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Minimig project example for FleaFPGA Ohm Experimenter Board
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Port of Amiga emulator "Minimig"

Started from Minimig_ECS for Fleasystems "Ohm" board and making it more portable to work on Altera, Lattice and Xilinx. Also used to test compatibility of various vendors and boards when running a complex project.

Altera Cyclone-V (5CEBA4F23C7)
Lattice ECP5 (LFE5U-25F-6BG381C and LFE5U-45F-6BG381C)
Xilinx Artix-7 (XC7A100T-FGG484-2)

Keyboard driver modified not to control keyboard LEDs to avoid compatibility issues with various keyboard.

VGA to HDMI converter is replaced from "snake" template because original video output didn't make monitor sync. New video doesn't have hdmi-audio.

Except clock PLL generators, most (if not all) vendor specific RAM/ROMs are converted to generic vhdl with python scripts and other modules slightly adjusted to use new generic modules.

There is a script which unzips original archive, removes unneed files and converts some binaries to generic vhdl.

SD browser menu

Press all 4 cursor buttons together at the same time and Minimig menu will appear where you can browse SD card to load *.adf files and change Minimig emulation parameters.

OSD menu is running on auxililary 68k CPU. It's source is here: minimig_tc64

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