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CodeCamp - JavaScript Web Application

The approach I used to solve this challenge:

  1. User Stories
  2. Diagramming with pen and paper along the process for what I needed to develop
  3. Adding new features and aterwards refactoring commits

The idea of this project, with only an educational scope, is a website where people can organize campgrounds to study and code using a specific programming language while enjoying the nature being in a campground.

  • Features available now:

    • User authentications;
    • Create a coding campground deciding a price per night (to create a campground the visitor needs to be an user of CodeCamp website):
      • A campground has a name, a picture, a price per night and a description;
    • Leave comments to campgrounds (to leave a comment the user needs to be logged in);
    • Deleting comments (only who writes the comment can delete it);
    • Deleting campgrounds (only who creates the campgrounds can delete it);
  • Next:

    • Google Maps API;
    • Improving UI on login page;
    • Improving UI on register page;

📋 User Stories

As a User,
I would like to see a landing page.

As the Owner of the website,
I would like my users to be able to create campgrounds.
The campgrounds have a title, a picture, a price per night and a description.

As a User,
In order to ask questions and share ideas/info with other users,
I want to be able to leave comments to a specific campground.

As the Owner of the website,
I would like the visitors to be trackable for their interactions on the website,
So I want them to be able to have a registration form available.

As a User,
In order to have a good navigation experience,
I would like to have a navigation bar which I can use to sign up, login, logout and go back to the homepage.

As a User,
When I create a campground but afterwards a problem comes up,
I would like to be able to delete a campground.

As a User,
When I leave a comment I could potentially make typos or just change my mind,
I want to be able to edit or delete my comment.

As the Owner of the website,
In order to improve the navigation experiene,
I would like to show users flash messages when they sign up, login and logout.

📝 Getting started

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Change directory cd codecamp

👉 Usage

  1. Start mongodb database mongod on your local environment through the terminal
  2. Start the application nodemon app.js from the terminal
  3. Open your browser, navigate to http://localhost:3000 and enjoy the experience

landingPage camps

🚧 Technologies I used

  • JavaScript ES6
  • MongoDB

📜 License

© Emanuele Gorga | CV Github

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