gets formatting
informatino for each chunk
* w3.el:
Merged in new latex printing code from Stephen Peters <>
* w3-print.el: Stephen Peters <>
* w3-auto.el:
Merged in new latex printing code from Stephen Peters <>
* w3-latex.el: Initial revision
* w3-parse.el: patch from jbw for eveil <! comment syntax
Mon Jun 3 20:43:37 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el, w3-vars.el:
added flag for whether to honor netscape style <! > comments.
* w3-parse.el, w3-vars.el: Added alt text capabilities to w3-graphic-entities
* w3-menu.el: Toggling menubar from Emacs->W3 works again
* w3.el: w3-map-links works again, so does w3-complete-link
* w3-e19.el, w3-xemac.el: removed old def. of w3-map-links
* w3-draw.el: fixed url expansion
* w3-forms.el:
More fixes for netscape compatibility with single-text entry form
* w3-speak.el:
Added a few patches from Raman (folding-mode stuff) and definition of
advice for w3-scroll-up
* w3-prefs.el:
Got rid of some compiler warnings about free variables, and removed
some bogus variables that I can get elsewhere now
* w3-prefs.el: Added hooks for setting up the prefs buffer, and ok/cancel/reset
hooks. Fixed saving of proxy information
* descrip.mms: Updated VMS MMS file
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-prefs to the distribution
Sun Jun 2 20:09:22 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: a few more emacspeak extensions
* w3-e19.el: Fixed compile-time errors re: w3-form-element-* functions
* w3-draw.el: fixed bug in w3-valid-voice-p
* w3-speak.el: fixed some compiler warnings
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-speak.el to the distribution
* w3-speak.el:
Move some functionality of the w3-fetch defadvice into a w3-mode-hook
that is automatically added by w3-speak-use-voice-locking
* w3-speak.el: Wow, I think it will work
* w3-draw.el: reimplemented w3-echo-link
* w3.el: fixed problem of not resetting the user's value of url-be-asynchronous
in the new version of w3-download-url
* w3.el: Made w3-download-url asynchronous by default, and make sure it asks
for the filename before it starts the download.
Sat Jun 1 20:04:22 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed w3-download-url
* w3-parse.el: Fixed graphic entities to use normal entity expansion instead of
'STARTTAG - see commentary in the code for why exactly.
* w3.el: Fixed w3-mail-document-author to do the right thing for 'made' links
again. Now searches for mail(to|server) links first. If none found,
takes the first 'made' link and fetches that. If one found, fetch it.
If more than one mail(to|server) link is found, present the user with
a list and let them choose.
* w3-speak.el: Initial revision
Fri May 31 21:34:19 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-style.el: Basic support for emacspeak out of the box
* w3.el: Fixed typo in w3-popup-info
* w3-parse.el: Fixed bug in graphic entity creation
* w3.el: Added new function w3-describe-entities that lists all the entities
currently defined.
* w3-parse.el: Added in new definitions for graphic entities - they live again!
* w3-vars.el: Added in new definitions for graphic entities
Thu May 30 17:32:36 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-prefs.el:
Changed to only using one buffer instead of two stacked buffers - was
too big a pain in the ass to navigate w/o the mouse.
* w3-forms.el: fixed form submission changes
* w3-draw.el:
Supports target'ed windows to some extent (external, _blank, _top)
* w3.el: delete-other-windows in w3-fetch-other-frame
* w3-draw.el:
the hyperlnk widgets now keep _all_ attributes that are specified on a
link in them as widget properties. This will eventually allow us to
do targetted windows, etc.
* w3-prefs.el: protect against errors in widget-forward
* w3-prefs.el:
Ok, cancel, and save buttons work. Proxy configuration screen is
complete. Old window configuration restored when exiting. Now
selects the prefs window after choosing something from the toolbar
* w3-sysdp.el: Added symbol-value-in-buffer
* w3-draw.el, w3-forms.el: Single-entry form auto-submission now works again
* w3-sysdp.el: Added insert-file-contents-literally function
Wed May 29 21:52:40 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-prefs.el: proxy panel sort of works
* w3-print.el: Few patches to the latex printing by Stephen Peters
* w3-mouse.el: w3-follow-inlined-image works again
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with paragraph filling screwups after <xmp></xmp> sections
* w3-vars.el:
new keybinding for return so that return doesn't self-insert when not
on a hyperlink
* font.el: don't error out on bad rgb color values
* font.el: Don't error out if you cannot find the rgb.txt file
* w3-parse.el:
Supports stupid %!@*ing netscape-style <! > `comments'. What complete
and utter horseshit.
* w3-draw.el: fixed read-only errors once and for all. :)
* w3-e19.el: removed old bogus definition of w3-follow-inlined-image-mouse
* w3-prefs.el: progress
* w3.el: Now correctly looks for 'stylesheet' in w3-configuration-directory.
Avoid infinite recursion if url-be-asynch == t when
w3-find-default-stylesheets is called
* w3.el: fix for http 0.9 servers and asynchronous transfers
* w3-widget.el:
Actually added w3-image-widget-callback so 'href images work right
Tue May 28 22:35:46 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-prefs.el: Initial revision
* w3-menu.el: Put the correct Emacs/XEmacs in the menubar toggle
* w3-draw.el:
fixed problems with badly specifid colors in netscape-crap <body> attributes
* w3-forms.el: <input type=image> works minimally
* w3-forms.el:
Fixed a problem with option lists in forms. The forms validator is cool
* w3.el: previewing buffers now works much _MUCH_ better
* w3.el: Added stub for w3-find-file, a more intuitive name for w3-open-local
* w3-draw.el: Link-echoing now works
* widget.el, widget-edit.el:
Changed widget-forward to honor a new :help-echo property
* widget-edit.el:
Fix for widget-forward when widgets are _RIGHT_ on top of each other
* w3.el: Fixed stupid problem on my part
* w3-draw.el:
Fix problem with <pre> segments from Mac-based web servers (^M only, no ^J)
* w3.el: Don't do set-auto-mode under mule, as it wigs out with null filenames
* w3.el: Fixes for www: hrefs
* w3.el: Fix for file information & last-modified
Mon May 27 23:08:26 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: problem in 19.30
* w3-forms.el:
Fixed problem with 'submit' button on forms _always_ being sent to the
server - overanxious with making sure everything had a 'name' field at
widget creation time. Gack.
* w3-xemac.el:
Beginnings of a mode-motion-handler to do spiffy handling of client
side imagemaps, etc.
Sun May 26 01:17:31 1996 William Perry <>
* images.el: removed duplicate converter
Fri May 24 18:19:16 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: file: urls for images work now
* w3.el: Fixed missing paren in configuration-file warning code
* w3.el: New version of w3-version from "Robert J. Chassell"
<> that will let you do C-u M-x w3-version to insert
the version information into the buffer at point.
* w3.el, w3-hot.el, w3-forms.el, w3-emulate.el, w3-annotat.el:
No longer use mm-insert-file-contents lossage
* images.el: Added p[np]m<->ps converters
* w3-widget.el: No more newlines after images w/alt text & no hyperlink
* w3.el: Moved where w3-default-configuration gets loaded so that you can set
some variables in it and have them honored by the rest of w3-do-setup
Thu May 23 16:08:23 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Now only grabs images with the same URL/SRC once per page, instead of
starting up multiple transfers for the same one. Yeah.
* w3-menu.el: context-sensitive menus now work again on images
* w3-sysdp.el: synching up with XEmacs 19.14's version
* w3-sysdp.el: Added lots more device functions
Wed May 22 17:08:21 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-widget.el: Now checks for invalid glyphs before removing the textual
representation from the buffer.
* w3.el: Removed w3-beta from the distribution - functionality moved elsewhere
* w3-widget.el:
Better handling of images that are hyperlinks that have no 'alt' text.
* w3-draw.el:
Some stuff from the old w3-beta, image fixes, initial color of html page should be better.
* dist.Makefile:
Removed w3-beta from the distribution - functionality moved elsewhere
* w3-emulate.el: Moved w3-read-netscape-config into w3-emulate
* w3-widget.el: Few screwups w/markers fixed
Tue May 21 05:31:56 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-forms.el, w3.el: Some XEmacs 20.0 MULE changes
* w3-xem20.el: Initial revision
Mon May 20 16:17:37 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Asynch image loading works!
* w3-widget.el: Put a help-echo property on the image extent when necessary
* w3-imap.el: Removed lots of stuff into the new image widget
* w3-widget.el:
Make sure you always use a marker for the 'where' of an image widget
* w3.el: w3-my-safe-copy-face is now a little more paranoid so that it will not
bomb on TTYs
Sat May 18 22:44:53 1996 William Perry <>
* widget-edit.el: some text property munging for XEmacs
* w3-widget.el: Yet more bug fixes for ye olde image widget
* w3-widget.el:
reorded some checks in the image widget callback so that client side
imagemaps got done correctly.
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed bug in the use of the new image widget when it was _not_ used
like <a href=foo>test<img src=blah>test</a>
* w3-forms.el: Support <input type=button> ala netscape
* w3-forms.el: Give default labels to submit and reset buttons
Fri May 17 19:52:49 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Now uses the new image widget
* w3-widget.el: Various fixes
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-widget to the distribution
* w3-forms.el:
Fixed radio button formatting problems (similar to choice options)
* w3-menu.el:
Don't put the hide location and hide statusbar menu entries in under
Emacs 19 just yet.
* w3-imap.el: Few fixes for Emacs 19 in tty mode
* w3-forms.el:
Option lists now no longer insert a newline unconditionally. Ack.
* w3-draw.el: inhibit-read-only for some Emacs 19 lossage
Thu May 16 16:15:01 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-menu.el: Better fix for XEmacs w/no menus
* w3-mouse.el:
Do not use button keysyms if no X support is compiled in (button1, etc)
* w3-xemac.el:
Don't make toolbar buttons if not (featurep 'toolbar). Don't add our
help stuff to the help menu unless (featurep 'menubar)
* w3-menu.el:
Don't install menus under XEmacs unless (featurep 'menubar), otherwise it will bomb on a TTY-only XEmacs.
Tue May 14 16:32:16 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-widget.el: Initial revision
* font.el: Strikethru stuff works again.
* default.css: added some netscapisms in the default stylesheets
* w3-style.el: Added a require 'cl for 'case' handling
* w3-parse.el: Added 'strike' tag to %font in the DTD ala HTML 3.2
Mon May 13 20:56:52 1996 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Removed from the distribution, as it is no longer used.
Fri May 10 16:28:13 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-imap.el: Now displays client-side imagemaps pretty sweetly under Emacs 19
(drop-down list of destinations)... Whoo hoo!
* default.css: few changes to default stylesheet - nothing major
* w3-draw.el: fixed problem in w3-decode-area-coords
Thu May 9 13:46:42 1996 William Perry <>
Wed May 8 17:52:10 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Avoid creating bad html in w3-document-information
Tue May 7 16:06:20 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: New keybinding C-A-t for listing open network transfers
* w3-draw.el, w3-forms.el, w3-parse.el: Support <keygen> tags in the parser
Mon May 6 18:03:06 1996 William Perry <>
* images.el: fixed image converter for tiff->pnm and pnm->tiff. Also added
converter for JBIG (?!) image type
* w3-forms.el:
Fall back to using old-style looking stuff for text entry areas - some
HTML was truly confusing where the widget ended and began. Gack.
Thu May 2 16:24:12 1996 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: now installs default.css
* w3-imap.el:
image order fixed on pages with consecutive images with no text in between.
* w3.el: Now looks in the data-directory and data-directory/w3/ subdir for
stylesheet files. Now looks for several stylesheet files, not just
the first one it finds.
Wed May 1 21:36:37 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: fixed mouse waggling under Emacs
* w3-vars.el: Added default for w3-source-file-hook ... automatically goes into
html-mode (should probably do font-lock as well to get netscap'y look)
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <body> tags yet again... god am I stupid
* w3-e19.el: Fixed mouse movement under Emacs
* w3.el: auto-autoload w3-do-setup
* w3-vars.el: changed w3-documentation-root
* w3-menu.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-toolbar.el, w3-mouse.el:
* w3-menu.el:
Now use w3-default-configuration-file for saving options from the menubar
* w3-auto.el: removed a few autoloads due to the forms revamping
* docomp.el: few more stub variables
* w3-vars.el: More forms fixes
* w3.el: Some jka-compr fixes
* w3-style.el: removed annoying 'applying style hints' messages
* w3-draw.el: Fixed the handling of default attributes on <body> tag for text
coloring, etc. Wasn't using the new syntax the stylesheet parser was
* w3-hot.el, w3-menu.el: In XEmacs, changed the hotlist menu constructor to use
w3-html-bookmarks instead of adding a separate menu item for it.
Consitent with how it has to be done under Emacs19
Tue Apr 30 20:45:20 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-mouse.el: In netscape emulation mode, emulate the mouse bindings as well.
* font.el:
Now takes care of setting a display-table on the face for smallcaps and bigcaps
* w3-forms.el: more fixes
* w3-sysdp.el: Added definition of alist-to-plist
* w3-draw.el: fixed some <select> issues
* w3-forms.el: New round of cleanup of the forms code continues
Sat Apr 27 04:31:57 1996 William Perry <>
* widget-edit.el: fixed typo in the 'sexp' widget
* w3-auto.el: autoload widget-forward/backward
* widget-edit.el: Fix for file widget
use 'keymap property when in xemacs, 'local-map when in Emacs
* w3-menu.el:
Don't put the toggle toolbar menu item up in Emacs or a XEmacs with no
toolbar support
* w3-draw.el: More efficient handling of end of hyperlink
* w3-beta.el: w3 buffers are no longer read only
* w3-forms.el, w3.el, w3-mouse.el:
Make middle-mouse-button run w3-widget-button-click, that will not
call widget-button-click if there is no widget under the event - this
avoids being able to paste into the buffer, etc. Gack!
* w3-vars.el:
no longer show the read-only/modified status in the modeline for w3 buffers
* w3-vars.el: Yet more key shuffling for the widget stuff
Fri Apr 26 23:09:10 1996 William Perry <>
* widget-edit.el, widget.el: Initial revision
* w3-forms.el:
Only set the face of a form element if one has been explicitly defined
* w3-imap.el:
Removing alt text from the buffer when loading images works again... yahhh
* w3.el, w3-forms.el, w3-auto.el, w3-e19.el, w3-menu.el:
Fixed the 'links' menu for both XEmacs and Emacs
* w3-keyword.el:
elc files should now be portable between XEmacs and Emacs again... as
long as you don't use the byte-compile-dynamic stuff.
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem of w3-handle-hyperlink-end being a little too aggressive
about putting the highlight and link properties on empty <a> tags.
Thu Apr 25 19:08:45 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el, w3-vars.el, w3-style.el, w3-menu.el, w3-imap.el, w3-forms.el, w3-e19.el, w3-draw.el, w3.el:
Lots and lots of changes...
- config files are now all in ~/.w3/, ala netscape
- everything is now done via the excellent 'widget' package and text
properties... most of the code in w3-e19 and w3-xemac is now gone
- 90% of the forms code is gone, subsumed by widget
- some stylesheet changes for the latest CSS level 1 draft
- general cleanup of lots of other code
- many changes all over the place to deal with the new widget package
and text-property representation
* w3-auto.el: more autoloads
* w3-hot.el: New way of extracting the default title of a link under point
* w3-beta.el: No longer call w3-mule-attribute-zones
* w3-emulate.el: No more special casing of keysyms based on emacs version...
