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Exploring the (x/)sync Package - Leipzig Golang Meetup #10

Examples, references and snippets for the short (virtual) presentation at the Leipzig Golang Meetup.

Peeking into the sync package

Package sync provides basic synchronization primitives such as mutual exclusion locks. Other than the Once and WaitGroup types, most are intended for use by low-level library routines. Higher-level synchronization is better done via channels and communication.

Values containing the types defined in this package should not be copied.


Types defined in this package:

  • Cond
    • Cond implements a condition variable, a rendezvous point for goroutines waiting for or announcing the occurrence of an event.
  • Locker (interface)
    • A Locker represents an object that can be locked and unlocked.
  • Map
    • Map is like a Go map[interface{}]interface{} but is safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines without additional locking or coordination. Loads, stores, and deletes run in amortized constant time.
  • Mutex
    • A Mutex is a mutual exclusion lock. The zero value for a Mutex is an unlocked mutex.
  • Once
    • Once is an object that will perform exactly one action.
  • Pool
    • A Pool is a set of temporary objects that may be individually saved and retrieved.
  • RWMutex
    • A RWMutex is a reader/writer mutual exclusion lock. The lock can be held by an arbitrary number of readers or a single writer. The zero value for a RWMutex is an unlocked mutex.
  • WaitGroup
    • A WaitGroup waits for a collection of goroutines to finish.

Note: excluding sub-package "atomic".

Peeking into the x/sync package

Package x/sync provides Go concurrency primitives in addition to the ones provided by the language and “sync” and “sync/atomic” packages.


Packages defined:

  • errgroup
    • Package errgroup provides synchronization, error propagation, and Context cancelation for groups of goroutines working on subtasks of a common task.
  • semaphore
    • Package semaphore provides a weighted semaphore implementation.
  • singleflight
    • Package singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
  • syncmap
    • Package syncmap provides a concurrent map implementation. (prototype, deprecated with the addition to the standard lib in Go v1.9)

For a comprehensive coverage of this package see this awesome blog post.


Examples, references and snippets for the short (virtual) presentation at the Leipzig Golang Meetup.








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