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Canon M10 Remote Control
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The GUI is built around the REMI python library (, a powerful tool to crate a pure-Python GUI that can run in the browser. This allows to to have directly the code working on computer and mobile devices.

This program requires CHDK installed on the camera and several libraries to work.

The instructions to install CHDK on the SD card of the Canon Camera are here:

The latest CHDK version is here under PowerShot M10:

Once CHDK is properly installed on the camera you need the following libraries lua5.2 and liblua5.2-dev libusb opencv libraw libjpeg imageio chdkptp rawpy remi

I use then this sequence to install everything

sudo apt-get install python3-pip lua5.2 liblua5.2-dev libusb-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev python3-setuptools python3-dev python3-six python3-opencv libraw-dev cmake zlib1g-dev libnova-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libgsl-dev libjpeg-dev libcfitsio-dev python3-imageio
pip3 install wheel
echo "export PATH=\$PATH:/home/ema/.local/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
pip3 install lupa --install-option='--no-luajit'
git clone --recursive -j8
python3 sdist
sudo python3 install
cd ..
rm -rf
pip3 install rawpy
pip3 instal git+

Then you are ready to execute the GUI with

python3 ./

The GUI is then available on http://computer_ip:8081/

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