* w3-toolbar.el: Changed the default toolbar type to 'both
* dist.Makefile: added w3-mouse.el to the distribution
* w3-mouse.el: Initial revision
* w3-menu.el:
Moved new, unified version of context sensitive menu code into w3-menu
* w3-mule.el: Removed lots of old crap
* w3-keyword.el: Initial revision
* font.el:
Now tags colors that are actually vectors as [rgb #r #g #b] instead of
just [#r #g #b]
Mon Apr 22 16:48:31 1996 William Perry <>
* docomp.el: Added bogus def of has-modeline-p to shut up emacs-19
* w3-auto.el: renamed w3-annotate.el to w3-annotat.el
Fri Apr 19 20:40:46 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-auto.el: Added autoloads for widget package
Thu Apr 18 12:57:47 1996 William Perry <>
Wed Apr 17 13:35:41 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
Don't send the truncated URL that is used for displaying menus to the
actual function. D'oh!
Tue Apr 16 17:37:59 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-merge.el: Initial revision
Mon Apr 15 21:24:04 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Use temporary faces in XEmacs, so people don't puke when they do
edit-faces and see all the crappy face names.
Sat Apr 13 01:07:49 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: New function w3-popup-image-info that displays info about an image ala
netscape 2.x
* w3-menu.el:
slight re-ordering of the options menu. Can now turn off the modeline
and minibuffer
* w3-e19.el, w3-xemac.el:
When the menubar is turned off, add a turn menubar back on option to
all context sensitive menus
* w3-vars.el: Shortened the context-sensitive menu over hyperlinks
Fri Apr 12 03:51:20 1996 William Perry <>
Thu Apr 11 17:43:48 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Now handles set-cookie commands from <meta> tags
Wed Apr 10 14:30:19 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el, w3.el:
Set the variable list-buffers-directory appropriately to show the URL
for all the various W3 buffers via list-buffers.
Tue Apr 9 20:52:52 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
url-truncate-url-for-viewing can now take an optional width parameter.
If an unknown URL type is found, put quotes around it in the error
message so that its easier to know what exactly wasn't recognized.
* w3-parse.el: Various patches from jbw.
1. Parser-side fix for <XMP> duplication.
2. Percentages would get way out of wack on large files
Mon Apr 8 22:40:47 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: fixed problem in w3-decode-area-coords that would mess up on some
client side imagemaps (namely
Wed Apr 3 15:45:43 1996 William Perry <>
* images.el: more tcsh crap... please make it stop.
* w3.el: Added new w3-fetch-other-window command
Tue Apr 2 17:16:23 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Some extent functions for emacs19
* w3-imap.el: Client-side image mapping polygons work now.
* images.el: Hopefully final fix for csh/tcsh
Mon Apr 1 18:58:49 1996 William Perry <>
* images.el: fixes for csh/tcsh shells, yet _AGAIN_!
* w3-menu.el: Can now toggle the menubars from the options menu
Thu Mar 28 20:04:03 1996 William Perry <>
* docomp.el: fix for emacs 19.28 griping because of those %!@#%!@ defsubsts.
If you ar eusing 19.28, please please upgrade.
* w3-menu.el: New 'style' menu item to control the IE 3.0 compatiblitiy parsing
* w3-style.el:
now :normal: or :default: in a stylesheet end a device-specific section
* w3-style.el:
CSS now handles C++ style // comments like the unreleased IE 3.0 with
stylesheets. Oh, the joy of compatibility!
Wed Mar 27 19:44:12 1996 William Perry <>
* images.el:
Possible fix for image loading problems seen when people have csh or
tcsh as their default shell. Good lord, are these people insane? See
for details.
* w3-forms.el:
fixed problem with some forms that don't deal well with following the
!@#%!@ing spec for application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Now does not
escape the _ character. #%!@#%!@#%!@%!@#%!~@ - wow, its lucky we
passed the CDA or someone might have gotten offended here.
* w3-draw.el:
now handles xmp slightly differently - waiting for patches from jbw
for the parser end of the fix.
* w3-style.el:
You can now have emacsen specific sections of a CSS stylesheet by
using the device-specific stuff. Use :emacs: or :xemacs: as the
device type and away you go.
Tue Mar 26 21:14:19 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Fixed the 'submit form to nil' bug in mouse movement
* w3.el, w3-hot.el: HTML bookmark parsing now actually works.
Mon Mar 25 14:53:56 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el, w3-about.el:
Changed some pointers to ben wing and pearl software.
Wed Mar 20 15:50:50 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el:
Prefix arg to w3-quit now kills all w3 buffers, not just the current one.
* w3-draw.el: fixed a problem with ^M in <XMP> and <PRE> sections
* w3-imap.el: protect against passing invalid data to make-glyph
Sun Mar 17 23:20:14 1996 William Perry <>
Tue Mar 12 18:23:12 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Stubs for math mode
Sat Mar 9 17:47:21 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-toolbar.el:
Should now work correctly with no toolbar support compiled into XEmacs.
Wed Mar 6 01:52:32 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-imap.el:
Fixed problem with button2 usage in w3-imap.el when compiling with Emacs
Fri Feb 23 01:58:21 1996 William Perry <>
Wed Feb 21 17:06:00 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Now outputs a warning when it runs into a table, just so people know
its not my fault if it looks like crap. :)
* w3.el: Now uses the real add-minor-mode
* w3-sysdp.el: Added stub for add-minor-mode
* w3.el: Now set buffer-file-truename and buffer-file-name to nil when sourcing
a document.
* w3-draw.el, w3-sysdp.el:
Few fixes for #%!@ damn emacsen that don't sanely deal with make-face et. al
on a TTY interface.
Tue Feb 20 14:12:27 1996 William Perry <>
Mon Feb 19 15:13:55 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
Changed binding of mouse-2 to 'ignore instead of 'undefined - more polite.
Sun Feb 18 19:11:45 1996 William Perry <>
* RelNotes2.3: Initial revision
Sat Feb 17 23:50:00 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: fixed loading of default stylesheet stuff. gack.
* w3-auto.el: fixed autoloading of css parser
* w3.txi: manual formatting changes - wheee.
* w3-menu.el:
Now explicitly require easymenu for Emacs-19 - some older versions don't
autoload it. *sigh*
Fri Feb 16 21:39:19 1996 William Perry <>
Thu Feb 15 22:56:04 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: w3-fetch now defaults to http://www. if you are not in a w3 buffer
* w3-menu.el: Added menu item for incremental display
Mon Feb 5 17:01:39 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed bug in the <font> handling if all you are doing is setting a color
Tue Jan 30 15:16:43 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Added section on emulation. Updated copyright info and dates.
Sun Jan 28 06:17:55 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-menu.el: Fleshed out the doc string of w3-use-menus some more.
Sat Jan 27 18:59:57 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: Made more of the functions names be saner... don't pollute the
namespace for when we support more stylesheet notations. Need to
extrapolate it some more and have a registry of acceptable notations.
Fri Jan 26 18:40:42 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: No longer adds WWW options submenu to the main options menu
* w3.el, w3-xemac.el:
Lots of changes for new client-side imagemap support and cleanup of old code.
* w3-menu.el: New `style' menu
* w3-imap.el:
Lots of changes for new client-side imagemap support and cleanup of old code.
* w3-emulate.el:
Added keybindings for left & right arrow keys under netscape emulation.
* w3-draw.el:
Lots of changes for new client-side imagemap support and cleanup of old code.
Removed inlined mpeg code, waiting for XEmacs 19.15 to support it again.
* descrip.mms: Updated the VMS makefile for the new files
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-menu.el to the distribution
Thu Jan 25 17:51:39 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el:
Moved over to new, more robust menu specifications - mainly stolen from VM.
* w3.el, w3-vars.el, w3-emulate.el:
Moved w3-search-* functions out of w3-emulate.el into w3.el where they belong.
Moved some variables out as well.
* w3-e19.el: Removed w3-emacs19-hack-faces-p support.
Moved over to new, more robust menu specifications - mainly stolen from VM.
* w3-menu.el:
Menus now appear to work under both emacs19 and XEmacs. Fixed problem
where 'Search Again' was always available, even if no search had been
done yet.
* w3-menu.el: Initial revision
Tue Jan 23 18:05:08 1996 William Perry <>
* font.el: Fixed problem with latest XEmacs 19.14 beta
* w3-emulate.el:
lynx/netscape emulation now uses new w3-search-forward function
* w3-toolbar.el: Toolbar now uses new w3-search-forward function
* w3-imap.el: Work around small bug in the 19.14 beta byte compiler
* w3.el: Don't choke and die if you can't find ange-ftp
Mon Jan 22 16:15:42 1996 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-emulate.el to distribution
* w3.el, w3-vars.el: Moved the emulation stuff into a separate file
* w3-emulate.el: Initial revision
Sun Jan 21 19:16:33 1996 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-imap.el to the distribution
Sun Jan 14 01:00:30 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: updated mailing list addresses
* w3.txi: Added section on reporting bugs... needs finishing
Sat Jan 13 08:30:06 1996 William Perry <>
Fri Jan 12 19:42:17 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Added parsing stuff for client-side imagemaps
* w3-draw.el, w3-vars.el, w3-imap.el:
Client-side imagemaps parse correctly now, and the data is stored.
* w3-e19.el:
Make the options button look a little more like a button under emacs 19
* w3.txi: Combined some of the indices to make it easier to find stuff.
* w3-imap.el: Fixed macros x-coord and y-coord
* w3-imap.el:
Added definitions for point-in-rectangle|circle functions, and stub
for point-in-polygon function
* w3-imap.el: Initial revision
Wed Jan 10 13:32:30 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Renamed w3-store-in-x-clipboard to w3-store-in-clipboard
* w3-xemac.el: New version of w3-store-in-clipboard
* w3-e19.el: Renamed w3-store-in-x-clipboard to w3-store-in-clipboard
* w3-e19.el: w3-store-in-x-clipboard now uses x-select-text instead of
x-set-selection, which is more correct as a good X citizen I guess.
Sun Jan 7 17:03:38 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: only check current-prefix-arg if interactive-p. Otherwise we hose up
things in ffap.el and probably lots of other things nobody has found
Wed Jan 3 19:47:47 1996 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
New netscape emulation minor mode that sets up a lot of keybindings.
* font.el: Made set-face-background|foreground|font interactive again.
* docomp.el: Now adds urldir to the load path
* dist.Makefile: Now copies the THIS-IS-VERSION-* files when installing
* docomp.el:
Now adds URLDIR to load-path instead of unconditionally using ../url
* dist.Makefile:
Now puts URLDIR in the environment of the compiling emacsen so that
docomp.el can get at it.
Tue Jan 2 17:52:14 1996 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Renamed a few things from style-sheet to stylesheet, to be consistent
Wed Dec 20 18:21:29 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-hot.el: Removed compile-time warnings
* dist.Makefile: removed w3-srch.el from distribution
* w3-hot.el:
Basic handling of html hotlists... converts into XEmacs-style menu currently
* w3-beta.el: Added definition of w3-normalize-spaces
* font.el: Definition of define-new-mask macro should now work on older emacs
19.2x that don't understand native backquoting.
* w3-parse.el:
No longer throw up a warning for <hr> in <pre> - it really is legal HTML 2.0
* w3-xemac.el: Now stores the parse _tree_ in w3-current-parse.
Modified the view-parse-tree menu item to show this (not just w3-last-parse-tree
* w3-parse.el:
Made w3-display-parse-tree able to take a parse tree as an argument
* w3-beta.el:
Make w3-refresh-buffer signal an error for now - not yet reimplemented.
* w3-vars.el: Added entities
(sim . 126)
(le . "<=")
(agr . "alpha")
(rdquo . "''")
(ldquo . "``")
* w3-parse.el: Now allows <hr> inside of <pre>
Tue Dec 19 22:21:15 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed textarea default input handling
* w3-vars.el, w3-parse.el: Added variable w3-maximum-line-length
Mon Dec 18 22:30:38 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Offer to save to disk if an external viewer fails
* w3.el: If w3-fetch is given a prefix arg, dump to disk.
* w3.el:
Now defaults to using ~/.netscape/preferences instead of ~/.MCOM-preferences
Sun Dec 17 21:26:41 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-vars.el, w3.txi:
Changed w3-link-delimiter-info to w3-link-info-display-function
Sat Dec 16 17:23:39 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: fixed typo in tty-font-create-plist
* font.el: Fixed stupid mistake in font-tty-find-closest-color
Thu Dec 14 22:34:32 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: Now uses linethru if on XEmacs
* default.css: Moved to new CSS comment syntax
Added new stuff for TTYs
Wed Dec 13 15:49:44 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Removed a bunch of old code for XEmacs <= 19.13
* w3-xemac.el: Now registers all netpbm utilities by default
* font.el: Added a few new bitmasks (overline linethrough)
* w3-style.el:
Now handles the new CSS style syntax - will they every !%#@ing decide
on one and stick with it?!!?!?
Tue Dec 12 22:53:43 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: fixed problem in w3-insert-entities-in-string under XEmacs
* w3-forms.el: Few form fixes
* w3-vars.el: Modified the default stylesheet
* font.el: Bold now works on ttys
* w3-sysdp.el:
Added stubs for make-face set-face-foreground and set-face-background
for non-X emacsen
Mon Dec 11 22:52:38 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: Some emacs19 patches
* font.el: Changed all the style stuff to use bitmasks for speed.
More TTY changes
If no size specified for font, defaults to size of default font for device.
If no family specified for font, defaults to family of default font for device.
* w3-style.el: All stylesheet stuff now uses the new font package
Sun Dec 10 17:55:13 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: Some of the font stuff now works on TTYs (bold/dim/etc)
* w3-sysdp.el: Added stubs for face-property and set-face-property
* w3-parse.el: Added wired
Sat Dec 9 23:36:21 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el:
Added definition of x-font-regexp for emacs19 that has everything font.el
needs in it.
Fri Dec 8 18:05:48 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Better handling of links - now keeps _all_ links with the same rel or rev
* w3.el: New presentation of document information
* w3-xemac.el, images.el: Can now compile under Emacs19
Wed Dec 6 14:37:12 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Now comes with a global fallback stylesheet
* w3-style.el: No longer make '/' a 'string' type in the syntax-table - it was
screwing up non-quoted URLs big time.
* font.el: If running under emacs19, always condition-case where we do a
set-face-font, since it handles different fonts badly right now.
Tue Dec 5 22:29:28 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el:
New image/hyperlink/default context-sensitive menus. Can now have a
'%s' in the w3-graphlink and w3-hyperlink-menu entries that will be
replaced by the URL under point
* w3-xemac.el: Now merges context-sensitive menus when appropriate
* w3-vars.el: Added image mapping for image/png to 'png
* images.el: Modified the pnm and ppm to gif converters to actually work now.
* images.el: Added converters for PNG
Mon Dec 4 19:22:26 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: XBM images now work again - gross
* w3-parse.el:
defvar of w3-sgml-md-syntax-table no longer uses an eval-when-compile
form, since this makes MULE and XEmacs 20.0 croak, and makes the .elc
files non-portable, now that Emacs 19.30 uses a separate data type for
* default.css: More fun stylesheet things
* w3.el: When dumping to disk, only send "*/*" in the acceptheader
* w3-vars.el: Now uses the new 'images' package for image conversion.
* w3-xemac.el: Now uses the new 'images' package for image conversion.
Removed some stuff for old lemacsen
* images.el: Wow, it works
* new.el: Now handles pre-formatted sections correctly
* font.el: Default to 12pt font
Sat Dec 2 16:55:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Applied some patches from joe wells.
