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Simple tool to download video lectures from . It requires the Python interpreter (v 2.x or 3.x), youtube-dl, BeautifulSoup4 and it's platform independent. It should work fine in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X .



We use youtube-dl to download video lectures from youtube "We don't wanna reinvent the wheel :)". Make sure you have youtube-dl installed in your system .

You can find youtube-dl here :


Scrapping the web can be very silly task, but BeautifulSoup makes it so easy :), it isn't included in the python standard library . Make sure you have BeautifulSoup installed .

You can install it with

pip install beautifulsoup4 


easy_install beautifulsoup4.

For more info :


Python2 implementation for edx-downloader

The original file written by shk3 in/for python3 then updated by emadshaaban92 using 2to3 .


For Python2.x

use , simply excute it with 2 agrument "email,password"

python 123456

Your downloaded videos will be placed in a new Directory called "Downloaded"

The script is very interactive , if you have a issue please tell us .

For Python3.x

Instructions are the same as Python2.x except you should use instead of

python3 123456