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This is a wiki system written in Javascript (with express / Node.js). It's designed to be used as a personal wiki.

I wrote it mainly because I wanted a personal wiki and to learn a bit of "real" development with Node.js (I had written one experiment with Node.js before, but wanted to use an actual web development environment instead of writing everything by hand).

It's simpler than many other wikis, and it will likely stay that way as this is strictly a personal wiki. It has a "passphrase" to protect the site (no username/password pair, just a passphrase). The looks are somewhat spartan.

Using it

To configure it, you'll have to set the following configuration keys:

wiki-toki:_passphrase = mysecretpassphraseyouwillneverguess
wiki-toki:store-directory = /path/to/the/store/directory
wiki-toki:session-secret = some-better-secret

For example, by starting the wiki like so:

npm start /path/to/Wiki-toki \
    --wiki-toki:store-directory=/var/wiki-toki/store \
    --wiki-toki:_passphrase=ohnoyoudidnt \
    --wiki-toki:session-secret=some-better-secret \

Or, if you prefer:

npm_package_config_store_directory=tmp/store \
    npm_package_config__passphrase=ohnoyoudidnt \
    npm_package_config_session_secret=some-better-secret \
    npm_package_config_quiet=1 \
    node app.js

Or simply by setting them in ~/.npmrc.

Note the --wiki-toki:quiet option, which suppresses a startup message. You might need that to run Wiki-Toki on your web server.

Running the tests

You can run the unit tests with buster-test, and the functional tests by running testem and going to http://localhost:7357 with a web browser.


The picture and PDF link icons are made by Jozef Krajčovič, and taken from

The search icon is made by Yannick Lung, and was taken from

The trashcan icon is also made by Yannick Lung, and was taken from

The add attachment icon is made by Linh Pham Thi Dieu, and was taken from