* w3-parse.el: Applied some patches from joe wells.
1. Added error transitions to infer <TBODY>, <TR>, and <TD> when seeing
bad stuff inside a TABLE. A lot of people write shit like this:
<TABLE> Text to be centered in a pretty frame in Netscape </TABLE>
2. Took out a particular error transition for P start tags in the state
transition table that was leading to horrible handling of some bad
HTML I was seeing. I had thought this transition would improve
handling of bad HTML, but I hadn't seen this particular kind of bad
3. Fixed a use of w3-invalid-sgml-chars (that didn't work at all) and
fixed its documentation string.
Fri Dec 1 16:25:58 1995 William Perry <>
* images.el: Initial revision
Thu Nov 30 14:33:14 1995 William Perry <>
Wed Nov 29 15:06:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Define x-font-regexp-foundry-and-family for Emacs 19
* dist.Makefile:
No longer compile w3-sysdp.el - was causing problems in emacs 19.29/19.30
* w3-auto.el: Added autoload for w3-form-format-unknown
Tue Nov 28 16:33:12 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-toolbar.el: Finally fixed nil specifier problem in w3-toggle-toolbar
* font.el: Added a new generic font family 'elfin'. New keyword :oblique. New
function font-create-object that converts a window-system-dependent
font specification into our internal representation
* new.el: Shit, it works!
* w3-style.el: Now intern's the 'break' items, for faster comparison later.
Mon Nov 27 22:21:04 1995 William Perry <>
Sun Nov 26 01:31:44 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Nov 25 04:47:31 1995 William Perry <>
* new.el: Initial revision
Fri Nov 24 22:53:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Lots of changes and restructuring
* w3.txi:
Documented the recent keymap changes for history/annotation/hotlist actions
* w3-vars.el: Moved history commands onto their own keymap
* w3-vars.el:
Moved all hotlist and annotation functions into their own keymap 'h'
and 'a' respectively. Comments on the new keybindings are welcome.
* w3-style.el:
font-size-index now scales by 1.44 instead of 1.2, as CSSv5 recommends
Thu Nov 23 22:33:22 1995 William Perry <>
* default.css: Few piddly changes
* w3.txi: Lots of documentation changes. Thanks to jon konrath
* w3-style.el: Fixed typo in w3-style-font-size-for-index
* w3-draw.el: Can now handle <font color=xxx>
* w3-style.el: The output device specific stuff works now
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed conversion of netscape <body> attributes into a CSS stylesheet
Wed Nov 22 16:49:32 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: Now correctly parses the ":foo:" stuff in CSS to handle multiple
media. Doesn't actually do anything with it yet, but at least it
doesn't make the thing choke and die any more.
Tue Nov 21 16:33:37 1995 William Perry <>
* default.css: Various tweaks and changes to the default stylesheet
* w3-style.el: Removed old cssv3 stuff - is now completely cssv5
Added correct handling of comments
* w3-draw.el: Setting default background works again
* w3-xemac.el:
Added a debugging menu for right now to show the last parse tree and the
current stylesheet.
* font.el: Few changes to not always default to 'medium' font weight, for those
fonts that don't have one.
Mon Nov 20 14:14:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-about.el: Converted about:style to CSSv5
* w3.txi: Started revamping some sections
Sun Nov 19 22:13:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Fixed w3-overlays-at
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-forms.el:
Everything and its grandmother now uses a default stylesheet - no more
* w3-mule.el: Fixed a few MULE bugs
* w3-style.el:
w3-generate-stylesheet-faces does not actually create any of the faces
now - delays that until they are actually needed/used in
* w3-vars.el:
Everything and its grandmother now uses a default stylesheet - no more
* w3.el: Everything and its grandmother now uses a default stylesheet - no more
Much faster version of w3-insert-entities-in-string.
Now binds require-final-newline to nil when saving a binary file.
Fixed a few MULE bugs with coding systems and www: URLs
Fixed reading of initial stylesheet.
* w3-xemac.el:
Everything and its grandmother now uses a default stylesheet - no more
* w3-auto.el: Now autoloads w3-generate-stylesheet-faces
* docomp.el: Moved some variable stubs around
* w3-parse.el: Several patches from jbw to the new parser
Sat Nov 18 02:54:18 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Fixed typo in one of the new defvars
* w3-vars.el: Changed the format of w3-list-chars-assoc and w3-style-tags-assoc
* w3-draw.el: Removed conversion of old style entity stuff
* w3-vars.el: Moved w3-html-entities variable
* w3.el: Now correctly generates stylesheet faces for the user stylesheet.
w3-insert-entities-in-string should now be more efficient.
* w3-parse.el: Moved w3-html-entities variable
Fri Nov 17 18:42:54 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-auto.el: Added autoload for w3-parse-arena-stylesheet
* w3.el: Fixed hashtable stuff under XEmacs - the key of a hashtable must be
able to compare with 'eq', not 'equal', so had to change it to use
symbols instead of the url string.
* w3-beta.el:
No longer bind pop-up-windows to nil through all of w3-prepare-buffer
* dist.Makefile:
Now requires that the URL package be installed before continuing
* w3-parse.el: Added the 'label' tag.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed dumb mistake in the handling of
w3-visited-node-style/w3-node-style for links under a window system.
* w3-forms.el: Removed old bogus code
* w3-parse.el: Fixed bug in the new entity expansion
* w3-style.el:
Fixed a problem with the font-weight keyword in style specs. Now
stores the font specification in the stylesheet as well
* w3.el: No longer unconditionally load w3-sysdp.el
* w3-draw.el: Fixed some spacing problems
* w3-parse.el: Various patches from jbw
Thu Nov 16 18:52:56 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Added in the emacs-w3 easter eggs to the DTD
* w3-parse.el: Allow '_' in attribute names
Wed Nov 15 23:10:23 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed list items with new implied paragraph breaks immediately after
* w3-draw.el: Fixed the yogsothoth handling
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed image loading problem
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed w3-sgml-name-to-string to be a macro instead of a true function.
Since it was wrapped within an eval-when-compile, all calls to it
later on would be fucked due to an undefined function
* w3-draw.el: Removed some dead code
* font.el:
Can now correctly combine any number of fonts with font-combine-fonts
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with not swallowing newlines when necessary due to new parser
* w3-forms.el: Moved lots of stuff out into new auxiliary files
* w3-auto.el: Initial revision
* w3.el: Moved lots of stuff out into new auxiliary files
* w3-annotat.el: Initial revision
* w3-hot.el: Removed the old, unused air mosaic hotlist parser
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el:
Make a display-table for use globally for things in the windows character set
* w3-parse.el: The whole new parser from joe wells. M-x amen
* w3-draw.el: Few changes for the new parser
Mon Nov 13 15:56:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed the <font size=+x> handling
* w3-draw.el:
Implemented messaging the 'title' of a link instead of just the naked URL
Now honors the nasty netscapism 'seqnum' attribute on <li> tags
* w3-vars.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el:
Implemented messaging the 'title' of a link instead of just the naked URL
* w3-toolbar.el: Activated the w3-toolbar-stop-icon stuff
Fri Nov 10 17:30:43 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el:
Fixed problem with application/x-www-form-urlencoding of names of form fields
Thu Nov 9 20:56:02 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Few fixes for ordered lists in alpha and roman style
* w3.el: Catch malformed www: URLs
Fri Nov 3 21:34:35 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el, w3-draw.el:
Can now specify alignment and textalignment in stylesheets for <hr>
Thu Nov 2 22:25:50 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el:
Fixed problem in stylesheet parser calling (char-after) at point-max
* w3-hot.el: Now requires w3-vars, so that w3-setup-done is bound.
Wed Nov 1 15:39:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: More work on allowing the user to do a completing-read on the
annotations of a buffer to delete one. Fixed a few potential screwups
in the annotations code with regard to improperly entity-ized strings.
no longer refetches a text/plain document from the server when you do
a document-source on it.
* w3-hot.el:
Don't leave backup copies of w3-hotlist-file or url-global-history-file
Tue Oct 31 06:20:43 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed stupid problem introduced when changing w3-set-fill-prefix-length to defsubst instead of defmacro
* w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-vars.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Now handles empty containers with name/id attributes
* w3-beta.el: Different formatting for annotations
* w3.el: Base of allowing the user to choose what annotation to delete when
w3-delete-personal-annotation is called from a non-PAN
* w3-parse.el, w3-beta.el, w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el: Few performance tweaks
Sun Oct 29 02:14:10 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-hot.el, w3.el:
Removed old HTML <div1> so that the new display engine doesn't gripe
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Made w3-source-document honor w3-reuse-buffers. Also made
w3-reuse-buffers default to `reuse'
* w3-draw.el: Fixed the form handling for isindex fields.
* w3-draw.el: Include a working version of center-line for emacs 19.29
* dist.Makefile: Now uses an implicit target.
Sat Oct 28 04:16:16 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed stupid typos
* w3-e19.el, w3-xemac.el:
Now signals an error in w3-find-specific-link if the #link could not
be found
* w3.el: w3-show-history-list now works again
* w3-draw.el: Fixed the <option value=xxx> handling
* w3-draw.el: Make headers nuke <p> alignments on the stack
* w3-parse.el: No longer swallows all the trailing '>' after a tag. So
<h1>>>>>></h1> will show up correctly. Hmmmm... is this right?
Comments anyone?
* w3-draw.el:
first paragraph breaks within a list item are now filled correctly
Fri Oct 27 13:41:16 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el:
Now correctly keeps track of the tags that something applies-to -
correct handling of context and new level 2 attribute references
instead of the old naive way.
* w3-style.el: Now implements @import for stylesheets ala CSS v4
Thu Oct 26 15:11:29 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: Fixed problem in Emacs 19.29 with the font-set-face-font stuff -
copy-face sends us in the internal vector instead of the face symbol.
Wed Oct 25 22:35:42 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed following a link to a fragment "#foo" does not add that URL to
url-global-history-completion-list (and thus it will not be shown as a
link that has been followed) if the base URL is already in a buffer.
* default.css: Updated to new (unreleased) CSS v5 specification
* font.el: Removed some old function definitions that are no longer used.
* w3-draw.el:
Will now create the face storage variables if make-face is not bound.
Was causing some of the stuff later on in the display engine to crap
out and die.
Tue Oct 24 16:42:24 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-style.el: More CSS hacks
* w3-style.el: Some CSS v5 stuff
* font.el: Added definition of font-warn
* w3-style.el: No longer get everything set to a nil/nil/nil/nil font
Mon Oct 23 23:49:51 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Now honors the special `link' and `visited' classes for anchor tags
* w3-style.el: Now honors old back.color syntax
* w3.el: Now honors the $html-source CSS special
Thu Oct 19 21:12:50 1995 William Perry <>
Wed Oct 18 22:20:59 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: few formatting tweaks.
* w3-style.el: Few various tweaks for font-style
Tue Oct 17 21:47:49 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el: Fixed form entries
Mon Oct 16 20:35:42 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed applicatin/x-www-form-urlencoded crap
* font.el:
Don't die if the set-face-xxxx functions are undefined when font.el[c]
is loaded
Sun Oct 15 23:33:49 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed handling of add.before and add-after
* w3-style.el: Don't bomb out on ttys
* w3-parse.el: Patch from jbw to handle more bad HTML
* w3-parse.el:
Correct handling of things like &quot; in an attribute/value pair
* w3-beta.el: Better handling of personal annotations
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed fig and ol handling to be consistent with the new symbol-based
argument lists
* w3-parse.el:
Moved default parameters for ol into w3-draw where they belong, courtesy of jbw
* w3.el: Patches for personal annotations by jbw
* w3.el: fixed some fuckups in the history list
* w3.el: Check return value of url-get-url-at-point in w3-follow-url-at-point
before passing to w3-fetch.
* w3-vars.el: Fixed documentation for w3-header-chars-assoc
Thu Oct 12 13:59:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Implemented w3-active-link-color for emacs 19
Tue Oct 10 16:17:52 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: Some more CSS v4 stuff
* w3-draw.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-vars.el: Now has w3-active-node-style
Mon Oct 9 02:59:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-about.el: Updated the about stylesheet to the new v4 syntax
* default.css: Updated the default stylesheet to the new v4 syntax
Sun Oct 8 23:48:10 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el:
Now keeps track of `@define' directives - still need to actually do
something sensible with them though.
* w3-style.el:
Now understands CSS v4 syntax. Can handle either v3 or v4, based upon
some state in the parser.
Mon Oct 2 18:07:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Removed some epoch stuff
* w3-draw.el, w3-about.el, w3-vars.el, w3.el: Removed some epoch stuff
Sun Oct 1 17:34:43 1995 William Perry <>
Thu Sep 28 13:25:59 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
Disabled w3-shuffle-history-menu for now, since it cannot copy with
url-history-list being a hashtable.
* w3-xemac.el: The url-history-list is now really a hashtable
* w3-beta.el, w3.el:
Fixed a few problems in the hotlist and history handling where it was
not escaping URLs correctly of < > &, etc.
Wed Sep 27 21:44:58 1995 William Perry <>
* font.el: Don't make the rgb.txt buffer visible to the user.
Tue Sep 26 14:59:14 1995 William Perry <>
* RelNotes: Initial revision
Mon Sep 25 21:59:10 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: No longer tries to auto-detect giftopnm or giftoppm
* w3-style.el: Only create font objects when necessary
* w3-style.el, w3-draw.el: New stylesheet mechanism
* font.el: Added lots of color stuff
Sun Sep 24 17:13:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added def of find-face
* font.el: Various tweaks
Sat Sep 23 04:04:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-xemac.el, descrip.mms, dist.Makefile:
* w3-toolbar.el: Moved all the toolbar specific stuff out into its own file
* w3-toolbar.el: Initial revision
Fri Sep 22 15:08:48 1995 William Perry <>
Thu Sep 21 17:21:24 1995 William Perry <>
Wed Sep 20 14:07:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-hash.el: Initial revision
Tue Sep 19 13:48:09 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed fill out forms
Mon Sep 18 18:13:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: A few fixes for w3-url-completion-function to make sure
url-global-history-hash-table is really a hashtable
Sun Sep 17 18:04:25 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: fixed typo
* w3-parse.el: Avoid lots of string-creation in w3-parse-args
* w3.el: Use all-completions directly in emacs-19 in w3-url-completion-function
for raw speed.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed some _STUPID_ problems
* w3-sysdp.el:
make-hashtable now finds the next highest prime for the initial size.
* w3-draw.el:
Everything from w3-parse-args is now a symbol, so that the faster assq
can be used when retrieving. It is possible something was missed -
keep an eye out for things getting fucked.
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el:
Now caches whether a URL has been visited or not between calls to
w3-handle-hype and w3-handle-hyperlink-end, for speed
* w3.el: Changes to w3-url-completion-function to handle the new internal
representation of the global history. Performance might suffer here
(in XEmacs), but the majority of people don't ever notice the url
completion anyway. :)
* w3-sysdp.el: Added def of clrhash
* w3-sysdp.el: Added hashtable functions
Sat Sep 16 01:37:54 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Some MULE stuff
* w3-beta.el: Fixed bug in finding #xxx links
* w3-draw.el:
Catch error in centering a horizontal rule due to brokenness in emacs 19.29
* w3-vars.el, w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el:
Lots of performance tweaks from (Joe Wells)
Mon Sep 11 14:32:40 1995 William Perry <>
Sun Sep 10 23:26:47 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added defvar for x-library-search-path
Sat Sep 9 03:17:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Added options menu item for honroing stylesheets
Wed Sep 6 15:12:24 1995 William Perry <>
Tue Sep 5 17:41:31 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed stupid problem with new def of w3-warn
Mon Sep 4 18:10:03 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Added SGI rgb inlined image converter
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed problem where something like <a href=^M "foo" would use the ^M
as the href value. Bleah!
