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  1. embark Public

    Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using Ethereum, IPFS and other platforms

    JavaScript 3.5k 508

  2. Forked from chjj/blessed

    A drop-in replacement for for Blessed. A high-level terminal interface library for node.js.

    JavaScript 291 28

  3. subspace Public

    Library for Reactive Dapp Development with auto syncing and caching capabilities

    JavaScript 64 22

  4. **DEPRECATED** Plugin for Embark to support es5, es6, es7 and react.

    JavaScript 8

  5. sggc Public

    Boilerplate and tests for the first Solidity Gas Golfing Contest

    JavaScript 8

  6. EmbarkJS Public archive

    MOVED to

    JavaScript 7


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