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subspace - redux-observable example

NodeJS application that uses redux-observable to initialize Subspace, deploy a contract and periodically create a transaction. This app will deploy a test contract to Ganache.


  • ganache-cli
  • yarn or npm installed.


In the parent folder, install, build and link the package with yarn or npm

yarn build:dev
yarn link

Then in the current folder link "@status-im/subspace", and install the packages

yarn link "@status-im/subspace"


In a terminal execute


In a different session, execute

node -r esm src/index.js 

You'll see in the console how the state changes everytime subspace receives an event, and a new transaction is created every second or so.

Note: this is a simple example application that does not include error handling for the web3 connection. Be sure ganache-cli is running in localhost:8545 before browsing the dapp.

node-gyp problems

node-gyp can cause problems, because it requires a C++ compiler.

If you do have problems caused by it, first follow the installation steps for your OS here.

If you still have problems and are on Windows, try the following:

  • run npm config set msvs_version 2015 before npm install
  • Repair Windows Build tools that the node-gyp doc made you install. If it tells you to remove a conflicting version do it. After the repair succeeded, reboot.
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