* w3-beta.el: Integrated new version of w3-prepare-buffer from Shuji NARAZAKI
<> that gets rid of the horrid
'asynchronous retrieval finishes when in minibuffer' lossage. Yeah!
* w3.el: Redirects should now no longer screw up the history list.
Sun Sep 3 21:53:09 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Only do the absolute minimum setup necessary in
w3-read-url-with-default - this yields faster response time upon first
starting up via w3-fetch. Uses custom completion routine to only do
the url setup routines when the user requests completion on a URL.
* w3-sysdp.el: fixed typo in device-mm-width
Fri Sep 1 02:47:29 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Treat bogus METHODs on forms like GET, but still put up a warning
Thu Aug 31 23:59:33 1995 William Perry <>
* default.css: Initial revision
* w3-draw.el: Put in special test for CR or LF in name of a input field so that
spaces would not be inserted and screw up cgi scripts that aren't
expecting it.
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed various toolbar problems
Wed Aug 30 20:36:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Incorrectly 'typed' input types now default to `text'
* w3.el: Applied patch from (Joe Wells) for the extremely
annoying ` Wrong type argument: overlayp, (w3form (("enctype"
. "application/x- ...' stuff.
Mon Aug 28 21:15:50 1995 William Perry <>
* xbm-button.el: Initial revision
* w3-xemac.el: Now uses xbm-button-create when necessary
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed save options bug
* w3-draw.el: Fixed bug where 'plain' lists would not be indented at all.
* font.el: Initial revision
Sun Aug 27 01:10:25 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Aug 26 06:21:20 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added split-string
Fri Aug 25 18:56:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added definition of try-font-name
* w3-style.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-vars.el, w3-e19.el, w3-draw.el:
Can now specify the default face in style sheets
Thu Aug 24 19:08:16 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Changed w3-munge-color-XXX to strip spaces out of color names passed
* w3-style.el: Some fixes for the arena 0.97 type style sheets
Mon Aug 21 21:12:22 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: Style sheet stuff now more up-to-snuff with CSS v3. Also now
normalizes all colors to their RGB tuples, so that faces can be shared
between stylesheets that refer to them by different names (#FFF ->
black -> #FFFFFF -> etc)
Sun Aug 20 23:34:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed typo
* w3-util.el: Added doc strings for the w3-hyperlink-element-xxxx functions
* w3-util.el: Added a provide statement
* w3-util.el: Initial revision
* w3.el: New version of w3|url-warn
* w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-parse.el, w3-style.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Use new warnings facility. Reimplemented most of w3-debug-html
* w3.el, w3-draw.el: Now stores the ID attribute of input elements
* w3-parse.el: Nuke entities inside of a <textarea>
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el:
Don't parse any markup that occurs inside of a <TEXTAREA>
* w3-vars.el:
Removed textarea and textargs from w3-state-vector and w3-state-locator-variable
* w3-draw.el: Fixed O-T-M-P error
* w3-draw.el: Background bitmaps working again
* w3-about.el: fixed typo
Sat Aug 19 23:39:01 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Made the netpbm stuff come after the loading of the emacs-specific
file, and now checks to see if w3-insert-graphic is bound before doing
any of its checking, so that Emacs 19 etc users won't get the warning.
Also now checks for either pbmtoxbm or ppmtoxbm, since NETPBM doesn't
have ppmtoxpm
* docomp.el: Added stub for emx-binary-mode
Fri Aug 18 15:28:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Hack to let old xpm icons work for now
Thu Aug 17 23:46:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el: Basic support for raman's <label> stuff for forms
* w3.el: Fixed typo in w3-batch-fetch
Mon Aug 14 15:00:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-draw.el: Can now specify width and height on mpegs
* w3-xemac.el: Use new version of xpm-button.el
* xpm-button.el: New version from kyle
* w3.el: Fixed typo in warning about netpbm utilities
Sun Aug 13 17:50:20 1995 William Perry <>
* xpm-button.el: Made it so it doesn't bomb out on a tty
* dist.Makefile: added xpm-button to the distribution
* xpm-button.el: Initial revision
* w3-style.el: fixed a few typos
* w3-xemac.el:
Now uses the xpm-button program to make textual toolbar icons when necessary
Sat Aug 12 02:33:49 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-about.el: Added about:license and about:warranty URL nodes
* w3-draw.el: Catch errors when making w3-graphic-face
* w3.el: Changed the behaviour of url-keep-history - the history list is only
saved to disk if this is eq to `t'. Setting it to anything else
(usually a number) will keep the list in memory so that
w3-show-history-list can still work.
* w3.el: Don't add the initial page to the history list, so hitting 'B' in the
first W3 buffer won't take you out of any w3-mode buffers.
* w3-beta.el, w3-hot.el, w3-style.el, w3.el:
Always set coding-system to *noconv* in MULE when inserting file contents
Fri Aug 11 13:43:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el:
Moved w3-show-invisible-href into w3-draw to avoid invalid macro stuff
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el: Don't swallow spaces after <XMP>
* w3-xemac.el:
New function w3-start-image-cache-timer that will time out all images
after 5 minutes and cause a garbage-collect so that the pixmaps get
returned to the windowing system. This function will get smarter
* w3-xemac.el:
New variable w3-toolbar-type to control waht the toolbar looks like.
Can be 'pictures' 'text' or 'both' for icons only, text only, or
captioned icons repsectively.
Thu Aug 10 23:15:44 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Put up a big ugly warning if cannot find any of the netpbm utilities
at startup
* w3-draw.el:
The size of a <SELECT> area is now defined by the maximum of all the
lengths of the displayed strings or the SIZE attribute.
* w3-draw.el: No longer picks up the last item of a <SELECT> form area when no
<OPTION DEFAULT> is present
* w3-xemac.el: Asynch during images should be correctly turned off now
Sun Aug 6 15:58:35 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Aug 5 06:11:02 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-vars.el: New binding of space to w3-scroll-up
* w3.el, w3-draw.el, w3-beta.el, w3-vars.el: More stuff from the MULE folks
* w3-xemac.el: Added separators between toolbar buttons
Sat Jul 29 19:13:33 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Jul 22 02:51:16 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
Don't choke if w3-mode-go-menu is not a keymap in w3-create-hotlist-menu
Fri Jul 21 13:44:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el:
Added let bninding around the call to sera-to-fidel-marker to bind
sera-being-called-by-w3 so that all is well with the world when using
it with mule 2.2.3 for ethiopic text
Thu Jul 20 04:06:34 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed doc string for w3-open-local - also added autoloads for the
w3-maybe-follow-* functions
Tue Jul 18 13:24:39 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el, w3-hot.el:
Moved all the hotlist stuff out into w3-hot.el, in preparation for writing
more robust hotlist handling (HTML files, etc, as hotlists).
Mon Jul 17 14:05:31 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: <HR> handling now inserts fill-prefix/etc if in lists.
Wed Jul 12 12:42:03 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el:
Patch from chuck to use XBM version of toolbar icons if XPM support
not available.
Tue Jul 11 00:01:49 1995 William Perry <>
Mon Jul 3 15:28:33 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with multiple <textarea> tags would 'merge' the default
contents. Blah.
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed a slight formatting problem for <select multiple> lists when
within a centered area - looked like crap.
* w3-draw.el: Don't load background images if w3-delay-image-loads=nil
Sun Jul 2 03:35:07 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Added new target for w3-hot.elc
* w3.el: Extracted hotlist functions into w3-hot.el
* w3-hot.el: Initial revision
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Changed *-hooks to be *-hook'
Sat Jul 1 17:14:23 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-mule.el: Fixed problem in w3-convert-code-for-mule
Thu Jun 29 16:27:33 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Few more tweaks to the makefile
* dist.Makefile: Now tries to create INFODIR if it doesn't exist
* w3-e19.el, w3-mule.el, w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Various patches from Katsumi Yamaoka <> Katsumi Yamaoka <> for MULE stuff
* w3.el: Fixed a hidden forms problem.
Tue Jun 27 04:17:59 1995 William Perry <>
Mon Jun 26 02:29:33 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el: Fixed problem pointing to w3_toc.html
Sun Jun 25 22:28:28 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Fixed problem in 19.29 where there were two help menus.
* w3-sysdp.el: Some more device-* functions
* w3-sysdp.el: More NS problems resolved
* w3-xemac.el: Removed autoload for Info-goto-node
* w3-sysdp.el: Fixed problem in w3-device-class on NeXTstep
* w3-draw.el: Fixed problem in w3-get-resource on NeXTstep
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-mule.el, w3-srch.el, w3-style.el, w3-sysdp.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Continue movement to using w3-sysdp.el defined functions instead of
url-* funcs
* dist.Makefile: Removed extraneous w3-sysdp.el from SOURCES macro
Wed Jun 21 20:04:44 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Few changes for 19.12
* w3-draw.el: New version of w3-pause for XEmacs
* w3-draw.el: Fixed blinking
Tue Jun 20 14:10:49 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: <listing> now works.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <secret> handlig ng when not in XEmacs 19.12
Mon Jun 19 15:12:18 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Fixed problem in device-class with arg not being optional
Sun Jun 18 21:41:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el:
Fixed bug in emacs-19 version of device-class on non-color displays
* w3-sysdp.el: Rewrote device-class
Added device-pixel-width and device-pixel-height
* w3-xemac.el: New function w3-ensure-toolbar-visible
* w3-draw.el: Moved valid-color-name-p definition over into w3-sysdp.el
Sat Jun 17 17:50:44 1995 William Perry <>
* docomp.el: More toolbar stuff
* docomp.el: Removed lots of stuff that isn't necessary now that we are using
w3-sysdp.el all over the place
* w3-sysdp.el: Few more bugfixes
* w3-sysdp.el: Fixes for nextstep
* w3-sysdp.el:
Fixed definition of device-class so that it won't choke and die under
* w3-draw.el:
If w3-delimit-links is non-nil, put delimiters around submit/reset
form areas.
* w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el:
New options in menu to control honoring of refresh headers and color requests
Fri Jun 16 21:52:39 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Now honors multiple <title></title> crap like netscape.
* w3.el: Fixed handling of refresh header if url-honor-refresh-requests == 'ask
* w3.el: Ask the user before submitting a bug.
* w3-sysdp.el: Removed scrollbar functions.
Thu Jun 15 23:42:26 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Always use @echo so it doesn't show up twice.
* w3-xemac.el: More <link>-controlled toolbar stuff
* w3-xemac.el: Don't call device-type with an argument.
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el:
Fixed a few problems with compatibility with Emacs-19 in X mode
* dist.Makefile: Added urlauth to makefile
* w3-epoch.el: Fixed problem in w3-map-links
Wed Jun 14 23:38:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Removed a few things that are now in w3-sysdp.el
* w3-sysdp.el:
Changed sysdep-defalias to make sure that 'def' is fboundp if its a
symbol, so that bogus defs of make-frame, etc, are not created in
* w3.el: Few things to get a nice clean compile using w3-sysdp
* w3-xemac.el:
Removed loading of w3-sysdp, since it is loaded for everything now.
* w3-sysdp.el: More functions added
* w3-print.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-e19.el, w3-draw.el:
Few things to get a nice clean compile using w3-sysdp
* docomp.el: Now loads w3-sysdp during compilation
* w3-xemac.el: Stubs for <LINK> specific toolbar stuff.
* w3-parse.el: Rewrote w3-can-safely-ignore as a macro
Tue Jun 13 15:38:32 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el:
Moved some stuff over into w3-sysdp.el for a truly clean compile.
Fixed the new 'privacy' menu item
* w3.el: Added back in text/plain encoder for forms
* w3-xemac.el:
make sure that when we add our options/help menus to the menubar, we
do it to the global menubar, not just the current one, which could be
anything, but usually GNUS or VM if not the default.
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed w3-x-poup-menu bug.
* w3-xemac.el:
Fixed problem skip was having at
Mon Jun 12 20:32:04 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-wemac.el: Added back in crufty old menu definitions for use in WinEmacs
* w3-xemac.el: New 'save options' item
* descrip.mms, dist.Makefile, w3.el:
Added back in the requiring of w3-wemac - just too much different
stuff between it and even 19.10.
* w3-xemac.el:
Check for what type of menu we are displaying in w3-sensitize menu, or
some weird stuff could happen (like adding 'go' and 'view' menus to
the 'Emacs' type menubar.
* w3-xemac.el: Reordered some functions to avoid warnings in byte compiler
* w3-xemac.el:
Added a button ala VM to swap between the global menubar and the W3 one.
* w3.txi: Added stub for VMS section of documentation
* w3.el: Various patches from Richard Levitte <>.
(w3-do-setup): expand VMS Mosaic files correctly.
* docomp.el: Various patches from Richard Levitte <>.
start with inserting the current directory into load-path.
(hack-dot-emacs): remove the two first items from
command-line-args-left. Otherwise, Emacs tries to work on them when
hack-dot-emacs is done.
* descrip.mms:
Added the VMS build file from Richard Levitte <>
* descrip.mms: Initial revision
Sun Jun 11 22:50:50 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.txi:
Added in section on disk caching, filled out the Digest authentication
mechanism and SSL sections as well. Only things left to do are the
sections on non-unix platforms.
* w3-xemac.el:
Deal gracefully with markers passed into w3-add-zone (for WinEmacs)
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed stupid Emacs 19 lossage where x-color-defined-p signals an error
in a tty instead of failing gracefully. Robustness? Whassat?
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem in w3-handle-paragraph where re-search-forward could signal an error because 'NOERROR' was not t.
* w3.el: Fixed w3-find-this-file
Sat Jun 10 23:19:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed stupid screwup
* w3.el: Run the value of a submit button through url-hexify-string
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el:
Renamed w3-user-colors-take-preference -> w3-user-colors-take-precedence
* w3-draw.el, w3.el: IMAGE inputs in forms now work (sortof)
Fri Jun 9 15:01:05 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed problem with unterminated <a> refs.
Thu Jun 8 14:44:35 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed plaintext handling.
Mon Jun 5 15:12:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Added color printing toggle to emacs19 menus
* w3-xemac.el: Added color printing toggle to xemacs menus
* w3.el: After reading a form entry area, make sure we mark the buffer as not
* w3-draw.el:
fixed w3-handle-paragraph to handle weird circumstances where it could
try to make-string with a negative first arg.
* w3.el: Patches from for his local file handling
Sun Jun 4 20:58:40 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Jun 3 17:07:32 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile:
Patch from Skip Montanaro <> to make sure we delete
old copies of the .el and info files, since they are read only by
default, and this would cause the installation to fail.
* w3-xemac.el:
Make sure we don't try to set the X selection from a tty only xemacs -
it signals a wrong-device-type error.
Fri Jun 2 13:58:01 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el:
Removed dependence on url-grok-url from the netscape cache importing
Tue May 30 16:29:16 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Now recognizes <link rel="style"> as well as <link rel="stylesheet">
* w3.el: Fixed bug in w3-hotlist-delete that would choke and die on items named
'hotlist' - fixed the regular expression it was working with.
* w3.el: Few fixes
* w3-draw.el: Nuke all faces when leaving a <pre> segment
Mon May 29 18:24:04 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el, w3-print.el, w3-parse.el, w3-e19.el, w3-beta.el, w3-about.el, w3.el, w3-draw.el:
Removed lots of function documentation and left it as comments. These
functions are not meant to be seen by everyone, and this saves space
in the .elc files.
