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where my Emacs starts

NOTE: this emacs startkit relies on spacemacs and only tested on windows 10. If you want it to work under *NIX, modifications are necessary.

After strugling with Emacs configuration for such a long time, I found spacemacs which combines the best part of Emacs an Vim. Actually, I learnt how to use Vim by using spacemacs.

Right now, I spend even more time using Emacs to fulfill my work because of spacemacs.

split the org settings

I use Org almost every day. As time goes by, the settings grows. There are tons of emacs-elisp in my config.el. So I split the code in config.el into several layers:

  1. zclorgbasic layer which stores the basic setting for org including the global hotkey.
  2. zclorggtd layer which stores the settings for GTD using org; I have a post, Organize your life in Emacs Org, for my using of Emacs as GTD tool.
  3. zclorgexport layer which stores the settings for exporting the org file as html, pdf, markdown
  4. zclorgpublish layer which stores the settings for publishing the org file as a static website
  5. zclorggraph layer which stores the settings for using ditta and graphic (the two famous java package)
  6. zcljournal layer describes my journaling system which keep track of my work.

On my personal blog site , there is a section dedicated to my use of Emacs.