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Boilerplate and tests for the first Solidity Gas Golfing Contest
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1st Solidity Gas Golfing Contest

The Solidity Gas Golfing Contest is a competition for Solidity coders to produce the most gas-efficient code they can for a series of straightforward challenges. The 1st SGGC will run from 23 May to 30 June 2018.

For more details, and entry instructions, see the competition site at

This repository contains boilerplate for the contracts for each of the five challenges, along with test vectors and runners to test your implementation against before submitting it.

Note that constructor code will not be run, and state will not persist between tests.


Clone this repository and install its dependencies:

git clone
npm install -g embark


Implement one or more of the contracts in the contracts directory. Run the corresponding test with embark test; for instance, if you implemented Sort, run:

embark test test/Sort.js

You can also run all the tests with:

embark test

If all the tests pass, you can submit your entry at and see how it stacks up against the competition!

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