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Translation script from C to Ada
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Python script that translates Ansi C to Ada. Translates .c and .h files to .adb and .ads files


python FILES 

In order to resolve include dependencies, all files must be specified in one call.

Example: python main.c module.c module.h

or you can use find on a code directory:

find . -type f -regex '.*\.\(c\|h\)' -exec python {} + 


The script is based on regular expressions and will not properly parse C according to its specification! It is only a helper script intended to reduce the manual translation effort.

Translation Features:

  • keeps (and translates) all your comments
  • translates C functions to Ada functions or procedures
  • translates enum, struct
  • preprocessor #define
  • numbers: 0b10101010 -> 2#10101010#

Not working:

  • pointers
  • Array initialization
  • resolving comments between function signature and body
  • many other things
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