Hardware design for the Arduino-compatible Cuttlefish board
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The Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish layout

The Cuttlefish is a PCB version of the low cost Arduino-compatible Shrimp, that is designed for use in both breadboard prototyping and more permanent projects, including header pins for the former and mounting holes for the latter.

The board is used by Embecosm in outreach initiatives and workshops with people of all different age groups, providing a gentle introduction to PCBs and soldering, for those who have progressed from building Shrimp projects on breadboard.


Embecosm commissioned Boldport to layout a board design that was fun, approachable and functional, using their open source EDA tool, PCBModeE.

Repository contents

  • PCBmodeE "sources" (JSON layout plus SVG fonts)
  • SVG build and Gerber manufacturing files

Copyright and licence

This work is copyright 2014, 2015 Embecosm Ltd and made available under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2.