* w3.el: Made w3-save-binary-file default to a sane filename
* w3-10646.el:
Removed bogus copyright, added back in the real one from Erik Naggum.
gotta hate cut & paste
* w3-xemac.el:
Make sure the links menu is broken up when using the filter method in 19.12
* w3.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-draw.el:
Now deals with the removal of url-parse-relative-link
Sun May 28 22:28:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-about.el: Use the new url-register-protocol interface
* w3-vars.el: Fixed w3-modeline-format to look nicer
Sat May 27 22:00:15 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Removed w3-wemac from the distribution and makefile rules
* w3.el: No longer require w3-wemac if running under windows - the standard
w3-xemac package should handle it now.
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
New variable w3-modeline-format that controls the modeline look when
in w3-mode buffers.
* w3-vars.el: Removed crufty old menu definitions
* w3-draw.el:
The new color-frobbing stuff works in older versions of lemacs/xemacs
* w3-xemac.el: First pass at a merger of w3-wemac.el and w3-xemac.el
* w3-xemac.el:
Add the options and help menus to the main menubar in all versions of
Fri May 26 23:42:29 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: More patches from chuck for the next great xemacs beta
* w3-style.el, w3-draw.el:
Avoid calling of set-face-xxx functions directly, use 'apply' to avoid
Emacs-19 lossage of defsubsts that makes .elc files non-portable to
* w3-draw.el: Honor the <base> tag stuff when doing forms.
* w3-vars.el: Few fixes for the latest beta of XEmacs 19.12
Thu May 25 19:44:48 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
The body color handling stuff now deals gracefully with bad colors
* w3.el: Few fixes for VRML
* w3-style.el: Can now compile under Emacs 18 again.
Wed May 24 13:47:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Rearranged some of the menus to be like the XEmacs counterparts
Tue May 23 14:30:05 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: More renamings for XEmacs 19.12
Mon May 22 12:20:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el:
Renamed url-automatic-cacheing -> url-automatic-caching
* w3-xemac.el: Removed call to bogus exit-emacs func.
Wed May 17 16:20:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Support the newer way of doing toolbars in XEmacs 19.12
* w3-xemac.el: Patch from chuck for latest XEmacs 19.12 toolbar stuff
Tue May 16 20:18:40 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: VRML stuff
Mon May 15 03:38:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: If no last-modified, don't try to refetch the head info if not in file
or ftp mode.
* w3-style.el:
New w3-spatial-to-canonical function that can convert something like
1in or 12pt to a pixel-based representation.
* w3-xemac.el: Changed menus when under Lemacs 19.10 look just like 19.12
Sun May 14 17:37:35 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with <p align="xxx"> .... <p> not properly terminating
the alignment
* w3-about.el: hehe
* w3.el: Better cleanup of the temp directory.
Sat May 13 21:03:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Finished up cookie interface
* w3-draw.el:
Stub for interface to the cookie() function of emacs from within an HTML
* w3-about.el: New stylesheet for about: pages
* w3.el: Make w3-reload-document not recenter the window
* w3-draw.el: Fixed isindex handling for prompt=xxx and action=xxx
* w3-draw.el:
Make sure the emphasis on quotes (<q></q>) includes _both_ quote chars.
* w3-e19.el:
Don't blindly set the mouse-face on anything with 'w3 in the property
list. would cause things like <a name=xxx> to highlight.
* w3-xemac.el: XEmacs 19.12 tweaks
* w3-about.el:
New authors page that doesn't crap out in XEmacs 19.11 / Lemacs 19.10
* w3-xemac.el: Few more tweaks to the menus
* docomp.el: More garbage for a clean compile
* w3-xemac.el, w3-draw.el, w3.el: Few fixes for the latest beta of XEmacs 19.12
Thu May 11 16:32:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Added buffers menu to w3 menu
Wed May 10 22:19:25 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el:
Don't set up the toolbar if w3-toolbar-orientation is not 'top 'left
'right or 'bottom. Don't set the menubar for the w3 buffer if there
is no default one. Copy the options menu into the main options menu
if in XEmacs 19.12
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed images in 19.12
* w3.txi: Lots of changes
* w3.el: Added some stuff from the texinfo docs
Tue May 9 16:43:46 1995 William Perry <>
Mon May 8 21:45:28 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-emacs.el:
Fix from Michael Welsh Duggan <> for w3-back-link
in emacs 18
* dist.Makefile: Added ssl.el file
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with <br> in indented areas inserting the indentation twice
* docomp.el: Turn off new emacs19 dynamic loading gunk
Sun May 7 23:33:18 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: Few fixed for XEmacs 19.12
* w3-style.el: More style hackings
* w3-parse.el:
Gracefully handles stuff like '< ' in a document - this should be
shown. Screw document authors that do stuff like '< a' - its wrong.
* w3.el: Make w3-mark-link-as-followed be a no-op if w3-emacs19-hack-faces-p is
non-nil, otherwise weird things happen with too many spaces inserted
in the buffer, and there was really no difference between the two
renderings in that nasty mode anyway.
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed typo in spiffy new menus for xemacs 19.12
* w3.el: Let w3-notify-when-ready deal gracefully with a null argument
* w3-draw.el: Make </pre> without matching <pre> act like <p>
* w3-draw.el: Added the <flame> tag
* RelNotes2.2: Initial revision
* w3-draw.el: Only set w3-last-tag if non-text
* w3-draw.el: Reverted to old <dt> handling - looks better.
* w3-about.el: Removed a few dependencies on the old 'b64-xxxx' functions
* w3-style.el:
New stylesheet parser - can handle the new grammar agreed upon by
H&kon and I.
* dist.Makefile: Added new base64 package
Sat May 6 21:46:21 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Now puts help-echo property on images that are links
* w3.el: Now includes a mime-version header for mailed documents
* w3-emacs.el: New version of w3-forward-link and w3-back-link that skip over
'w3-graphic zones.
* w3-draw.el: <tab id=xxx> and <tab to=xxx> work now
* w3.el: Fixed problem with command-line-args-left being unbound when not in
startup phase
* w3-draw.el: New way to handle secrets fixed in old versions of emacs.
Default background pixmap to nil
* w3-about.el: New text for easter egg tag #1
* w3-xemac.el: Image-type selector menu is back.
* w3-xemac.el:
Changed mouse activation for image links to button2 to be consistent
* w3.txi: Few spelling changes
Fri May 5 23:05:39 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Can now do:
emacs -f w3-fetch [url]
* w3.el: Can now have 'PUT' as the method for a form.
* w3-xemac.el: Return the bitmap
* w3-draw.el: Now handles the 'background' bitmap tag of netscape
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el: Few changes to make the 'secret' tag work better.
* w3-xemac.el: Reordering of defvars to make sure we can get a clean compile
* w3-xemac.el: Use glyph-width if its available.
* w3-draw.el: Netscape body tags would choke emacs18
* w3.el: Do w3-setup in w3-batch-fetch
* w3.el:
w3-save-as can now take an optional argument to tell it what to save as
Thu May 4 23:58:53 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Cool new menus for XEmacs
* w3-draw.el: Fixed bug in handling of multiple <dt> elements before a <dd>
Mon May 1 20:10:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el, w3-vars.el: Use the new about: pages
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <link rel="stylesheet" href="xxxx"> handling
* w3-style.el: fixed style handling from a URL/href
Sun Apr 30 20:57:17 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: New glyph interface for XEmacs 19.12
* w3-about.el: More about: docs.
* w3-epoch.el, w3-draw.el: More fixes for epoch
* w3.el: Fixed links of just images in XEmacs
Sat Apr 29 22:25:33 1995 William Perry <>
* docomp.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-draw.el: More epoch fixes
* w3-draw.el: The netscape background/foreground body colors work in epoch now.
* w3-epoch.el: All the face stuff now works in epoch again.
* w3-parse.el: Use w3-10646 if available
* w3-10646.el: New keywords
* w3-10646.el: Initial revision
Fri Apr 28 22:52:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Implemented teh 'add.before' and 'add.after' stylesheet mechanism
* w3.el: Fixed case where return would pop up an x-menu in emacs19
* w3-style.el: Fixed problem with leading whitespace
* w3.el: Added about URL handling
* w3-draw.el: Fix to jnetscape body tags
* w3-about.el: Initial revision
Thu Apr 27 01:40:39 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Few updates for XEmacs 19.12
Wed Apr 26 17:59:03 1995 William Perry <>
Tue Apr 25 22:15:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: w3-in-assoc now silently skips nonstrings in the car
* w3-draw.el: Can now use regexps in stylesheets (h[1-6], etc)
* w3-style.el: Added DSSSL-lite parser
* w3-draw.el: Now handle <link rel=stylesheet href=xxxx>
* w3-style.el: Modify the accept headers when retrieving a URL for a stylesheet
Mon Apr 24 07:52:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-print.el: Wrap w3-convert-html-to-latex in case-fold-search == t
* w3-vars.el: Added w3-node-style and w3-visited-node-style to the persistent
variables list - this is necessary for letting
w3-mark-link-as-followed to work with the netscape body tags.
* w3-vars.el: Make w3-node-style and w3-visited-node-style buffer-local, or the
netscape tags on <body> screw up subsequent documents!
* w3-parse.el: Removed a condition-case in w3-nuke-entities-in-region
* w3-xemac.el: Few more toolbar fixes.
Fixed autoload for Info-goto-node
Sun Apr 23 22:01:08 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed w3-backward-in-history
* w3-style.el:
New function w3-create-x-font to create a font based on the family,
style, and size.
* w3-xemac.el:
New variable w3-toolbar-orientation to control what side of the frame
the toolbar appears on.
* w3-draw.el: New way of getting info from stylesheets to synch up with the new
stuff from H&kon.
* w3-xemac.el: Added button for hotlists in the toolbar
* w3-xemac.el: Various and sundry toolbar stuff.
* dist.Makefile: Now makes the install directory if it doesn't exist.
* w3-draw.el: <blink> now works on tty's in XEmacs.
Scaling of fonts in a tty-only XEmacs works also.
Sat Apr 22 13:42:25 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-print.el, w3.el, w3.txi: Changed references to to
Fri Apr 21 19:34:47 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Removed a few old variables
* w3-draw.el:
Don't set attributes on default face if they are nil - bad things man.
* w3-epoch.el, w3-e19.el, w3-wemac.el: Removed a few old variables
* w3-xemac.el:
Finally fixed problem in lemacs/xemacs form entry where every once in
a while it would choke with a 'wrong-type-argument stringp (wierd
list)' error.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed problem with the <body> attributes when in Emacs 19
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el:
New variable w3-user-colors-take-preference to control whether the
netscape tags on <body> are honored or not.
* w3-xemac.el: Provide a definition of add-submenu for older XEmacsen
* w3.el, w3-vars.el: Removed a few old variables
* w3-draw.el: Now honor the netscape attributes on <body>
* w3-vars.el: Added keybinding for w3-mail-document-author
* w3-beta.el: Reimplemented the w3-show-headers stuff.
Thu Apr 20 20:23:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: w3-document-information now looks much prettier
* w3.el: Fixed w3-mail-to-author and Renamed it to w3-mail-document-author to
avoid confusion about what 'author' we are mailing to - the documents,
or Emacs-w3's
* w3.el: Revamped the forward and backward history handling
* w3-draw.el: Got <p nowrap> working
Wed Apr 19 17:01:58 1995 William Perry <>
* clean-cache: Initial revision
* w3.el: Revamped how <link> is handled. Added printing of <link> data in
* w3-draw.el:
Revamped how <link> is handled. Fixed a bug in meta handling - was
not downcasing the http-equiv, so it could not always find an old
value in url-current-mime-headers to replace.
* w3-vars.el: changed w3-list-chars-assoc to use symbols instead of strings
* w3.txi: Documented change in w3-list-chars-assoc
* w3-draw.el: Converting w3-list-chars-assoc won't die if you do it twice
* w3-sysdp.el: Updated to latest version from XEmacs
* w3-sysdp.el: Removed keywords
Sun Apr 16 22:41:11 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed problem in w3-handle-emphasis-end
* w3-draw.el: Added code to fixup spaces are . and !
* w3-beta.el: Now parses out the link commands in the mime headers
* w3.el: Issue an error if they chose a link type (rel or rev) that the
document did not contain when in w3-use-links
* w3-style.el:
Make the buffer not modified before killing it when parsing a style sheet
* w3.el: Fixed parsing of default stylesheet
* w3.el: Fix for form field reversals in submissions
Sat Apr 15 23:33:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el: Can now import netscape bookmark files
* w3-draw.el:
Now handles <q></q> differently - inserts "" around the material, and
you can specify the start and end quotes in stylesheets with:
q: startquote=``
q: endquote=''
* w3-draw.el:
Was not expanding relative URLs before checking whether they had been
visited with w3-delimit-links non-nil. This would lead to weird
looking links like [[something}} - not very pretty.
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Now reads in a default stylesheet for the user if
w3-default-stylesheet is non-nil. This can be a URL.
* w3.el: Made w3-pass-to-viewer be more like man when in asynchronous mode.
* w3-vars.el: New variable w3-notify
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed problem in pre/xmp handling where it would choke if there were
extra endtags and swallow-newlines went negative.
Fri Apr 14 23:52:51 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-vars.el, w3-style.el, w3-srch.el, w3-print.el, w3-parse.el, w3-next.el, w3-mule.el, w3-mac.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-e19.el, w3-draw.el, w3-beta.el:
Changed keywords
* w3-vars.el: removed old variable w3-global-history-completion-list
* w3-draw.el: No inherent maxlength on <textarea> fields
* w3.el: Added alias for w3-popup-info
* w3.el: Always goto (point-min) in w3-document-information and w3-popup-info
* w3-vars.el: Added keybindings for w3-document-information and w3-popup-info
Thu Apr 13 21:12:33 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-style.el: w3-blend-colors now works in XEmacs 19.12
* w3-style.el: Added function w3-blend-colors (Emacs-19 specific)
* w3-parse.el:
Make sure to clear the minibuffer when done parsing - otherwise it
could leave a 'Parsed x of y (zz%)' message, which can make people
think it is hung.
* w3-draw.el, w3.el: Fixed <link> handling
Wed Apr 12 03:24:02 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed a few problems with stylesheets losing the alignment info from
headers too soon.
* w3-draw.el:
<p></p>, <div></div>, and <note></note> can all specify the face to
use for an element via the 'class' attribute.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed a bug in using the 'class' attribute to add faces to text.
Would forget what tag would end the current face, so faces went on
forever. Ugh!
* w3-draw.el: The 'class' attribute can now be used to add faces to text.
* w3-style.el: Changed how style sheet faces are regenerated. Now stores the
face-name as an item in w3-current-stylehseet (assoc "face" ...) to
get it.
Tue Apr 11 23:11:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Added some more stuff from chuck
* w3-draw.el: Fixed popping the alignment from an address tag if
w3-right-justify-address is non-nil
* w3-draw.el: Redid w3-get-default-style-info macro
Mon Apr 10 22:46:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Added thge marca sound for <hype> tag.
* w3-draw.el: Now honors the 'class' attribute on any style-sheetable tag
* w3-style.el:
Few tweaks to how the style sheet is stored, to make using the 'class'
attribute on tags quicker (stores an intern'd symbol and a string in
the list)
* w3.el: Fixed problem where inlined images on the local disk could get trashed
because buffer-file-name was not nil in the buffer.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <font size=-x> handling
* w3-parse.el: Call sera-to-fidel-marker if in mule.
