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@Rumhocker Rumhocker released this Nov 28, 2017

  • Lots of Security Patches
  • Compatibility with newest Packages
  • Update ProcessGetData for MerkleHashes on upcoming Android QT
  • faster Blockchainsync
  • nStakeMaxAge removed for staking Coins >2 Years
  • StakeSplit set to 10000 DEM
  • Orphan Blocks massivly REDUCED
  • new Nodes and Checkpoints
  • TX Comments will shown up in QT Wallet
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@emarkproject emarkproject released this Apr 17, 2017

  • some changes to compile MAC wallet without issues
  • add QR support
  • fix some typos in german
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@Rumhocker Rumhocker released this Oct 30, 2016

Hardfork !!!
This version is with POS protokoll V3.
Older versions will not longer work. Please make a security copy of your wallet.dat and update your blockchain.

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@emarkproject emarkproject released this Oct 6, 2015

eMark Core 1.3.0 bringing eMark in line with Bitcoin 0.10.2.
This is an release version. All tests are successfully completed.
IMPORTANT: eMark 1.3 use LevelDB. If you want to use it, wallet will reload the blockchain.
Make a update from your old /.eMark folder.

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@Rumhocker Rumhocker released this Feb 23, 2015

only for testing!!!

  • Some fixes to resolve address book page and listtransactions issues
  • fix addressbook bugs (duplicate addresses, typos etc.)
  • Avoid trying to parse outputs that aren’t relevant to CWalletTx::GetAmounts
  • Supress “address” key in transaction details, when the destination isn’t recognized
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@Rumhocker Rumhocker released this Jan 16, 2015

add LevelDB support

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  • change max Coins from 21,000,000,000 to 210,000,000
  • change POS time from 365 days to 30 days
  • add CoinControl
  • add lock/unlock Wallet
  • some Bugfixes

Mandatory Wallet Update - 12 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT !!!

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@Rumhocker Rumhocker released this Jan 13, 2015

eMarks 1.0
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