A minimal implementation of react-redux pattern
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This is a mini library that implements the Redux pattern. Useful if you don't need all the stuff that the redux framework gives you.


How to use it

  1. Install the library
npm install t-redux
  1. Import in your files
import {withState, dispatcher, buildReducer} from 't-redux'
  1. What you get is
  • A High Order Component to wrap your React components
  • An action dispatcher
  • An utility function to build the reducers

One file example

  // import the needed modules
  import {withState, dispatcher, buildReducer} from 't-redux'

  // this is a PORC (Plain Old React Component)
  class MyCounter extends React.Component {
    constructor() {
      this.plusOne = this.plusOne.bind(this)
    plusOne() {
      // Dispacth the action (the content is optional)
      dispatcher.dispatch({type: 'PLUS_ONE', content: this.props.counter})
    render() {
      return (
          <div>Click count: {this.props.counter}</div>
          <button onClick={this.plusOne}>Add 1</button>
  // Build the reducers as a map ACTION:(state, action) => state
  const reducers = buildReducer({
    'PLUS_ONE': (state, action) => ({counter: state.counter + 1})

  // Define the initial state
  const INITIAL_STATE = { counter: 0 }

  const middlewareFn = (state, action) => {
    // inspect the state or the action. Useful for logging and debugging or to store the events.

  // export the wrapped component passing the reducers and the initial state
  export default withState([reducers], INITIAL_STATE, middlewareFn)(MyCounter)



Build the reducers map. The map is composed by an action type and a reducer function. The reducer function is f: (state, action) -> state The state is changed applying the action type reducer.


Is an object with three methods:


Register the function fn in the list of subscribed functions. Returns the id of the registered entry.


Remove the function from the list of subscribers.


Call every subscribed functions passing the action

withState(reducers, initialState, middleware)

Connect the magic. Returns a function that it can be used to connect a component with the reducers and the initial state. After the initial state it accept a function that will be called before applying the action.


This package was born while I was learning react and redux. I love the principles behind Redux but I don't like boilerplate and overcomplicated code so I decided to try to write a simple implementation of the redux pattern. Feel free to use it or to continue to use the Real One.

Michele Bertoli gave a terrific presentation on how to manage state in react applications. t-redux is one of the available options.