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An Emacs interface to w3m

This package contains a interface program of w3m.

1. Introduction

   w3m is a pager with WWW capability, developed by Akinori ITO.  It
   is a pager, but it can be used as a text-mode WWW browser.  For more
   detail about it, see:

   emacs-w3m is a simple interface program of w3m, which works on Emacs.

2. Installation

   a) This package requires the latest version of w3m (see section 3),
      please install it in the first step.

   b) In addition, if you are using XEmacs 21.x, you should install the
      program "gifsicle".  There is a known bug in the whole XEmacs 21.x
      series so far that it won't display optimized animated gifs
      correctly or it may crash when some kind of an interlaced gif
      image is displayed.  emacs-w3m will use it to convert gif data to
      be suitable for XEmacs 21.x.  It is available from:

   c) If you use XEmacs or Mule-2.3, you have to install APEL before
      installing Emacs-w3m.  APEL is available at:

      Also, Emacs-w3m requires "new custom". If you use Mule-2.3, you
      have to install it before installing emacs-w3m. For more detail,
      see README.en distributed with APEL.

   d) Emacs-w3m requires the module regexp-opt.el(c) which might not
      be provided in the old Emacsen (e.g. Mule 2).  If you are using
      such versions of Emacs, you have to install the module regexp-
      opt.el(c) before installing emacs-w3m as follows:

         % cp attic/regexp-opt.el /usr/local/share/mule/site-lisp
         % cd /usr/local/share/mule/site-lisp
         % mule -q -no-site-file -batch -f batch-byte-compile regexp-opt.el

   e) If you want to use shimbun library of Emacs-w3m, you have to
      install FLIM package.

      Since FLIM depends on APEL described in c) above, you have to
      install APEL even if you use one of Emacsen other than
      XEmacs/Mule-2.3 (you have to install APEL, and succeedingly
      FLIM).  You can get FLIM at:

      For more detail abut shimbun library, see README.shimbun.ja
      (sorry, Japanese only).

   f) Run `configure' script.

          % ./configure

      If you have installed modules such as APEL and FLIM into
      unstandard directories, you will have to use `--with-addpath'
      option in order to specify them.

          % ./configure --with-addpath=/opt/share/apel:/opt/share/flim

   g) Execute these commands to put emacs-lisp programs of this package
      to an appropriate directory.

          % make
          % make install

      In addition, you can install some image files used to the icons
      for XEmacs or Emacs 21 as follows.

          % make install-icons

      You can also install program files as an XEmacs package using
      `install-package' instead of `install'.

          % make
          % make install-package

      In this case, you have no need to execute `install-icons' command.

   h) Put these lines into your ~/.emacs.

          (autoload 'w3m "w3m" "Interface for w3m on Emacs." t)

   i) If you want to use contributed programs, some additional settings
      are required.  Please see the head of those programs for more

3. How to specify proxy gateways

   There are some ways to do this, one is to set the environment
   variable http_proxy globally in the shell something like:

      setenv http_proxy

   Another way is to customize the option `w3m-command-arguments' to
   add the options "-o" and "http_proxy=http://PROXY_SERVER_NAME:PORT/".
   This can also be done in your .emacs file as shown below:

      (eval-after-load "w3m"
        '(setq w3m-command-arguments
               (nconc w3m-command-arguments
                      '("-o" "http_proxy="))))

   To specify no-proxy hosts that not to use proxy gateways to connect
   to, you can set the environment variable no_proxy with the comma
   separated host names, or set the option `w3m-no-proxy-domains' with a
   list of domain names (not host names) as follows:

      (setq w3m-no-proxy-domains '("" ""))

   See also the documentation for the option
   `w3m-command-arguments-alist' to use regexps to specify the no-proxy

4. Version of w3m

   Because this program is sensitive to version of w3m, the latest
   version of w3m should be used.  Its latest official version is 0.3,
   which is released at March 6th, 2002.  Its source can be downloaded

5. Contact

   In order to contact us, please send a mail to <>.

6. Acknowledgments

   w3m, which is an essential part of this package, was written by
   Akinori ITO.  We'd like to address our thanks to him for his nice

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