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This file documents changes in the firmware of USBaspLoader.
New entries are always appended to the end of the file. Scroll down to the
bottom to see the most recent changes.
* Release 2008-01-21
- Use most recent driver.
* Release 2008-02-05
- Disable USB interrupt before we jump to loaded application. Applications
which don't use INT0 would otherwise crash when they perform sei().
- Revert all config changes to RESET condition before we jump to application.
- Code size optimizations suggested by Alexander Neumann.
* Release 2009-03-20
- Added some optimizations so that the boot loader can be used with gcc 4.3.
- Added fuse options (as comments) for ATMega328p to Makefile and include in
precompiled hex files.
- Updated usbconfig.h to the latest template (mostly new comments).
* Release 2010-07-27
* Release 2012-04-07
- by Louis Beaudoin (
- Added support for ATtiny85
* Release 2012-05-13
- Added support for D+ line on pin change interrupt instead of INT0
- Added support for two hardware configurations, described in Readme