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package.json integration example (with a templating engine)

An example Node.js app for Use this for starting your own implementation.

Install by:

  • cloning this repository.
  • Configure API key (see below)
  • npm install
  • npm start
  • Then point your browser to

What this contains

This version of our integration example is made with a (Mustache-like) templating engine. The other version is with plain JavaScript and can be found here. You can use whichever suits you better, or even both.

In views/card.html file you will find the template that renders card data into html. You can use that as a basis for your own implementation.

In styles/ you will find the Stylus stylesheet code for cards.

In src/app/components/ you will find the CoffeeScript source code for handling the different Card functionalities.


Set your API key in src/server/

Note that in this example app fetches the embed data on the server site, never exposing the api key to the public. This is how it should be done - securely on the server side, not directly on the client side.

Safe images

If you want to use a "safe domain" (for safe images), set it in src/app/components/ Remember to add a trailing slash into it. For example // (for both http and https). You need to have an NGINX setup for this. See the example nginx.conf.

About us

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