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A Like Button for the web page built using Gatsby themes
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Gatsby Theme Like Button

A small gatsby theme which helps to add a like button to any post or page on the website.


This is built using monorepo.

  • gatsby-theme-like-post: a main theme where we keep the functionality of the button
  • site: contains a dummy site to test the theme

Currently when user clicks on the button, it stores the given post id into the localstorage with boolean flag about the liked state.

How to run?

  • Run yarn to install all the required packages
  • Run yarn workspace gatsby-theme-like-post develop to test whether everything works without any compile issue
  • Kill the process
  • Run yarn workspace site develop to launch our dummy site

Currently, the dummy site contains 2 pages index and about with the LikeButton component added from the theme.


  • Connect with firebase
  • Allow users to customize the style of button
  • Publish to npm


I gave a talk in React Knowledgable meetup in Singapore to show how we can build a gatsby theme. The details are as follows:

Slide | Video

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