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Another Codeigniter CMS, With some Love
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Codeigniter-Egypt system
if you are a website developer then you know the amount of work getting the site components together you  have to make a database base minimal structure and 
1.users table: holding users information
2.pages table: holding pages names and titles, permissions
3.user groups table: users groups
4.content table: site articles and every components

and you need to get your javascript frameworks and some minimal backend pages.
We take about 20% of overall projects work hours in preperations. If you are tired of that then Codeigniter-Egypt is for you.

Codeigniter-Egypt is a very easy CMS that built on a very simple idea like HTML and all the XML languages 
every website is consisting of pages every page may have subpages and so 
every page has a permissions to determine  it's displayable for that user or under any other conditions 
every page contain widgets inside widgets , the widget display data and may have cells that can contain another set of widgets and so on. 
Every widget may have properties and children , the widget is like a function that takes paramters make a process on them and return an HTML result 
Codeigniter-Egypt support the idea of applications

[program built on]
* CodeIgniter PHP framework Version 2.0.2
* Datamapper Version 1.8.1
* Ion-Auth 1/7/2011 HEAD from Github
* Dojo tool kit Version 1.6.0 (from Google CDN)
* jquery Version 1.6.2

[The idea]
* the idea is to make a site with fast way debending on the widgets and layouts
giving permissions to evey content for viewing.

* so as the section has the same thing
built on it some applications accessible by a task bar

[ Installation ]
* 1- download and extract Codeigniter Egypt
* 2- edit "config.php"
* 3- open "index.php/install" to install database
[ Running ]
* 1- normal site: 
	ex: http://localhost/Codeigniter-Egypt/index.php
* 2- login page:
	ex: http://localhost/Codeigniter-Egypt/index.php/login
* 3- logout page:
	ex: http://localhost/Codeigniter-Egypt/index.php/logout
[ Root default logon ]
* 1- user name:
	password: password
* you can change it from:
[ How to help us ]
* like Codeigniter-Egypt on facebook [] 
* watch that repo to tell me that you are intersted [ click the watch button ]
* contact me and tell you want to help on github [blazeeboy[at]gmail[dot]com]
* fork that repo [ click the fork button ]