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Ask Wikipedia Gem Version

Ask Wikipedia is a ruby gem for querying wikipedia in any language from within your ruby or rails application, and also could be used from commandline directly.


you can install latest version using

gem install askwiki


add it to your project using

require 'askwiki'
# instantiate a new object and ask it
obj ='en') # padd wikipedia language as param or leave it for english
print obj.ask('API') # to ask wikipedia for an article

# or use the class method
print Askwiki.ask('API')

also you can use it from commandline/terminal as follows

$ askwiki API

Questions and Problems ?

open a new issue to let me know and i will response as soon as possible

How to Help

we appreciate Star/Fork/Watch on github so show love, and if you wanna help more then fork, then add a feature or enhance it, and send me a pull request, i will review and merge your commit.