manage multi-use community houses: members, guests, events.
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Modernomad is an operating platform for collaborative spaces. It aims to facilitate democratic management, empower people with information, and enable meaningful connections for groups that value openness, collaboration and participation.

Main features include profiles, mailing lists, guest and booking management, events, static content, and community management. A detailed feature list is also available.


Modernomad is licensed under the Affero General Public License, which is like the GPL but requires you provide access to the source code for any modified versions that are running publicly (among other things). The intent is for anyone improving the software makes those improvements available to others.


Interested in contributing? We use Trello to coordinate day to day. We also have Github issues associated with this repository if you are not on trello and want to report problems, bugs or make suggestions. Read more about contributing.

Development environment

The easiest way to get up and running in development is by using Docker. See Docker development environment.

If you can't or don't want to use Docker, see Environment Setup and How to Run.

We use browser tests to ensure Modernomad keeps on doing what we want it to do. See browser test documentation if you want to run or write tests.


see Configuration

Additional documentation can be found in the docs directory.


We love contributors! Add an issue if you have an idea or bug report, visit the Backlog to see what we're up to, or message jessykate on twitter.

Admin User Guide

There is an admin user guide under development on Gitbooks. This guide should help users to get familiar with the available features, set up, and manage existing locations on instances of modernomad.