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Please Contact Us

Technical support email:
Sales email:

Product Parameter

◆ It is fully compatible with the Arduino nano-v3.0 pin and its usage method
◆ BLE chip :TI CC2540
◆ Work channel : 2.4G
◆ Transmission distance: 50m
◆ Supports AT directive to configure BLE
◆ Support USB virtual serial port, hardware serial port,BLE three-way transparent transmission
◆ Support master and slave switch
◆ Supports sending over 20byte.
◆ Supports iBeacons
◆ Interface:Mircor-Usb
◆ Input voltage: Usb power supply,Vin6~12V, 5V
◆ MCU: ATmega328P-MU QFN32
◆ Bootloader: Newest Arduino1.8.8
◆ Pin: Two Lines 2.54mm-15Pin
◆ Size: 48mm x 19mm x 12mm
◆ Weight: 18g

Driver installation

Please refer to the operation manual for driver installation

Arduino IDE Version

Arduino IDE 1.8.6 and above Version

AT command

Data download


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