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I used to share what I'm reading on but over time:

  • It became very slow
  • It has 3 trackers as of writing this readme.
  • It has many features that is confusing for me.

So I sat down and wrote my own simple library program.

  • A reflection of my physical library
  • It's simple
  • Fast
  • Depends on my input (titles, images...etc) : This proved to be a lot of effort to do when I first tried inserting all my books
  • Doesn't depend on any other system : I needed the option to get the book information from google books
  • Free to use
  • Free to fork and modify and redistribute
  • Has a feature to lend my books to other people
  • Doesn't track me

What's done so far:

  • Allows adding books and taking pictures for covers from phone
  • Allows creating book shelves
  • Each book can be put in one shelf like real books. no multiple lists nonsense.
  • User login


  • Keep it simple
  • Minimize dependencies
  • Don't add javascript
  • Don't write custom CSS. use
  • Don't depend on any external system like social login..etc. I had to create login with google for easier implementation

Start the server

  • Clone it
  • You need Go installed
  • Install dependencies go get .
  • Setup the database bin/db setup
  • Run the server go run *.go


  • a remote ssh access to a server with docker and docker-compose
  • clone the repo to you machine
  • copy .env to the remote server /root/env/library/.env and fill it
  • from your machine bin/deploy master user@ip-address
  • This will deploy all services to the remote server


  • Make it simpler
  • Make it faster
  • Make it more secure