Sun Apr 9 18:37:24 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <div> </div> handling
* w3-draw.el:
Use copy-tree on w3-use-stylesheet so we don't side-effect the original list
* w3-xemac.el: Added in the code to create the toolbar.
* w3-beta.el: Fixed the importing of netscape cache files
* w3-draw.el:
Changed w3-push-alignment to be a little smarter - if align is null,
don't bother pushing it on the stack.
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed a spacing problem that would show up when doing progressive
rendering but not a w3-refresh-buffer. Ugh.
Sat Apr 8 23:34:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Made w3-generate-error check the contents of the ' *url-error*' buffer
and use it as part of the error message.
* w3-draw.el:
Got rid of bad use of concat in w3-handle-font, and better handling of
the font scaling.
Fri Apr 7 22:59:07 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Remove the files menu in emacs 19.29
* w3.el: Fixed problem in mule with w3-save-binary-file
* dist.Makefile: Added -no-site-file to BATCHFLAGS
* dist.Makefile: More renaming for DOS lossage
Wed Apr 5 19:59:33 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed w3-fetch for working in buffers with no default url... d'ohhh
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed screwup in w3-handle-p that would push an alignment onto the
stack twice for headers
* w3.el: w3-fetch now has a 'silent' default - it doesn't insert the default as
the default option - it checks if the user presses return, and uses
the default if they did.
* w3-draw.el: Now uses a stack of alignments, and honors the <div></div> tag.
Tue Apr 4 17:29:32 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Makefile now works in Windows and NT
* w3.el: Removed anonymous lambda from w3-hotlist-apropos
* w3.txi: Fixed typo in texinfo node
Mon Apr 3 23:03:19 1995 William Perry <>
* Initial revision
Sun Apr 2 20:17:02 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <meta> handling
* w3.el: Fixed w3-popup-info
* w3.txi: Basic documentation of the style sheet mechanism
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed the align=indent problem where first line of the indented region
was not indented.
* dist.Makefile: Renamed w3.texinfo to w3.txi, for 8.3 losingness
* w3.txi: Removed all the 'WORK' areas except for the non-unix systems nodes.
Put out a call for assistance to w3-beta and gnu-emacs-help for these
Tue Mar 28 23:36:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed a few more concat'ing integer problems
* w3-draw.el: Can now specify OL styles in stylesheets.
* w3.el:
Added w3-hotlist-apropos function from (Michelangelo Grigni)
* w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el: Fixed concat'ing of ints
Mon Mar 27 22:05:19 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Now requires w3-print
* w3-draw.el: Only mangle headers if w3-delimit-emphasis is non-nil
Sun Mar 26 19:50:16 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Removed w3-main from the distribution - renamed to w3
* w3.el: Moved w3-upcase-region into w3-draw.
Now requires w3-style and all the new dipslay engine chunks.
* w3-draw.el:
Now initializes the current stylesheet to the user stylesheet before
any drawing starts.
* w3-vars.el:
Made w3-header-chars-assoc work with the new display engine (mostly),
and added a few more things to the state variables.
* w3-style.el:
Can now do font scaling in style sheets. smarter about font.type.
Only thing left is
* docomp.el: More var decls.
* w3-wemac.el: Fixed w3-mouse-handler for windows
* w3-draw.el:
Make all face storage variables buffer-local for style-sheet stuff.
* w3-style.el: Now handles fonts/colors in style sheets - whooo hooo!
Sat Mar 25 23:38:49 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Renamed w3-state-garbage-variable
* w3-draw.el:
Now uses style sheets to find alignment and width for the various tags
before falling back on its defaults.
* w3-parse.el:
Fix for stupid people who don't use &amp; instead of & in the middle
of a doc.
* w3-xemac.el: Added w3-center-spaces and w3-right-spaces for
centering/right-justifying pixmaps
* w3-xemac.el, w3-sysdp.el:
A few new functions for the latest and greatest beta
* w3-vars.el: Changed a few of the menu names
* w3-style.el: Now actually parses and stores the style sheet information
* w3-draw.el: Handle case where tag is a list
Fri Mar 24 14:36:09 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Now uses device-type for XEmacs 19.12
Wed Mar 22 21:14:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed a few spacing problems
* w3-e19.el:
Fixed w3-forward-link for links that were right up on top of each other.
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed screwup with unterminated quoted chars in attribute/value pairs
* dist.Makefile: Removed w3-old
* w3-draw.el: Fixed stupid typo when checking for faces. d'ohhhh!
Mon Mar 20 23:23:34 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed problem with w3-extend-zone and detached extents
* w3-draw.el: <option selected> now works again
* w3-xemac.el:
Set the help-echo property when showing form elements if possible.
* w3-vars.el, w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el:
Redid how state is kept - now uses a vector, which should be faster,
and is able to be buffer-local.
* w3-parse.el:
w3-nuke-entities-in-region should no longer choke in odd circumstances
with just '&' in a document.
* dist.Makefile: Removed w3-forms - it has been assimilated
* dist.Makefile: Added a few new dependencies
* w3-draw.el: Added message when scaling fonts, just to keep the user informed
* w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el:
When moving the mouse over a submit button in a form, shows where the
form will be submitted.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed emacs-18 lossage in skip-chars-backward
* w3-draw.el: Another fix to make sure <li><p> construct doesn't look like crap
* w3-draw.el:
Split the handling of the refresh header out into its own function so
that it can be used from the drawing/parsing code for META commands
Sun Mar 19 02:12:24 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Fixed problem with window focus.
* w3.el: Few fixes for passing to viewers
* w3-parse.el: Set fill-column in w3-preparse-document
Sat Mar 18 23:47:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: If parsing, do incremental display as well
* w3-draw.el: Removed ugly hacks from w3-pause for emacs19 - just too ugly.
* dist.Makefile, docomp.el:
Take LISPDIR on the command line for hack-emacs-file
* dist.Makefile: Removed EMACSTEMPLATE
* dist.Makefile, docomp.el: hack-dot-emacs now takes a command line argument
* w3-draw.el: links in tty mode won't show [[/{{
* w3-vars.el: All graphical entities now have textual alternativs
* w3-draw.el: Added graphic entities back in.
* w3-draw.el: Able to embed a few more types
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el: Added the base functionality for the embed tag
Fri Mar 17 15:44:16 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Removed some old targets, added new ones for new files
* w3-style.el: Initial revision
* w3-parse.el: Special handling for the <style> argument.
* w3-vars.el, w3-draw.el: Moved variables into w3-vars.el
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el: Basis for the <style></style> notation done
Thu Mar 16 19:44:12 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed scaling of fonts, now handles cryptopt blocks for secure-http
* w3-draw.el:
Now no whitespace between link delimiters and the actual text of the link
* dist.Makefile: Added md5 target
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el, w3-beta.el:
Now draws each signel item as it is parsed..
Wed Mar 15 23:27:55 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed a problem in w3-pass-to-viewer
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with headers being hosed because of new way to do faces.
* w3-draw.el, w3-xemac.el: Imagemaps work now
Tue Mar 14 16:04:04 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: A few general performance increases
Mon Mar 13 05:51:41 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-mac.el, w3-next.el, w3-old.el, w3-vars.el, w3-xemac.el:
Lots and lots of doc fixes to meet GNU guidelines.
* w3-parse.el, w3.el, w3-e19.el, w3-draw.el: Few doc string fixes
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Now guess the value of w3-color-use-reducing based on values of
x-display-visual-class and x-display-planes.
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with indenting being lost in a list item after a sublist
* w3-draw.el: Redid some of the font stuff.
Sun Mar 12 17:31:59 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Some basic table-drawing support put in.
* w3-tables.el: Initial revision
* w3.txi: Use active voice in keybinding descriptions.
Sat Mar 11 22:20:21 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: More state kept - ugh.
* w3-forms.el:
Removed dependence on STREAM being defined - will make going totally asynch much easier
* w3-vars.el, w3-parse.el, w3.el, w3-emacs.el: Removed 'backslashitis'
* w3-e19.el: Removed a few unused variables
* w3-draw.el: Optimized face stuff.
* w3-beta.el: Removed 'backslashitis'
* w3-vars.el, w3-e19.el: Change to the popup menu
* w3-draw.el: Few fixes for blinking and wired text
Fri Mar 10 23:18:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-xemac.el: Fixed images as linkx
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <br> in <dl> after a <dt> being indented too far
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <br> in <ol> not being indented enough
* w3-old.el: Now provides itself
* w3-draw.el: New variable to turn off incremental display.
* w3-draw.el: Does not display <certs> elements now.
Thu Mar 9 20:35:12 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-e19.el:
Don't make so many faces if using the new display engine - we don't
need any of the w3-xxxx-style ones.
* w3-beta.el:
Nuke w3-delayed-images and w3-delayed-movies in w3-refresh-buffer, or
multiple images would get loaded!
* w3-draw.el: Avoid calling w3-pause as often - speeds up redisplay a lot.
* dist.Makefile:
No longer byte-compile w3-sysdp - was causing too many problems.
* w3-beta.el:
No longer (goto-char (point-min)) in w3-show-buffer so that movement
done while drawing is still honored.
* w3-draw.el: Added a save-excursion around the last handle-paragraph so that
movement done while drawing is still honored.
* w3-xemac.el:
Use copy-tree when available for menu copying - much more reliable
* w3-mac.el: Added a provide for w3-mac
* w3-xemac.el: Fixed problem with extents becoming detached in 19.12
* w3-forms.el: Few forms fixes.
* w3-beta.el: Added w3-install-latest from
* w3-beta.el: Fixed MCOM->netscape stuff.
* w3-forms.el: Fixed misplaced parentheses
Mon Mar 6 23:29:59 1995 William Perry <>
Sat Mar 4 15:33:08 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Now handles images like in the old display engine if not in XEmacs/Lucid
* w3-e19.el: Only create air hotlist menu if w3-air-hotlists is non-nil
Fri Mar 3 16:01:38 1995 William Perry <>
Thu Mar 2 15:50:57 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Run w3-add-hotlist-menu first time a hotlist is loaded in.
* w3-e19.el: Let w3-add-hotlist-menu run even if not in w3-mode
Wed Mar 1 16:22:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-sysdp.el: Removed function call causing problems
* w3-xemac.el: Don't load pictures if current frame is on a tty
* w3-draw.el: Added back in a call to mule-attribute-zones
* w3-parse.el:
Don't nuke the windows chars for quote and trademark when in MULE
Sun Feb 26 19:17:38 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Removed message about 'unknown tag <%s> skipped' - was causing
confusion for some people.
* Initial revision
Sat Feb 25 23:53:08 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed incremental display in emacs 18.xx
* w3-draw.el: Fixed paragraph spacing problem.
* dist.Makefile: Made beta display engine the default.
* w3.el: Removed LCD archive entry, moved into w3.el
* w3-wemac.el: Various fixes for new display engine into WinEmacs
* w3-vars.el: Don't die if cannot load 'annotations'
* w3-sysdp.el:
Removed anonymous lambda without 'function' wrapper for WinEmacs and
early versoins of lucid emacs.
* w3-srch.el: Provide w3-srch
* w3.el: Changed _W3 on dos machines to W3.INI
New function w3-force-reload-document to reload even if in standalone mode
Added a default for w3-complete-link
Provide w3-main
* w3-draw.el:
Defvard w3-last-fill-pos and w3-last-tag to better facilitate drawing
in 2 buffers at once.
Fixes for messed up percentages in WinEmacs/XEmacs < 19.12
Fixed <br> and <p> in blockquotes and align=indent
Mon Feb 20 04:54:30 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-vars.el: Removed w3-color-planes and w3-color-display variables.
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: New variables w3-netscape-configuration-file and
w3-use-netscape-configuration-file, for whether to parse and honor the
options in a Netscape/X style configuration file.
Sun Feb 19 22:27:00 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el: Don't change menubar if current-menubar is nil.
* w3.el: Now shows whether you are using the beta version in the bug reports
* w3-draw.el, w3-parse.el, w3-print.el, w3.el:
Removed references to w3-working-buffer
Sat Feb 18 19:51:53 1995 William Perry <>
* docomp.el: Reworked the autoloads/defvars
* dist.Makefile: Removed w3-lemac.el
* w3.el, w3-draw.el, w3-vars.el:
Removed variable w3-running-lemacs, since w3 now uses sysdep.el for
[XL]emacs, so there is no distinction between lemacs and xemacs
* w3-e19.el: Fixed problem with unquoted lambda in w3-e19-options-menu
* w3-xemac.el:
This version should theoretically work with lemacs and xemacs both
* w3-draw.el: Fixed incremental display in xemacs.
* w3-sysdp.el: Initial revision
Thu Feb 16 15:58:44 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Changed messaging of viewer - would barf on undefined escape sequences
in crufty mailcap-related stuff.
Sun Feb 12 23:09:40 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Better event handling while drawing HTML
* w3-beta.el: Fixed personal annotations.
* w3-draw.el: Removed proclaim-inline calls.
* w3.txi: Added docs for new 'label' and 'textalign' attributes of <hr>
* w3-e19.el:
Fixed problem in emacs 19 with mouse-selecting a link would sometimes
say there was not a link, but selecting it with 'return' would work.
Now both work.
* w3-parse.el: fixed problems with entity-resolution in attribute values.
* w3-draw.el:
More spacing stuff, added 'label' and 'textalign' attributes to <hr>
* w3-forms.el: Remove spaces at beginning of options.
Sat Feb 11 22:10:46 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Removed dependence on 'stream' from title handling. This will make it
easier to do totally streamed drawing, RSN.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed more spacing problems.
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el:
Fixed various spacing bugs - seem to be all gone now!!!!
* w3-vars.el: New function to read a netscape-style configuration file.
* w3-parse.el: w3-nuke-entities-in-region can now accept null args.
* w3-beta.el: New function to read a netscape-style configuration file.
Fri Feb 10 06:19:26 1995 William Perry <>
Tue Feb 7 15:51:23 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el:
Removed the file-name-handler-alist, to put it in url.el where it belongs.
* w3.el:
Finding the source of a url that is already in a buffer should work now.
* w3-draw.el, w3-beta.el:
Now will always get a 'completed' message when drawing/imaging.
Mon Feb 6 02:13:31 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fix for emacs 18
* w3-forms.el, w3-parse.el:
Optimized the calling of w3-nuke-entities-in-region. Parsing _much_
faster, drawing only slightly slower, so its a win.
* w3-draw.el: Semi-incremental display now works in all emacsen, and recognizes
scroll-up and C-c to interrupt.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed plaintext handling.
Sun Feb 5 23:41:28 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el, w3-vars.el: Fixed view menu.
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Let w3-color-filter be a string, for people brave enough to want to
set it themselves.
* w3-epoch.el: Now works with new display engine.
* w3-draw.el: Few problems for epoch fixed, <br> in <dl> looks right now.
* w3-draw.el: Reimplemented w3-link-delimiter-info
* w3-draw.el: Re-implemented the 'linkname value of w3-delimit-emphasis
* dist.Makefile:
Removed hack to change w3.texinfo on the fly when creating info file.
Sat Feb 4 18:11:14 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Removed setting of default-directory because it causes call-process to
die a hideous death and not let you do anything like M-| lpr in the
source buffers.
* w3.el: Replaced w3-confirmation-func with url-confirmation-func
Fri Feb 3 13:42:35 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
fixed insertion of w3-link-end-delimiter - was always inserting the
'not visited' part.c
Tue Jan 31 20:45:19 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Right-mouse-menu now works
Mon Jan 30 04:52:26 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Added non-unix OS sections. Need to flesh them out more.
