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Throne of Games


As students in the Spring 2019 Digital Crafts coding bootcamp, Ben Hallquist, Eric Mauldin, and Margaret O’Neill created this React.js based game website. As season 8 of the popular TV shows, Game of Thrones, was coming to end, we chose to create a series of games in homage to some of the show’s characters.


Tic-Tac-Tyiron was a two-person game using the standard rules. We allow the users to select a character image that would mark their spot on the board. Images also flipped directions based one first or second player.

Connect-4-Houses pits Fire and Ice against each other to see who can get 4 spaces in a row first. Fun gif images were used to make this game engaging.

Cersei-Says utilizes sound bytes from the show such as dragon’s breath and the ‘shame’ sequence. The user has to match the computers’ random array of sounds that increase in complexity with each round.

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