Library for HTTP request signing (Lua implementation)
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EscherLua - HTTP request signing lib Build Status

Lua implementation of the AWS4 compatible Escher HTTP request signing and authentication library. The library is compatible with the Nginx's HttpLuaModule and Openresty.

We are using it for our OpenResty based API gateway server for authenticating the requests, and route the request to our microservices with a different signature.


In order to run the tests, Lua, LuaRocks and some libraries must be installed.


Some tips to setup the local development environment on a Mac:

brew install lua
brew install cmake
brew install openssl
luarocks-5.2 install luafilesystem 1.6.3-2
luarocks-5.2 install busted
luarocks-5.2 install rapidjson 0.4.5-1
luarocks-5.2 install luacrypto 0.3.2-2 OPENSSL_INCDIR=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2j/include
luarocks-5.2 install date 2.1.1-1

Run the tests

To run all the tests, use the LUA="luajit" LUA_PATH="lib/?.lua;;" busted command.

About Escher

More details are available at our Escher documentation site.