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Scripts for building and testing the AVR 32-bit GNU tool chain
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AVR32 GNU Tool Chain

This is the main git repository for the Atmel AVR 32-bit GNU tool chain. It contains just the scripts required to build the entire tool chain.

There are various branches of this repository which will automatically build complete tool chains for various releases. This is the version for the 3.4.2 tool chain development branches.

When run, the build script will check out the appropriate branches for each of the relevant tool chain component repositories.


You will need a Linux like environment (Cygwin and MinGW environments under Windows should work as well).

You will need the standard GNU tool chain pre-requisites as documented in GCC website

Finally you will need to check out the repositories for each of the tool chain components (its not all one big repository). These should be peers of this toolchain directory. If you have yet to check any repository out, then the following should be appropriate for creating a new directory, avr32 with all the components.

mkdir avr32
cd avr32
git clone binutils
git clone gcc
git clone newlib
git clone toolchain
cp -rd binutils gdb
cd toolchain

Note. The avr32-binutils-gdb repository is needed twice, to allow us potentially to build tool chains with different versions (i.e. branches) of binutils and GDB.

For convenience, clone just the toolcahin repository, then run the script in the toolchain directory, which will do the cloning for you:

mkdir avr32
cd avr32
git clone toolchain
cd toolchain

Building the tool chain

The script will build and install the AVR 32-bit tool chain. Use:

./ --help

to see the toptions available.

The script specifies the branches to use in each component git repository. It should be edited to change the default branches if required.

Having checked out the correct branches and built a unified source directory, first builds and installs the tool chain.

Other information

The standard Atmel download is provided as patch files against the standard GNU tool chain distributions. SOURCES.README describes these files, is the script to build from these sources. The patch files themselves may be found in the patches directory.

The script is used to apply the patches as git commits, creating appropriate ChangeLog.AVR32 entries. The git repository includes all these commits.

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