Super simple, command-line dice roller written in Nim
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Nim Dice Roller

Just a small experiment to learn Nim. It's a command-line dice roller that supports aliases (that can be created from the tool itself).

It doesn't use any advanced Nim features, but it was a good exercise to get used to the syntax and to the static (although with inference) typing. I liked the little I saw: the syntax feels quite lightweight (a mix between ES6 and Python), but it has static typing (without the need to spell out every type, thanks to the inference!) and proper macros (somewhat like Lisp, but having a "normal" syntax). I got to use at least one macro (the =~ operator) but not write one.

To be honest, in my totally unscientific tests the randomness didn't seem very good, so I don't know how practical/useful this program will really be. Then again I built it to learn, so I don't mind that much.