[DEPRECATED] Small utility to fetch old pictures from a Flickr account
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This program is deprecated. It probably doesn't work anymore on more recent versions of Scala anyway.

For a working, maintained, Clojure version of this program, see clj-flickr-memories.

Flickr Memories

This is a very simple utility to fetch pictures from a week a year ago from a given Flickr account (if no pictures are found a year ago, previous years are attempted). It generates a static web page that you can load in any browser to see the pictures, or alternatively it can send that webpage as an e-mail to a chosen e-mail address. It's written in Scala, and part of the point of writing it in the first place was learning some Scala, so don't expect (1) idiomatic Scala code you can learn from, or (2) a polished/well-maintained code.

BTW, I know there's already a service that does something similar, probably much better, but as I said I wanted to learn some Scala ;-)

To run this, you'll need:

If you want to run the tests, you'll also need the ScalaTest library. To compile, run or test the code, you can use sbt.

Comments, particularly about the code or the tools, more than welcome!

After compiling the source, you can execute the utility by typing (make sure you have a correct CLASSPATH, like lib/*:target/scala_2.8.1/classes or similar!):

scala org.demiurgo.FlickrMemories.App <your Flickr NSID> >pictures.html

you can specify a different reference date (as opposed to "today"):

scala org.demiurgo.FlickrMemories.App <your Flickr NSID> <yyyy-mm-dd> >pictures.html


scala org.demiurgo.FlickrMemories.App 24881879@N00            >pictures.html
scala org.demiurgo.FlickrMemories.App 24881879@N00 2010-11-13 >pictures.html

If you want to send the result via e-mail, you have to configure the outgoing SMTP server (ie. copy config.yml-sample to config.yml and set appropriate values for the different configuration keys). Then, you can just specify an e-mail address as an extra parameter at the end, like so:

scala org.demiurgo.FlickrMemories.App 24881879@N00 2010-11-13 emanchado@demiurgo.org

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