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Helper Objects to make writing MongoDB apps easier.


Sorting Helper

You can easily add sorting by extending DataSorting

class UserSorting extends DataSorting
    public const Email = 'Email';

    public const FirstName = 'FirstName';

    public const LastName = 'LastName';

you can then use it like so:

UserSorting::AddToSortList(UserSorting::FirstName, UserSorting::ASC);

you then compile the sort list by doing this:

$sort = UserSorting::GetSortList();

this wil allow you you add as many sorting rules as you want to a query.

Model Helper

MongoModelInterface is an interface helper that'll provide some helper methods for handling model data.

use MongoDB\BSON\Serializable;
use MongoDB\Model\BSONDocument;
use Edd\MongoDbHelpers\MongoModelInterface

class User implements Serializable, MongoModelInterface
    public $userGuid;
    public $email;
    public $firstName;
    public $lastName;
    public function bsonSerialize() : array
        return [
            'UserUuid' => $this->userUuid,
            'Email' => $this->email,
            'FirstName' => $this->firstName,
            'LastName' => $this->lastName

    public function map(BSONDocument $document)
        $this->userUuid = $document['UserUuid'];
        $this->email = $document['Email'];
        $this->firstName = $document['FirstName'];
        $this->lastName = $document['LastName'];

    public function toArray() : array
        return get_object_vars($this);

map helps you map a BSON Document result to your model properties.

toArray is for presenting the data as an array.

Repository Helper

MongoRepository makes it easy to setup a basic repository style architecture, the constructor will create an instance of MongoDB\Client .

SetCollection & GetCollection setup and provide an instance of MongoDB\Collection.