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A Python module that wraps the CM Synergy command line interface
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ccm -> git converter


Create a configuration.conf file with the info needed for your setup, look in the configuration.conf.sample.

Run and the converter will start quering the Synergy database for project info. Data will be stored in two places: ccm_cache_path from the config will store all Synergy objects as so they can easily and fast be be loaded again. The release and task structure and how everything is linked together is stored in the PySynergy folder.

To do the actual conversion run and pipe this to git fast-import or a file for later import through git fast-import


For the conversion of synergy data to git data you'll need to have pygraph installed.


If you need assistance or help in migrating from Synergy to git, don't hesitate to contact me at

I'm currently not having access to any Synergy servers, so development on PySynergy is slow, if not stopped.

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