Sun Jan 29 22:15:48 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Added w3-style-tags-assoc
* w3-draw.el, w3-vars.el:
Added new variable w3-right-justify-address to control whether
text within an <address> tag is right justified. Defaults to t.
* w3-vars.el: Few new variables for Emacs-19
* w3.el: Removed special cases for Emacs-19 to use the old lmenu package.
* w3-e19.el: No longer needs the lmenu package.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed typo
* w3-epoch.el: Made all arguments to w3-make-face optional.
* w3-draw.el: Few more fixes for epoch. No longer have to remove \n\n, so
incremental display looks better. w3-delimit-emphasis now works in
the new display engine.
* w3.txi: Lots of cleanup work, addition of netscape extensions, new HTML 3.0
stuff, variable name changes, xresource changes, all for the new
display engine.
Sat Jan 28 23:07:36 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Deal with url-get-url-at-point possibly returning nil.
* w3-epoch.el: Got rid of error in new display engine.
* w3-draw.el: w3-draw.el will now compile with emacs 18 again - the incremental
display was messing it up.
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-forms.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-mac.el, w3-mule.el, w3-next.el, w3-old.el, w3-parse.el, w3-print.el, w3-srch.el, w3-vars.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Added headers for finder package
* w3-draw.el: Make sure w3-link-end-delimiter is never on a line by itself
Thu Jan 26 04:56:42 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el:
moved w3-mule-retrieval-coding-system to url-mule-retrieval-coding-system
Wed Jan 25 15:38:50 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el:
Added definition for (abs x) if none exists (for emacs 18, epoch, compat.)
Mon Jan 23 03:32:40 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Removed w3-bad-server-alist
Sun Jan 22 21:53:19 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed space problems, hopefully for good.
* w3-e19.el: New options item for relying solely on the cache
Sat Jan 21 20:27:22 1995 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem where default-directory would sometimes be set to nil -
bad things man!
* w3-beta.el: replaced all occurances of htmlplus with html
* w3-draw.el:
Fixed problem with plaintext and embed. <lit> now acts like <pre>,
but with no mono-spaced font. Fixed problem with null titles (empty
string invalid for buffer name error). <blink> works on xemacs 19.12
in tty mode. Small problem with <pre> segments with whitespace at
beginning fixed. A few small hacks to handle some pythia markup.
* w3-e19.el:
Protect against copying menu-bar-help-menu if in tty mode. Also no
longer disable the edit menu when in w3-mode.
* w3-parse.el:
Fixed problem with plaintext and embed. <lit> now acts like <pre>,
but with no mono-spaced font.
* w3.el: replaced all occurances of htmlplus with html
Wed Jan 18 02:31:59 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el:
fixed bug in w3-nuke-entities-in-region if nonterminated entity was
last thing in a buffer (ie: &lt[EOB]);
* w3.el: Remove duplicate links from links-alist when doing a completing-read
on the links.
Tue Jan 17 13:18:13 1995 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile: Make install should now copy w3.elc to the dest. directory
Mon Jan 16 03:52:57 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Better handling of faces.
* w3.el: Implemented <input type=file>
Sat Jan 14 22:40:58 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: More spacing taken care of
* w3-draw.el: Few fixes to <pre></pre> presentation
Thu Jan 12 15:39:37 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Fixed formatting problem with <dd>
Mon Jan 9 23:20:05 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-print.el: Few fixes for ps-print 1.6 and 1.10
* w3-parse.el: Recognizes the <embed> tag and treats it like XMP for parsing.
Sun Jan 8 19:07:28 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-parse.el:
Various changes to make the new display engine work under emacs 18.xx
* docomp.el: more defvars for cleaner compile
* w3-draw.el: Fixed more of the spacing problems
* w3-e19.el:
Fixed some of the spacing problems when using w3-emacs19-hack-faces-p
* w3.el: Added w3-follow-url-at-point-other-frame
Sat Jan 7 20:29:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el:
Fix for odd problem where an entity at the very end of a line (or
flush against the next tag) would get left out of the parse structure.
* w3.el: Added new variable url-inhibit-uncompression for use when dumping to
disk - very wasteful to uncompress it, store it in a buffer, then
recompress when it got written out to disk. Also changed the file:
and ftp: handling to use copy-file when w3-dump-to-disk is bound and
non-nil, so we can hopefully get asynchronous dumping-to-disk done.
* w3-draw.el: More fixes for funky spacing
* w3-old.el, w3-parse.el:
Remove \r's in <pre> and <xmp> segments, for ugly DOSisms.
Fri Jan 6 18:31:07 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-parse.el:
Can now change the index of an ordered list item (<li value=xxx>0
* w3-print.el:
w3-print-with-ps-print now works with ps-print 1.6, and uses the headers, etc.
* w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el: Fixed links menu in v19
Few drawing fixes
Thu Jan 5 20:50:06 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Now does 'lazy' creation of faces... this reduces the memory
requirements when in X, since a lot of the faces will probably never
be used.
* w3-parse.el: Fixed weird spacing problem after <font> tags finally.
* w3.el: Make sure that facep is defined in all versions of emacs
* w3-vars.el:
Changed the mail and print menus to be pull-right for xemacs/lemacs
* w3-e19.el:
Fixed the links menu to gracefully do nothing if there are no links on
the page (was giving an 'Empty menu' error)
Mon Jan 2 21:51:34 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: changed default of the mouse-face for links
* w3.el: Removed extraneous newline from mail headers
* w3-e19.el, w3.el:
w3-mail-current-document can now take an optional 'format' parameter
so that the mail menus can be pull-right. Spiffy, eh? Also now
sticks in content-type and content-transfer-encoding headers.
* w3-print.el:
w3-print-this-url can now take an optional 'format' parameter so that
the print menus can be pull-right. Spiffy, eh?
* w3-draw.el: Quicker way of right-justifying something.
* w3.el, w3-beta.el, w3-print.el:
Moved all the printing code into w3-print.el, and added the postscript
option. Changed the makefile to concatenate all the appropriate files
for the beta or old version, sort of like VM.
* w3-draw.el:
Added <menu> and <dir> tags back in, as well as a few hacks to make
Jamie Z.'s page look prettier. :)
* w3-beta.el: Fixed importing of netscape cache
* w3-beta.el: Added w3-import-netscape-cache, to convert a netscape-style cache
directory to the emacs-w3 style.
Sun Jan 1 09:59:25 1995 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Made w3-e19-links-menu buffer-local
* w3-e19.el: Reinstituted the 'Links' submenu.
Sat Dec 31 07:13:21 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Various cleanups
* w3.el: w3-mail-to-author now checks for the 'Reply-To' header of an HTTP/1.0
response before checking the 'link' tags.
Fri Dec 30 17:04:45 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-old.el: Removed use of w3-last to avoid having to use cl.
* w3.el: Added checks to see if url-view-url returned nil instead of file:nil
Removed definition of w3-last
* w3-draw.el: Fixed <secret> tag.
Thu Dec 29 16:03:40 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el:
Added more stuff to get rid of windows-specific character references.
* w3.el, w3-old.el: Moved defadvice stuff to w3-old
* w3-e19.el:
Totally reworked the menus as emacs19 keymaps. This speeds them up.
Also added routines to add AIR Mosaic hotlists to the menus
automatically. Works well. First time through causes a bit of a
slowdown for lots of hotlists, but this is emacs' problem since it
needs to scan all the keymaps to create the menu.
* w3-draw.el:
New variable w3-indent-level to control how many spaces to indent list
items, blockquotes, etc. This is necessary so that the user doesn't
have to change tab-width or tab-stop-list to change this formatting
(so <pre> segments that use tabs will still be formatted correctly).
Also made </pre> close out all character-level formatting attributes
ala Arena.
<pre> will also cause a paragraph break - chunks of text before a
<pre> segment weren't getting filled correctly.
Made <dt> tags cause a paragraph break. Formatting now looks better,
and beginning of <dl> list is separated better from the rest of the
Fixed problem with w3-list-chars-assoc causing an error with the new
display engine.
Fixed problem where &gt; followed immediately by another tag wasn't
showing up in the new display.
* w3-beta.el: Added parser for AIR Mosaic style hotlists.
Tue Dec 27 21:24:37 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el, w3-e19.el:
Added a dropdown history list that shows the last 5 homepages visited
under the 'Go' menu
* w3.el: Changed the viewer handling so that temp files have a correct filename
extension (for broken things like Frame that won't read in a file
without the 'correct' file extension).
Mon Dec 26 18:18:43 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-beta.el:
(New display engine) Fixed bug in the new personal annotations code
that ws not closing the list.
* w3-forms.el:
(New display engine) Fixed bug in <select> handling where it would
never find the correct name. Also put back in support for <select
* w3-vars.el: Added in all the rest of the entities
* w3-vars.el:
Fixed problem where reloading of a page would set the 'Referer' field
of an HTTP/1.0 request to the url of the page being loaded.
* w3.el: Changed gopher searches and ask block submissions to use the enctyp
attribute like other types of searching. More extensible/easier to
* w3-draw.el, w3-beta.el:
Personal annotations now work in the new display engine. Visible
headers will work soon also.
* w3-beta.el, w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-forms.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-mac.el, w3-mule.el, w3-next.el, w3-old.el, w3-parse.el, w3-srch.el, w3-vars.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Updated copyright notices for 1995
Sun Dec 25 22:30:16 1994 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile:
Renamed w3.el to w3-main.el and create w3.elc from w3-main.elc and
either w3-beta.elc or w3-old.elc
* w3-e19.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el: More menu changes
* w3-print.el: Initial revision
* w3-beta.el: Changed w3-face-type to return 'both if a face is bold and italic
* w3-beta.el: Initial revision
* w3-parse.el, w3-forms.el, w3-draw.el:
Added provide statements for easier loading
* w3.el: Moved loads of old code into w3-old.el
* dist.Makefile: Added new targets beta and old.
* w3-old.el: Initial revision
* w3-draw.el: Made new display engine honor the w3-list-chars-assoc header.
* w3-vars.el: Moved some old vars out to w3-old.el
Sat Dec 24 20:41:46 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Fixed w3-mouse-handler to work with the new display engine.
Fri Dec 23 22:40:38 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-forms.el, w3.el: Added in handler for <input type=range size="min,max">
* w3-draw.el: Added function comments.
* w3-draw.el:
Rearranged the file a lot, and added support for the named BASE tags
from HTML 3.0 - pretty cool stuff. :)
Thu Dec 22 23:53:59 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Various fixes to the parser to deal with bad html. Automatically
include the alt tag for an image if it is a link target, regardless of
the setting of w3-auto-image-alt.
* w3-parse.el: Various fixes to the parser to deal with bad html
Mon Dec 19 00:30:38 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Added 'xterms' as a terminal type.
* w3.el: Changed w3-submit-bug to only send truly useful info.
Sun Dec 18 23:42:30 1994 William Perry <>
* docomp.el: Stifle more warnings in new xemacs
* w3-vars.el, w3.el, w3-draw.el:
Changed the behavior of w3-auto-image-alt so that it could be a string
for 'format'.
* docomp.el: Stifle more warnings
* w3-parse.el, w3-draw.el:
Changed w3-handle-unknown-tag to check if 'w3-handle-<tag>' is
defined, and if so, to record that function as the handle for that
tag. This will cut down on maintenance of the top block of code that
just does a lot of (put 'w3-formatters 'xxxx 'w3-handle-xxxx). XMP
sections will now also work correctly.
* w3-parse.el:
Now deals with comments properly, and can handle the old (broken)
comments of Mosaic/X
Fri Dec 16 19:23:35 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: More fixes to w3-forward-link
* w3-draw.el: Fixed a few things with faces
Thu Dec 15 23:08:54 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Fixed w3-forward-link to work better with the new display engine.
Wed Dec 14 17:55:30 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed a few problems with forms and the new display engine.
* w3-xemac.el: Name changes (screen->frame)
Tue Dec 13 17:56:45 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Added a few optimizations for the <blink> tag.
* w3-draw.el: Added in creation of 'underline' face if it is not defined.
* w3-forms.el, w3.el:
Changed the maxlength to being unlimited if unspecified, to conform to
the new HTML 2.0 spec.
* w3.el: Fixed bug in w3-document-informatino where it was relying on
url-current-mime-headers when it wasn't guaranteed to be the same.
Mon Dec 12 23:22:21 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Added function w3-document-information
* w3-vars.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el, w3-lemac.el:
Added new 'view' menu.
* w3.txi: Removed hook for gnus-article-prepare-hook - was corrupting uuencoded
* w3-xemac.el, w3-lemac.el:
Fixed problem with image menus if graphic was a link
* w3-epoch.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-xemac.el:
More stuff to deal with changed names, and crypt++/jka-compr
* w3.el: Fixed big problem in reset buttons on forms.
* w3.el: Now supports the 'action', 'src', and 'prompt' attributes on the
isindex element. (new display engine only)
* w3-draw.el: Now supports the 'action', 'src', and 'prompt' attributes on the
isindex element.
* w3-vars.el: Changed lots of the version variables so that they don't rely on
having the RCS headers in them.
* w3.el: Changed w3-mode so that if it is called interactively it will act like
* w3.el: Changed w3-source-document so that it can reuse source buffers if the
users wants to.
Sun Dec 11 08:41:52 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el:
Added in code to scale fonts for <h[1-6]> so they are bigger, etc, if in XEmacs/Lemacs
* w3.el: Few changes for asynch mode.
Sat Dec 10 01:07:05 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-xemac.el:
Added some stuff to optimize the echoing of the URL in the minibuffer
(not so many calls to mode-motion-hook, all done in the mouse-handler
by using the 'help-echo property). Is smart enough to notice if
'help-echo is not defined and still use the old way if necessary.
Also changed the image code so that it sets the 'detachable property
so that images won't get nuked if the text they are attached to is
Fri Dec 9 22:34:04 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Few tweaks
* w3-forms.el:
Fixed problem with other markup (especially other form info) within a <select>.
* w3-parse.el: Added status messages to parsing.
* docomp.el: More vars to get rid of warnings.
Thu Dec 8 21:16:09 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Added in lots of the 'top ten' html tags. :)
* w3-draw.el: Added <blink> stuff, and rewrote the init-state function.
* w3-vars.el: Added w3-do-blinking to control whether <blink> </blink> works
* w3-draw.el: Handle pinhead
Wed Dec 7 15:47:47 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixes to wais stuff
* w3-draw.el: Added indenting for blockquote tags.
* w3-epoch.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-e19.el:
Let w3-back-link and w3-forward-link accept negative arguments and
call each other if they get one.
Tue Dec 6 22:16:34 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed typo in docs.
* w3.el:
Fixed w3-source-document so it will issue an error if done in a non-w3 buffer.
* w3-vars.el: Fixed typo in docs.
* w3.el: Patch from Michael Erns ( to make
w3-complete-link act like w3-follow-link when no menu item is
specified. That makes it act more like Info mode, and so is more
intuitive to users used to it.
* w3.el: Now set default-directory when sourcing a document
* w3-forms.el: Added error checking to the <textarea> handling to deal with
non-terminated textareas.
* w3-forms.el:
Added error checking to all the forms code to make sure you are within
a <form> before doing anything.
* w3-draw.el: Added support for the 'fig tag.
* w3-draw.el: Changed how the <title> tag is handled.
* w3-draw.el: Added SPRY align tag.
