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package.json integration example (plain JavaScript)

An example Node.js app for Use this for starting your own implementation.

Install by:

  • cloning this repository.
  • Configure API key (see below)
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • Then point your browser to

What does this do?

This is a plain JavaScript version of our integration example. The other version, which contains Mustache-like template code for cards can be found here. Note that the logic for rendering a card may be easier to understand from the version that uses a templating engine.

In public/js/Card.js file you will find the template that renders card data into html. You can use that as a basis for your own implementation.

In public/style/ you will find the Stylus stylesheet code for cards. There is also a compiled CSS file.

This is mostly plain JavaScript, but Browserify is used to bundle JS code.


Set your API key in app.js.

Note that in this example app fetches the embed data on the server site, never exposing the api key to the public. This is how it should be done - securely on the server side, not directly on the client side.

Safe images

If you want to use a "safe domain" (for safe images), set it in public/js/Card.js. Remember to add a trailing slash into it. For example // (for both http and https). You need to have an NGINX setup for this. See the example nginx.conf.

About us

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