* w3-forms.el: Trimmed lots of crap that is duplicated from w3.el
* w3-draw.el:
<pre> and <xmp> segments within a list item will now be indented correctly.
* w3-draw.el: Fixed list filling after headers and br's
* w3-draw.el: Few changes to the <hr> handling
* w3.el, w3-draw.el:
New variable w3-auto-image-alt that controls whether emacs-w3 will
automatically generate the 'alt' text on an image where it was not
Mon Dec 5 23:54:51 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-e19.el, w3-parse.el:
Misc Changes to get around idiotic font tag
* w3-draw.el: Center tag will now override header/paragraph stuff.
* w3-draw.el: More image work.
* w3-parse.el: Fixed problem if a tag was flush against a newline.
* w3-vars.el: Added jpegs as a default inlined image type.
* w3-xemac.el, w3-lemac.el: fixed problem with new parser and xemacs/lemacs
* w3-parse.el: Fixed problem with entities.
* w3-e19.el, w3-srch.el: more name changes
* w3.el: Fixed problem if w3-default-homepage was nil.
* w3-draw.el: <link> tags now work correctly.
Sat Dec 3 23:05:24 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-parse.el: Problem with entities lt and gt fixed a little.
* w3.el: More naming changes.
* w3-draw.el: <select> and <option> tags now work correctly.
* w3-emacs.el: Added a few checks in for the amiga 18.5x emacs.
* w3-forms.el: <select> and <option> tags now work correctly.
* w3-draw.el: Added support for the 'note' tag.
Fri Dec 2 18:05:31 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el:
Fixed bug in w3-view-this-url that would message 'nil' in the minibuffer.
* w3-draw.el: Now remembers "id" and "name" attributes on any tag.
* w3-draw.el: Various fixes to painting.
* w3-draw.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-forms.el, w3-parse.el, w3-srch.el:
More name changes, handling or PRE/XMP
* w3.el: Fixed problem in w3-fetch if url-request-method was nil.
* w3-draw.el: Now correctly handles pre,/pre,xmp,and /xmp
Thu Dec 1 17:21:34 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Added new tags
Wed Nov 30 18:48:41 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Added vt300 to the hack-faces stuff.
Mon Nov 28 17:11:38 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-epoch.el, w3-lemac.el: More misc. name changes
Wed Nov 23 21:12:59 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem when posting to a form, w3-reuse-buffers would reuse the
'source' of the form. Ugh.
Tue Nov 22 15:37:02 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem in 'isindex' forms processing.
Sun Nov 20 04:44:42 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el, w3-forms.el, w3-mule.el, w3-vars.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Lots of name changes from w3-* to use the native url-* functions
Fri Nov 18 22:46:59 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Added binding of Shift-tab for w3-back-link
Thu Nov 17 20:52:03 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-mule.el: Fixes for mule 2.1 from Shin-ya Sato <>
Mon Nov 14 17:02:29 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-new.el: Initial revision
Tue Nov 8 17:57:57 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed handling of base tag
Mon Nov 7 22:09:35 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Correctly reset the state when going into w3-draw-html
* w3-parse.el: Misc. fixes
Sun Nov 6 07:19:52 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-draw.el: Relative links work correctly now
* w3-draw.el, w3-forms.el, w3-parse.el: Initial revision
Fri Nov 4 22:43:44 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Support for STYLE attribute on ordered lists. Supports i, I, a, A.
Also still supports the HTML+ 'ROMAN' attribute. Supports the VALUE
attribute on the LI tag to change the value of a list item and all
following items.
* w3.el: Changed the advice for w3-*-link to use deactivate-mark if it is
bound. This gets rid of the problem of w3-*-link highlighting the
region if in emacs-19 and in transient-mark-mode.
Thu Nov 3 23:50:47 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-epoch.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-xemac.el:
Only send Accept: lines for the inlined images we accept when
transferring an image
Wed Nov 2 00:47:38 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Let the variable shell-file-name take precedence over environment
variables and guessing
* w3-e19.el, w3-vars.el:
Added w3-echo-link to control what is displayed in the minibuffer in
emacs-19. 'url, 'text, or nil.
* w3.el: Added encoding type of application/ramp to forms
Tue Nov 1 18:36:08 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Removed definition of w3-using-proxy
* w3.el:
Fixed w3-find-this-file to work correctly for users other than anonymous
* w3.el: Fixed problem where sentences ending with ! or ? had the ! or ? eaten.
* w3.el: Added check for checkboxes/radio boxes that are turned off.
Mon Oct 31 23:16:04 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed a stupid bug in the ....-other-frame
* w3-e19.el: Changed binding from [shift mouse-2] to [S-mouse-2] -ugh
* w3.el: Added functions w3-follow-link-other-frame and w3-fetch-other-frame
* w3-lemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3-e19.el:
Added shift-middle-button default binding to be follow-link in other frame.
Fri Oct 28 22:42:10 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: Can now pass parameters to url-current-callback-func
Thu Oct 27 19:14:08 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Strip spaces off of the title after truncating it to 50 characters.
Wed Oct 26 15:41:14 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el: A few changes to how the entities are interpreted
* w3.el: Now correctly strips off spaces from the front of a URL
when in w3-fetch
Tue Oct 25 17:28:43 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed <option value=xxx> handling for multiple selection lists.
* w3.el: Fixed handling of the SIZE attribute of a SELECT tag. Select MULTIPLE
will now also allow different OPTION tags to have the SELECTED
attribute. Changed w3-insert-entities-in-string to use
w3-html-entities, so it gets all the entities, not just the 6 or 7
that were hardcoded in.
Wed Oct 12 16:22:05 1994 William Perry <>
Tue Oct 11 23:11:34 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: More spacing at end of sentences hacks for ? and !
* w3-vars.el: No longer rebind C-k - bad thing.
* w3.el: Don't double-space after Prof.
Tue Oct 4 01:17:33 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el, w3-vars.el:
Changed w3-reuse-buffers to accept 'yes/no 'reuse/reload and 'always/never
Mon Oct 3 14:04:15 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Patch for the inlined image processing for the buggy current release
of ppmdither and viewing black and white gifs. Also added comments to all
the html entities in w3-html-entities.
Fri Sep 30 21:28:54 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el:
Fixed problem with paragraph just after an <hr> not being filled correctly.
* w3-vars.el: Added more HTML entities
Thu Sep 29 20:13:53 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Removed problem with first header having a blank line in it.
* w3-e19.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-mule.el, w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Lots of patches from Shin-ya Sato <> to make
w3 work with mule 2.0
Tue Sep 27 23:58:36 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Now sends the NAME and VALUE of submit buttons if the submit button
has a NAME.
Mon Sep 26 18:51:52 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Change to w3-form-encode-multipart/x-www-form-data to include the
content-length of each item
Fri Sep 23 16:14:50 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem in w3-backward-in-history when no back link was found.
* w3-vars.el:
Fixed setting of w3-running-FSF19 to take into account XEmacs 19.12
Thu Sep 22 23:24:48 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-lemac.el: Fixed problem in w3-insert-graphic where it would always do a
url-file-attributes, even if we had the image loaded. (with
url-be-anal-about-file-attributes == t, it would do a HEAD, which was
* w3.el: Fixed forms doubling problem in Emacs 19 when doing a reset.
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
New variable w3-track-last-buffer. If non-nil, M-x w3 will take you
to the last w3 buffer you fetched, instead of loading your home page.
If the last buffer has been killed, then it acts normally and loads
the home page.
* w3.el: Changed w3-submit-bug
* w3.el: patch from to fix reporter problems in
emacs 19.xx
Wed Sep 21 17:25:16 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed small bug in DL handling when no <dt> items present
* w3.el: Fixed problem in w3-pass-to-viewer if "/" is the filename, would get
"" as the buffer-name, which would choke.
* w3.el:
Fixed bug in w3-delimit-emphasis w/headers that had spaces/newlines in them
Tue Sep 20 18:04:03 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el:
Fixed handling of blockquote's so they have a <p> at the beginning and end.
Sun Sep 18 20:15:42 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Few minor changes
* w3.el: Changed w3-upcase-region so that it will take care of entities in the
region. ie: &auml; -> &Auml;, etc.
* w3-e19.el:
Fixed problem where the URL was not shown in the minibuffer if you hit
'f' from a point in the document that was not a link.
Fri Sep 16 17:18:03 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-mac.el, w3.el: Lots of little fixes
* w3-vars.el: Removed the old, redundant w3-gateway-x variables
* w3-hypb.el: Removed all the code, since Hyperbole 3.12 handles it for you.
Thu Sep 8 15:54:36 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem where the o/*/etc at the front of <dt> items would be
upper-cased sometimes
* w3.el: Started using reporter.el instead of rolling my own error logging
* w3-e19.el: w3-emacs19-unhack-faces now turns w3-delimit-emphasis and
w3-delimit-links on.
* w3-e19.el:
w3-forward-link and w3-backward-link now ignore links without href's
* w3.el: w3-complete-link now ignores links without href's
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Added new variable w3-source-file-hooks that is run after sourcing a document.
* w3.el: Fixed problem with not quoting an align attribute when filling in
defaults in w3-fix-paragraphs-in-region
* w3.el: Fixed formatting problem with <dl>s finally
Wed Sep 7 23:22:21 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Patch for not putting 2 spaces after Mr/Ms/Mrs.
* w3-e19.el, w3.el:
Lots of fixes brought about by Axel Boldt <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem in w3-finish-text-entry when deleting the sole window
* w3-e19.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-xemac.el, w3.el:
Fix from for converting newlines in
menu entries/completions on links to spaces.
* w3.el: Fixed dl attribute munging in w3-fixup-bad-html
* w3-e19.el, w3-mule.el, w3.el: Misc. changes for Mule 2.0
Tue Sep 6 21:07:16 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-xemac.el:
Got rid of code to not interfere with hyperboles mouse-bindings, since
it has changed to only use shift-clicks
Sat Sep 3 21:50:09 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem where if url-be-asynchronous was non-nil,
w3-show-history and w3-show-hotlist would fail.
Fri Sep 2 18:42:25 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: url-buffer-visiting now strips off the #xxx links.
If reusing a buffer, the #xxx works will now work also.
* w3-vars.el: Used real symbol for (TM) (&trade;)
Sun Aug 28 22:41:15 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem with <dl> lists when there were no <dt> items.
* w3.el: Fixed bug where hotlist urls were getting hexified too often
Thu Aug 25 17:15:52 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Few fixes to @cindex areas
Tue Aug 23 12:30:18 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Added code to automatically call w3-update-hotlist-menu after all
hotlist modification functions
Mon Aug 22 02:30:51 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem with the new w3-fix-unknown-tags
Sun Aug 21 23:34:49 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: The isindex tag can now have an action=xxx specifier. Works the same
as link rel=index
* w3.el: Don't include the [[ and ]] in w3-complete-link
* w3-vars.el, w3.el:
Added a 'debug' mode. If w3-debug-html is non-nil, then display
all semi-buggy html with error messages in a separate buffer
that is displayed at the end of the parse.
* w3-lemac.el, w3-vars.el, w3-wemac.el, w3.el:
Added w3-xemac.el for the upcoming XEmacs 19.12 release
* w3-xemac.el: Initial revision
* dist.Makefile: Added w3-xemac.el
* w3-vars.el: Changed how w3-version-number is created.
* w3.txi: Added section on inlined images/mpegs
* w3.el: w3-goto-last-buffer now works if w3-be-asynchronous == t
* w3.el, w3-e19.el:
Fixed emacs-19 forms problem - overlays would run together and mess up
form entry. Also fixed problem in the highlighting of links.
Sat Aug 20 22:21:06 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.txi, w3.el: Lots of changes suggested by Axel Boldt.
* w3-e19.el: w3-forward-link and w3-back-link will show the link under point
Thu Aug 18 12:56:43 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el, w3-mac.el, w3.el: removed need for w3-quotify-percent hack
Mon Aug 15 03:57:29 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed multipart viewer
Sun Aug 14 22:50:31 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Made w3-popup-info interactive
* w3-hypb.el: More error checking in hwww:start.
* w3-vars.el: Added view source to the hyperlink-menu
* w3-wemac.el, w3.el: More fixes to work under DOS/Windows
* w3.el: Fixed x-www-form-urlencoded encoding. Was stripping off the first
character sometimes when it shouldn't have been.
* w3-vars.el: Removed bogus definition of w3-directory-format
* w3-lemac.el, w3-e19.el:
Fixed w3-mouse-handler so it doesn't need to muck with the % signs anymore.
* w3-lemac.el, w3-e19.el: New links menu constructor
* w3.el: Default URL for w3-fetch is now smarter.
* w3.el: Fixed w3-complete-link so that it will not show extraneous markup in
the completing-read
* w3-srch.el, w3-lemac.el, w3-wemac.el, w3-epoch.el, w3-emacs.el, w3-e19.el:
New w3-map-links - now passes the start and end positions to the
appropriate function
* w3.el: Forms fix for MAXSIZE, message when storing into the kill ring so the
user has some sort of feedback, <P ID=xxx> works now.
* w3-vars.el: New hotlist key bindings.
Fri Aug 12 13:26:02 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-lemac.el: Removed the * .5 so w3-lemac.el can compile under emacs 18
* w3.el: Few fixes for using under windows.
* w3.el: Fixed problem with directory-files with no <title> causing
rename-buffer to fail.
Thu Aug 11 13:56:35 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.txi: Changes to the VM/Rmail nodes.
* w3.el: Fixed dumbass problem in both types of forms submission that would
always submit every checkbox and every radio button, regardless of its
checked state.
Wed Aug 10 13:51:18 1994 William Perry <>
Tue Aug 9 03:39:45 1994 William Perry <>
* w3.el: Fixed problem with cleaning up of w3-temporary-directory and
* w3-e19.el: Fixed a few problems with the loading of lmenu.
Mon Aug 8 12:59:14 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-e19.el: Made binding of track-mouse buffer-local
Sat Aug 6 16:32:18 1994 William Perry <>
* dist.Makefile:
Removed viewers.el from the dist, since it has been moved into mm.el
* w3-wemac.el, w3-lemac.el:
New url-flush-cache function to remove all entries from the cache.
Menu item in lemacs/wemacs for it.
* w3.el: Fixed problem if </title> is malformed/nonexistent.
* w3.el: Fixed problem with some </pre> markup sometimes leaving a trailing >
in the parsed code.
* w3.el: Fixed problem with mac web pages that use ^M instead of ^J as the
newline char.
Wed Aug 3 04:15:06 1994 William Perry <>
* w3-vars.el, w3.el: Moved setting of w3-documents-menu-file,
w3-personal-annotation-directory, and w3-hotlist-file into
w3-do-setup, since they used expand-file-name and ~/, it would mess up
if you dumped w3 with emacs.
* w3-wemac.el:
Do correct setting of the %#!@ed up .mosaic-xxx-xxx filenames when in windows.
* w3-wemac.el:
Fix the setting of the mailcap/mime-types file list so that it won't
choke on invalid filenames in windows. Also do smart-checking of the
TEMP environment variable if w3-temporary-directory or
url-temporary-directory doesn't exist.
* w3-lemac.el, w3.el:
Fixed a problem in w3-kill-emacs-func when w3-temporary-directory
didn't exist. Also moved some stuff from w3-do-setup to
w3-setup-version-specifics (mostly lemacs image stuff, etc)
* w3.el: Load w3-wemac if running WinEmacs
* w3.el: Highlighting of links is back...
* w3-wemac.el: Initial revision
Mon Aug 1 13:32:35 1994 William Perry <>